Saturday, 7 March 2009

I’m obsessed with…

Inspired by gorgeous Marian, I decided to talk about one of my present obsessions.
So I’m currently obsessed with… shoes!!!

I have not a collection of shoes, but I’m lucky enough to have a few that are interesting. However a true fashionista knows that shoes are never enough.

I’ve been seeing on the Internet, in some on-line stores such great shoes for Spring/Summer 09.
However most of them don’t ship international, or don’t ship to my country, or if they do the post costs are more expensive than the piece price, or even the price tag is too high for my budget.

Nevertheless I’m showing you a few shoes I’m in love with, these ones from GoJane. I only hope that if I’ll go on my “shopping trip” to mainland I could find something similar to calm my passion.

metallic cross strap stud heel

perforated stud shield heel

pleated crinkle ankle wrap heel

yellow crinkle patent cut-out design heel

orange crinkle patent cut-out design heel

fringe t-strap heel


  1. I LOVE the orange and yellow ones!

  2. I like the metallic cross strap stud heel, it matches my belt. If I find it here in the stores, I will send you a pair to match YOUR belt!
    By the way, I think that Mother is right about the ages(lol)...

  3. hey..
    Its been long time I haven't visited ur blog.

    and Omg, Thats rele cool
    I'd love to wear the orange or yellow.
    Very colorful.. :)

  4. some of these are pretty wild -- the ankle wrap ones are my favorite

  5. I wish I could walk in any of those gorgeous shoes.:-)

  6. I love the fringe t-strap heel! Trendy! ;)

    xoxo: Janet

  7. Ah I want to DIY some of my shoes wit studs!

  8. I hope you find what you want, you deserve the best.

  9. Hi there-wow, some really colourful, fierce picks!! Have a lovely weekend!

  10. i love all of them!! ur choice is fierce darling! love ya!!

  11. wow they are all gorgeous!!! especially the black ones ♥
    thanks for your sweet comment and yes, of course i'm going to show you my new asos stuff!

  12. Darling Seeker these are gorgeous! now im obsessed with them! The first two are just yummy and the neon coloured ones are perfect for the big neon trend of bright colours. I hope you get someting similar soon. I wish I could but I'm on a shopping ban :( hehhe
    muah x

  13. É verdade!! tem sapatos lindissimos a preços muito apeteciveis, mas os portes... ui! bjs

  14. I love all of the strappy heels! They are really wonderful.

  15. wow! such amazing shoes!!!!
    the orange ones are so gorgeous!!!!!

    kisses melmo

  16. Wow!
    beautiful shoes !!it's a good obsession.


  17. Love them all, but I am unfortunately too tall to even wear one of them / highheels. Thank you so much my dear for your kind comment on Look 10.

  18. wow i want all of these shoes

  19. Todos tem muito estilo!
    Os pretos são chic!
    Os alaranjados e os de franja são muito fashion!

  20. :o) good taste.... i know u'd rock them well

  21. fantastic shoes. would love a pair for myself.

  22. I like the style of metallic cross strap stud heel..I love it's style..It rocksss;D


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