Monday, 23 February 2009

TO - 02/23 - blue curacao... only God detects the sorrow…

“Your mother has Alzheimer's!” says the doctor.

And on that moment you feel like you’re being pushed on your stomach.
With the “first crisis” and a disease like Alzheimer's, the first challenge is facing the truth about your loss and beginning to grieve the decades ahead.

But than things aren’t so tough and you live the moment and you “know”, but you “forget” and almost deny.
Until the next crisis happens, and as time goes by and more crisis take place I think the challenge is really just knowing that your happily-ever-after has been turned over.

Life is not easy.
That's a part of our existence, we all know. There are so many things that we don't and can't accept because of so many reasons.
Failures, rejection by others, being misunderstood, being wrongfully accused and disappointments are to name a few of the stuff that have the potential to freeze our minds, to stop our inner clock from ticking, to obstruct our innermost to let things go.
And also is dealing with this insidious disease that robs a person of his or her dignity and slowly sucks the life right out of them.
It is also a fight for everyone, like me, who cares or has cared for a family member with Alzheimer's and lives with the fear that they, too, may be afflicted someday.

Therefore I want to thank everyone that commented on my last post.


rubi shoes - La Redoute
blue tights - Calzedonia
blue navy skirt - was mother's
blue belt - mainland store
red cardigan - Mango
blue navy turtleneck - local store
tweed coat (from a suit) – London buy
red gloves - Details
gray handbag - Mango
1st necklace - gift from Hubby (Bijou Brigitte)
2nd necklace - gift from Hubby (Details)
bracelet - gift from Hubby
rubi brooch - gift from Hubby
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Noa from Cacharel
umbrella - marketing gift


  1. Your mother is blessed with such a wonderful, kind daughter! My very best wishes go out to you and your family. x

    Your wet-wether outfit is so beautiful! Not to mention the gorgeous huge umbrella!

    Love the blue tights as well. So cheerful :)


  2. I hope you'll find the strength you need.

  3. I'm am sooooo sorry to hear.
    How are you hanging in there my dear?
    Hope you find the strength, peace and balance you need. Will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    have a wonderful day

  4. I'm so sorry =/. But like Petra said, she was blessed with a wonderful daughter - you. I have this little belief, though a bit farfetched, that although she may forget, her subconscious & her heart will always remember. Because that's what keeps her strong =]

    La C.

  5. You are fighting such a hard fight right now, but I know you are doing an excellent job. Just keep on with your yoga - which can give you so much back after the drain that is dealing with this disease. Yoga can help you to balance and to keep your perspective through this all. I'm giving you all my good vibes.

  6. I am so so sorry. I'll be thinking of you.

  7. Hello Seeker, my sweet dear friend, my prayers are with u and yours. May God provide you guidance, strength and courage along this journey. KNow you have many here that love u as well. take care my friend,
    Julian xoox

  8. Oh my. I feel for you and your family. What a terrible disease.

  9. Hi,

    my prayers and thoughts go to you and in any direction those pings of healing light may penetrate your inner heart and echo into your day and into your life.

    Beautiful as always, and with much love to you my friend.....!!!!!

    Jesse Noe

  10. Hey darling!
    It is so upsetting to find out about your mother. Yes, it definitely will be a challenge for all of you , but I know you are strong enough to go through this. Life only gives us what we can handle.
    I send you and your family my prayers!

  11. Oh my Cobalt Blue is so Adorable and u look stunning in never knew it'll look this hot paired with red :o)..haha thanx for the tip.

    I sent ur Love to Wana she's gone back to work tho :o)

  12. Oh wow you look stunning! The blue tights are really something! Very brave but you pull them all fabulously.

  13. thanks dear to name your Photo Look
    many kisses you are a sky

  14. i'm sure you'll get trough these hard times, the two of you! You seem like such a strong woman. take care dear

  15. This is terrible, but as you wrote life is not easy, our family members illnesses which worth was been remind us of our own transitoriness. I'm so sorry your mommy. Nothing eternal and we can't do something about this. The biological degradation wins above our mind. :((( And yes, hope you'll find the strength you need. You are so strong and wonderful person and daughter.

