Thursday, 5 March 2009

TO - 03/05 - see what happens by clicking the logo with my image…

Again I have no words to thank my friend Vicen from Maldita Moda and Look 10 for this marvellous and creative logo with my image.
I feel so privilege that Vicen thought of me.
Muchas gracias, mi amigo por la ternura e cariño.

The weather is still very cold so I dressed this old and thick sweater besides I wasn’t in a great fashion mood.
I think my hair needs a cut.
Tomorrow… TGIF!!!!

green shoes - Xmas gift from Hubby
brown wide-legs pants – H&M
green belt - Stradivarius
orange top - from my boxes
brown corduroy blazer - Rafia
brooch - gift from Hubby
bracelet - gift
amber cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Noa from Cacharel
nail polish – Rouge Noir from Chanel


  1. you make brown ZING! i have to try my browns with a brighter color, right away!

  2. Hi Seeker,

    I think you always look great and never dull rubbed win fashion. I love this brown with orange, very elegant and definitely Seeker style.

    Ciao baby...

  3. Bravo, I hear orange is the color of the season! You wear it boldly.

  4. Just been catching up on your blog, I like the combination of colours here...and I really love the bright blue skinny jeans and scarf below. Have a fabulous weekend!!!

  5. Hello, just recently found your site. I like your green shoes here. I can't resist a green shoe. Nice with the brown pants.

  6. Coooooooool!

    Have a great friday, The Seeker!

    xoxo: Janet

  7. Hi there-lovely colour combinations in your outfit!

  8. What are u runnning for :o) i can see u're a candidate for sth :o)...well i fu need votes lemme know :oD

    Love ur pants btw ur look is so chic as always....u should make a style lookbook with ur fotos n send em to magazines for a styling job :o)...just do it jokingly dnt know wat might come up.

  9. You look great, as always, thanks for your ideas!

  10. Oi!!
    A foto do look 10 é muito boa, demonstra uma mulher de atitude! E o novo logo também é muito legal! Muito talento tem esse Vincen! QUando será que começa a esquentar por aí? Quero ver seus modelitos 'verão', rsrrsrs.

  11. Don't cut your hair tomorrow because you don't want it to rain on a friday TGIF!! The wind is blowing like crazy here so I don't really care about my hair at the moment hehe.

    I'm having a blast in class...lots of homework (believe it or not!) and I'm scared of not doing know regular anxiety...

    Thanks so much for asking :-)

    Hey have a great weekend and will update more about my class soon.


  12. Parabéns pela montagem da foto de Vicen!
    Muito legal!
    Adoro alaranjado e marrom!
    Combina muito!
    Quanto ao seu cabelo, está tão bonito!

  13. Congratulations Sweetie!!!!!!
    And so... about me... I'm not very fine...
    Honestly for me it is a difficult time. Two weeks ago, my boyfriend left me and I'm suffering a lot. I try to smile and not think ... but it is difficult.
    But the life is wonderful... always!!!
    Thanks so much for yours words on my blog... you're a great person, really.
    And you, how are you? All ok?
    Luv <3

  14. Acredita q não tenho nada laranja? Nenhuma peça sequer.
    Não é a minha cor favorita.
    Mas em vc, ficou muito elegante.
    Bom final de semana!

  15. I love your top - it has such a nice color :).

  16. Wow, your friend is really talented making these logos!
    Here, the weather is super cold too. And my hair needs a cut as well! I can hardly see anything anymore through my fringe! Lol.
    I like the colour of your pullover!


  17. The green belt is a very clever touch! I love the texture on your sweater.

  18. ooooh lovely outfit and cute icon!!

  19. eu nao sou grande fã da cor laranja, mas fica muito em ti.

    beijo batom

  20. darling you are so in fashion right now dear as your look is a little seventies which is so in style! the orange top with the brown wide legged pants is JUST PERFECT! love the touch of the green belt too.
    honey love how vicen made the look 10 with your image,you look so cute in it :o)
    hope your feeling less tired dear. did you get to see a dr dear.
    big kiss,

  21. The collar on that sweater is adorable!

  22. Yay for the green belt and the fab brooch from the hubby - how sweet!


  23. i like the green-mustard combination. Why didn't I came up with that? :)

  24. Hey beautiful!
    I'm loving the brown/ orange combo! very inspirational :)
    You hair grows super fast! It feels like it was only a week ago that you got a hair cut, hehe

  25. I like the wide pants, it is so feminine. Lovely weekend!

  26. fab outfit!!! Great colors as usual ;)

  27. you always look great and that orange on you is so AMAZING/FAB!!!
    have a lovely weekend dear!!

  28. Oh my! you look so good. Love the orange


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