Sunday, 8 March 2009

TO - 03/08 - on International Women’s Day…

I hope all women have had a gorgeous day, since today was the International Women’s Day.
Last year I did a post about “The International Women’s Day COLOURS”, that you can read here if you’re interested.

So do we need a Women’s Day?
I tend to think that if one “subject” has a day is because things aren’t well.
So aren’t things well with women? Of course they are not.
I can’t speak for myself, I think I’m a lucky woman because today I don’t feel that I’m discriminated for being a woman.
But there are so many women through the world that have no rights and that their lives are worthless for others.
We certainly still need an International Women's Day!!!

Excluding the Rolling Stones T and the leopard print bag with a bow that I bought last month, I don’t shop anything maybe since last October. I’m waiting to see if I’m going to mainland on Easter and than do one of my “shopping seasons”. But to tell you the true I’m beginning to feel a bit anxious. I think I’ll go see if I find something I might “need” for S/S despite going or not.

One thing that has made me feel more quite has been the gifts Hubby has given me. Like this cocktail ring and wrist watch that he gave me yesterday.
Aren’t they lovely?
Thank you sweetheart.

black varnish Mary Janes shoes - H&M
black tights - Calzedonia
yellow dress - Veintitantos (Bday gift from Hubby)
black retro inspired coat - Vero Moda
rubi brooch - gift from Hubby
wrist watch - gift from Hubby
bracelet - gift
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
long earrings - Details
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Noa from Cacharel
nail polish – Rouge Noir from Chanel

I can’t help myself, my inner tree huger doesn’t want to miss an opportunity…


  1. that is the most fantastic ring!!! i love rings. i wish i could get that exact one as it is just fantastic.

    your husband has incredible taste, as do you!

  2. Fabulous look!!
    I love this cape-coat so much!
    You are fantastic!!

    a kiss and a hug friend

  3. Viva a mulher!!! Adoro a combinação de preto com amarelo. Hoje comprei um top nestes tons. bjs

  4. Happy Women's Day! Love love love your new ring :-)

  5. I hope you had a wonderful Day and celebrated well the graceful, beautiful woman you are! I wasn't aware of the fact that you guys celebrate it too. Back when I lived in Azerbaijan it was a very popular holiday, but here in Toronto, Russians and Azeri are the only ones who still celebrate it.


  6. ((((((Seeker))))))))!!!!! You look fabulous darling!!! as always! :) I agree with you about International Women's Day. We are lucky that we live where women aren't discriminated against just for being a woman. There are still a few problems at times, but not like the ones they have in other parts of the world. I pray for women all over the world that someday soon, they will be liberated, and receive the respect that we as human beings all deserve. An awesome post my dear friend, take care,
    Julian :) xoxo

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  8. Happy Mother's day to you mama,and of course for my mom too..
    You really have a great post about mothers..=)
    For all the mother's out there,you really deserve to have and celebrate Mother's day..;D
    Again,happy mother's day to all..=)

  9. Hi there-Happy Womens Day, I love that last picture of you! Lovely pressies from hubby, lucky lady!

  10. I love that ring...u're getting a lot of gifts lately from ur better half which is so sweet :oD

    Lovely dress btw :o)

    Happy Womens day...i was watching inside the middle east on Cnn a couple of days ago and learnt that fathers or other family members do some gross things in d name of religion called honor killings! if a female member did sth to dishonor the family, might even be as lil as hug a man she cld be stoned or burnt to death n nobody wld say a thing.....:o(

  11. Cooool coctail ring! :)

    xoxo: Janet

  12. Oiii!!! Lindos presentes! O marido tem bom gosto, hein?

  13. I love the things you say, among other things that are full of reason.
    Women and men should be just human beings, there would be no discrimination possible.
    I hope you have a good day and arrive early Easter, so you can satisfy your desires.

    Anyway with such a perfect look on this day.

    Note: If we do not reply is that I have to translate and I also have trouble, but I do not forget you.
    Me encantan las cosa que dices entre otras cosas por que estás cargada de razón.
    La mujer y el hombre deberían de ser simplemente seres humanos, no habría discriminación posible.

    Espero que tengas un buen día y llegue pronto semana santa, así podres satisfacer tus deseos.

    De todos modos estas con un look perfecto este día.

    nota: sí tardo en contestar es que tengo que traducir y además tengo lío, pero no me olvido de ti.

  14. the yellow dress is absolutely gorgeous! you look great :)

  15. gosto desse tom amarelo.
    mas o que amei mm foi o anel. lindo!


  16. oh honey, i want to steal that gorgeous dress from you! hope you had a nice day!

  17. You look fab, S! I love that dress!


  18. I love your yellow dress :) - didn't even noticed that it's womens day.

  19. The rings are so cute. I love them. I am also a tree hugger so I know how it feels to not miss the opportunity to hug them.

  20. You look wonderfull dear! I love that yellow dress!
    That ring is really beautiful!

  21. wow i admire your accessoires. so lovely esp the ring and your nailpolish. You look so good ins yellow. and cute hugging-tree-pic ;)


  22. Hi darling!!! How are you???
    I'm feelin better... A little bit*
    Thanks so much for your visit and your words... Thanks <3
    Luv, i change my url. Now i'm on!
    Kiss Kiss

  23. Ooh love the ring and watch!! And that dress looks wonderful :)

  24. Thank god we are women, not only to wear such lovely yellow dresses.
    I also like those big eye-catching rings ! Have a nice weekend start.

  25. didn't know about an internation women's day--well, you look lovely!!! love the clinge coat and the mustard color.
    hope your weekend went well!!

  26. Your yellow dress is fabulous! <3

  27. I've so missed reading your blog! You look beautiful here in your yellow dress :)

  28. Happy Women's Day, lovely lady! You are the prettiest tree-hugger I've ever seen. Love the cheery yellow...


    completamente diferente do usual little black dress. muito muito muito ah frente.

  30. i adore the tree hugging photo! and what a gorgeous ring.

  31. love the photo of you hugging the tree! you are so stylish in that vibrant dress. i am coming to steal it from your closet! :o)
    i just sent you an email darling,check it when you can dear.
    sending you warm thoughts,love and support.

  32. your presents are reaaly beautiful, but as I'm not an accesories girl I must say that that dress is my favorite thing. You look amazing.

    We're lucky women and we must be thankful as there are so many women suffering just because of their gender.


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