Saturday, 21 March 2009

TO - 03/21 - my new old jeans... or my old new jeans...

Who said it was spring? Have the spring gods be informed of that?
I guess not, because it’s cold, dark and windy.

Well, as everybody knows jeans and denim are hot for this spring in light washes, specially bleached, acid and so. They are all over, so I thought they might also be on my boxes. Hmmm… maybe someday I will need to talk about my boxes.
So making a raid trough my boxes I found this jeans that lovely sis gave me on one of my trips to Canada. For one reason or another they were in my boxes, and now… they will make some great weekend or holiday’s outfits. Don’t you think?

OMG my washing machine is sick. It’s making some weird noises. First it was just when it finished, now it’s also while washing the clothes. What if the “doctor” says it’s dying…?

I must tell that I’m satisfied with my new haircut.

black ankle boots - local store (F/W 2007)
jeans - Levi's gift from sister (199?)
gray belt - Stradivarius (F/W 2008)
plaid men's shirt - Vero Moda (F/W 2008)
mustard cardigan - Vero Moda (F/W 2008)
purple scarf - local store
black blazer (from a suit) - Ana Sousa (F/W 2003)
colourfull brooch - Hubby's gift
necklace - gift
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
lipgloss - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. Lovely photos, some great poses.

    Speaking of, I love your new profile picture. xx

  2. what's up with the third photo? it's kind off funny.

    the black jacket is genious.

  3. Ooooh, you hair looks great!

  4. Beautiful! Love the plaid shirt w/the purple scarf. The mustard cardigan and the belt are a very nice touch.

    Kudos, my dear. And thanks for dropping by.

  5. The beginning of your writing reminds me one of Mafalda's strips. Do you know Mafalda, by Argentinian Quino? Well, the strip went like this: her father would take could care of allhis plants and none of them seemed to blossom, so he'd ask what on earth could be going on since he did whatever was good for them, what could be missing; then Mafalda comes in and screams from her heart "SPRING HAS COME" and all the flowers just spring and blossom; so little Mafalda looks at her father and goes "INFORMATION" is what was missing!
    Sweet nice Sunday :)

  6. Your hair looks great.

    I just love jeans!

  7. Hi,

    I have always liked light jeans, and I use to wear the 501 button jeans a lot. Lately in fact I have been sporting a darker Levy's 501 pair, and it always amazes me just how plain and comfortable they still are.

    Yes you look good in your haircut.....


  8. I always like how you mix colors and textures together! Its very eyecatching without looking contrived.. love it!


    and yep.. feeling better.. although im still sniffing here and there.. oh well.. :-)



  9. I need more colors in my wardrobe so I can dress like you :)

  10. Fab oufit..I love how you've brought in all the different colours, they work well together, and the blazer is a great addition. Great haircut too!!! And good luck with the washing machine, hope the doctor can make it better:)

  11. great hair! Love the jeans with the blazer.

  12. Bueno Seeker ya me tienes por aquí, no se como andaré de tiempo hoy, seguramente vendrán a verme, pero mientras tanto voy a cuidar de mi blogs es decir de todas y todos vosotros, me encanta el look de vaqueros conjuntados, aunque a mi los vaqueros no me agradan para mi persona, me restan facilidad de movimientos, pero por lo demás es una prenda, que da mucho juego, ten paciencia, la primavera está aquí solo que no se muestra por que no la dejan.
    En cuanto a la lavadora, mirale el filtro o cuando esté vacía mirra el tambor posiblemente algún aro de sujetador se halla enganchado en el tambor, ahora seguiré con mis blogs.Seguiremos en contacto.

  13. OH...Nice jeans! It's nice to see you in jeans, because as far as I remember you don't wear them that often. And please do tell us what's in your boxes? :)
    How is your weekend going so far? Have you decided whether you are going to mainland to visit your family?

  14. Hey S*

    Como andas?
    hehe te ha quedado genial tu nuevo corte!!

    Perdon por haberme desaparecido asi! es que a veces no me da tiempo de ver todos los blogs!!

    But eso no pasara de nuevo !! :)


    PS: Me encanta como te queda la camisa de Cuadros para chicos! :)

  15. You pull off light-wash denim so well! I love how you wear it so uniquely as well. Its so dull seeing skinny jeans with black all the time!

    Beautiful use of colour, as usual. Have a wonderful Sunday xx

  16. Oh no, hope the washing machine is fine. How dependent on machinery we have become!

    And love that blazer and the jeans...they are the perfect smart-casual pair.

    Have a great weekend, bella.

  17. You always have good hair. And Jeans are the only answer to trans-seasonal. Looking good.

  18. i love these jeans :)
    jeans are just perfect for spring!

  19. Lovely outfit - great orange sweater!
    Our washing machine broke last week, I hope yours is OK!

  20. Haha, the weather is exactly the same here. Hello, spring?
    Yes, I definitely think that you will be able to wear those jeans in a lot of diffrent and stylish ways! I want to have sme jeans in a light blue too, I only have dark jeans..
    Uh-oh.. I hope the washing-machine doctor can fix your washing machine.. If not, you'll have to buy a new one?
    And yes, I like your new haircut as well! You look so good with it.
    Are those pics taken by your house?
    I love your cardigan and its colour. Brings a little more light to those rainy days.

  21. Fab cardi, darling!

    And so true about the gods of spring - still feels like winter here too!


  22. wow, great combo! fantastic inspiration for my new blazer!


  23. It was FREEZING here yesterday. Boo.

  24. Hi there-well done on re-finding those jeans, a perfect outfit! I hope your washing machine can be fixed, what a nuisance! Have a great weekend!

  25. i know u'd ve a truck load of boxes with all of these clothes :oD u've got a good way of repurposing ur clothes i think u shld do a post on that :o)

  26. É tao bom termos 'aquela' peça! podemos ter muitas, mas há sempre uma k por mais estaçoes, anos, que passem, ficam sempre connosco :)

    bom doming.


  27. (((((((Seeker)))))))) my lovely and dear friend! You look fab as always dear. :) And I do love the cut!!!!
    Now jeans.......hmmm, I LOVE MY JEANS!!!! And the more worn out , soft, faded, and destructed, the better!!! LOL I would live in my jeans everyday , even to work if I could. Of course at worky, we are only allowed to wear them on Fridays, and I don't feel right to go to casual with them even then. LOL But, on the weekends, YES!!! I love my oldest ones, and a big warm, soft sweatshirt! LOL I always feel comfortable in my jeans and sometimes even sexy!!! LOL
    take care my friend, talk again soon,
    lots of luv,
    Julian oxoxo :)

  28. The jeans looks perfect with the yellow cardi! The colours go so well with each other!

  29. I love you in bright colors, that's what makes your blog unique, it's always so sunny.
    I would wear this whole look myself.

  30. Adoro botas!
    Já quero que aqui esfrie logo para usá-las!
    Gostei do corte de cabelo!

  31. Really this hairstyle looks great on you!
    Love it!

  32. Jeans é tudo de bom, né?
    Só cortou as pontinhas dos cabelos?

  33. etse foi dos looks que vi por aqui que mais gostei. beijinhos e obrigada pelas visitas ao meu blog

  34. I hope your washing machine isn't sick, there's nothing worse than having to wash by hand...not that I have first hand experience of something that.

  35. how you do it, you look so elegant on jeans...

    here the gods aren't informed as well that spring has arrived, terrible.

    My best wishes to your washing machine, I couldn't live without it!


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