Friday, 13 March 2009

TO - 03/13 - just another manic Friday 13th…

Usually I don’t wear denim to work at the office. I think it a bit too casual.
But today I decided that my dark jeans could make some kind of casual chic with a blazer and a plaid shirt.
Nothing too complicated, very simple, because I'm crossing some what of a fashion crisis. Maybe I’m just bored of winter clothes…

black ankle boots - local store
jeans - gift from my goddaughter - GAP
gray belt - Stradivarius
orange shirt - Vero Moda
plaid blouse with bow - H&M
black blazer (from a suit) - Ana Sousa
gray handbag - Mango
brooch - gift from Hubby
wrist watch - gift from Hubby
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Noa from Cacharel
nail polish – Rouge Noir from Chanel


  1. FIRST? am I? hehehe I didn't even know that was denim, it look like a blue pants, you look lovely-love the top!!
    have a lovely weekend!!

  2. I like this as a casual work outfit- it's put together enough to be appropriate for the office without being stuffy. And I definitely relate to being bored with winter clothes- I'm ready for warm weather!

  3. (((((Seeker)))))))) Hello my dear friend, how are u? Looking beautiful as always! :) We do casual Friday at my office and I love getting to wear jeans at the office!! lol Of course, like you, I do dress them up just a bit, with a pretty sweater and accessories!!! But, I have to admit, I do love my jeans and would like to wear them everyday if allowed. :) They are sooooo comfy, and of course my favorite pair are the oldest ones I have because they are so soft, they look like I paid a million bucks for them because they look all "distressed" lol But for now , I will have to just save them for Fridays! :) Take care my good friend,
    Julian xooxxo :)

  4. One very sharp outfit. I have a problem wearing jeans to my job as well, but when I do, I definitely dress them up with heels, a fancy shirt and jacket.

    Great look!

  5. hi! your crisis doesn't show, you look amazing. I love your outfit. Nice weekend, darling!

  6. Ten paciencia el buen tiempo esta al caer, y por supuesto me encanta ese look.

  7. Hi Seeker,

    I love your outfit today, and have been inspired by your colorful cuffs peeking out. I love this way of bringing additional color in...for people who don't take big fashion risks like me, this is brilliant.

    Today I made some cuffs from an old sweater. It will look like I have a layer on but it won't be a real layer. I'm pretty happy!

    I think a lot of us are getting tired of our winter clothes.

  8. lucky you, you have transeasonal enui!
    We are still too wintery for that yet.

    that is my favourite outfit for ages, and you look so happy in it.

  9. I love plaid blouse with dark jeans! Great choice!

    xoxo: Janet

  10. that's a great casual chic outfit! :)
    i especially like the details, e.g. your orange shirt :)

  11. Também prefiro os outros modeos, mas ficou bonito esse, e usado assim, com jeans escuros e com blazer, valoriza o look!

  12. I'm in a fashion crisis right now too - the sudden warmer days caught me unadverted!

    Happy weekend, dear :)

  13. I like your casual Friday outfit!
    I know what you mean, it's easier to not wear denim on Friday, depending on the office you work in, there are certainly limitations.

    But I think you hit the nail on the head. The dark denim, flawless cut, the blazer....all perfect!

    Hope you're having a fantastic weekend :)

  14. You look so fab! Love your blazer and your plaid shirt!

  15. i am ok with denim in the office as long as it is paired with a nice top or blouse, and jacket. not with a t-shirt!

    and you pulled off the look nicely!!!

  16. lovely! I adore that blazer--great choice :-)

  17. Believe me , it's not a fashion crisis! It's just the winter has been going on for tooooo long! :)

    Let me know when you are going to Mainland and what can of advice you were looking for and I"ll be more than happy to help :))))

    I'm deciding on a destination for my next vacation. ( I'm going with my bf , my sister and her bf) . I'd love to go to Europe again :)

    Oh, there are pics of my new haircut on LaMimi :) I hope you like it


  18. Love the dark denim and the mossy staircase!


  19. Oh darling... You're so sweety... But I don't like me without make up =(... Maybe I fell sad...

    Now I'm feeling better... And you?
    Love so much your look... I adore you<3. You're special, really.

    Have a wonderful saturday night.
    Love You

  20. Next one comes novemeber..3 in one yr!!! imagine :oD next time we'll have 3 in a yr wld be 11 yrs from now.

    Love ur pointyy shoes.

  21. gosto deste outfit. o xadrez fica te bem!! bjos

  22. That blouse looks gorgeous and I adore the pop of orange around the sleeves :) And you can so get away with dark denim at the office. Oh, and I know what you mean, I am finding myself longing for spring and summer outfits, I seem to have some of the winter ones on repeat some days.

  23. Gostei das fotos nas escadas! Bjs

  24. Oh man, I love the little detail of orange peeking out! Great relaxed look.

    x Grayburn


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