    Your outfit is wonderful. The royal blue stocking is great choice.

    xoxo and I'll be thinking of you, darling, too.

  16. More the reason to live every day the way we want to I think. No more excuses and reasons not to (I'm talking like this cause I've been so motivated and invigorated by going to school lately).

    I have to say that you are looking so well lately. I mean you are always lovely but there is something different these days.

    big hug,

  17. Very difficult I know so go easy on what you can do. The blue is beautiful.
    Care and kindness is all there is - reason is lost

  18. Seeker, it must be so hard to find solace right now. I'm so glad that your mother has you, and that you have your loving husband. I'll be thinking of you all as you work to acclimate to this new phase in your mother's life ... much love, my dear.

  19. I'm so incredibly sorry to read that--I'm sure you will find the strength to get through this. Life can be incredibly painful at times...but it always makes us stronger.

  20. Be strong my dear!

    You look amazing in blue with red... I love it.

  21. Hi there-My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are such a kind, thoughtful and loving person and I wish you all the strength you need to support yourself and your family, take good care of yourself my dear.

  22. PS-You always manage to look so stylish and lovely, great outfits!

  23. First, I love the blue tights with the red shoes.
    That disease is sad. My grandfather had it and as a child, it was hard seeing him struggle through it. Have you seen the Julie Christie movie about it? I forget the name but it is such a beautiful movie and Sarah Polly wrote it and directed it.
    A must see if you can handle it.
    I wish you and your family the best.

  24. I'm so so sorry to hear this about your mother... And like others said, she is lucky with a daughter like you. Try to stay strong and talk to someone, when you need it.

    But I also really have to say that you look lovely. I can't believe how good you pull of those blue tights

  25. My prayers are with you and your family. always.

    On another note, you look smashing.

  26. I am so sorry. I know the pain you are going through. My grandmother who was truly my best friend and my greatest champion had alzheimers for almost 15 years before she died at 101. it was so terribly and unspeakably difficult. My heart aches for you, your mother and all who love her. Take good care of yourself as you take care of your mother.
    Huge hugs and lots of love to you.xoxo

  27. My prayers will be with you and your mother and your family as a whole. You are an absolutely wonderful daughter, and I hope you all manage to stay strong. Much love xxxx

  28. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. Life is hard, but stay optimistic and to take care of yourself... sending prayers and positive thoughts.

  29. Hey!! i've been lost and when i come back i find a bad new!... So sorry!!, any words can calm the feelings you have, but trust she's better now!... Just pray, God will help you to keep going...

    I send you lots of hugs and kisses!! I'm with you!

    And as the song says... "...poder decir Adios, es CRECER..."

  30. my grandfather had alzheimer's and dementia. they are very cruel diseases. i am so sorry for what you and your mom are going through. i have tears welling up and spilling over just thinking about it. i hope both you and she are hanging in there.

  31. you said it ! "life is not easy" i hope you and your mother stay strong and make the most of moments. peace and love your way.

  32. Oh dear, I know what it means, when one of your parents is discharged with a untreatable diagnosis and life/ plans are changed within a minute. Enjoy every single moment in live, in special with your mother.

  33. I'm so sorry to hear this rough news. You are such a thoughtful and lovely person, full of light, and that will help you be strong. I'm thinking of you.

  34. My heart goes out to you. I know you can summon on your inner strength and find the light in this hideous turn of events. xxxxx

  35. Hello beautiful girl. I am so sorry you and your mom and family are having to deal with this. You are in my thoughts .I so admire your courage to continue on with the seeking of the inner you

  36. I really like the colours you are wearing!

  37. Oi, querida!
    Que Deus te dê força e sabedoria para passar por essa fase difícil. Bjins

  38. oh oh oh ... I love the blue tights and red shoes with that jacket ... stunning! xo

  39. You look so vibrant in these colors!

  40. Adoro meias coloridas!
    Está linda!

  41. Sorry to hear about your Mum.

    On another note, I am LOVING those blue tights with the shoes! Fantastic!


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