Monday, 20 April 2009

home again… still nerve-racking… but…

For those who had read some of my posts after a trip to mainland this is actually different.
But this trip wasn’t like the others. There were no shopping expeditions, so “shopping season” didn’t take place. No funny outing, so my expectations weren’t filled.
I’ve told you that I was going also to help Hubby with some issues concerning his mother.
I must tell you that everything I did I do NOT regret it. I did it with love, kindness and caring. I do NOT complain about what I did.
But it was such a pain stressfully situation…
And if you recall I’ve talked about my integral tiredness feeling. So my expectations were that I was going to clean my mind, to get some strength to handle my lethal opponent and be free to defeat the world.
That didn’t happen!
So now I’m trying to embrace all, and move on.
I hope the Universe will help me!

Hmmm… but let me tell you some gossip… before we took the plain, I still managed to go to a shopping centre, did a marathon and bought some things…
I will show them to you in time.

I want to thank all my dearest blogging friends for your words of support and friendship that have been sending to me. You’re really the best!!!!
I’m getting back, a bit slowly, but I am and will be here and at your blogs.
Thank you!



  1. i wish there was some way to help. i am not sure if it is physical or mental tiredness but sure wish you could find out how to make it go away. hang in there.

  2. Glad you're home, safe and sound ... and can't wait to see the loot!

  3. I hope being back home and back in your routine and among your things helps ground and restores you. Hugs to you. I am happy you are back, lovely. xo

  4. Às vezes não adianta tentar espairecer se nossa mente não consegue se esvaziar, se desligar dos problemas. Só Deus para nos dar a Paz que independe da situação que estamos. Desejo que você consiga ter um tempo com Deus, para desabafar e se renovar. Bjins

  5. Hi dear Seeker, I didn't realise you have been going through a difficult and stressful time (having been a bit out of blog circulation). I truly hope that everything comes together, that the bad stuff will pass quickly and you find peace of mind. Welcome home!!!

  6. So happy to see your post Seeker - I've been giving you lots of relaxation vibes! I know what it's like when you soooo need to recharge and the time you've set aside turns out to be about something else (and terribly stressful) entirely. Very hard to take that situation with grace. But I'm sure you are doing the best job with it that anyone could. Kxo

  7. Welcome back:-)

    It's great you were able to help your mother-in-law.

  8. You are such an amazing person..
    Thank you for the warm words; they mean a lot to me. They would anyway, but especially now..
    Hope you have the greatest of days, dear!!

  9. Glad you're back and really do hope you get some time to just relax and maintain a calm :) Looking forward to seeing the new purchases.

  10. show us darling...I'm so joyful & thrilled that you are back among us! Here's some words just for you I didn't write it -Dang*!!! = Friendship is a blessing-
    it's the best you have to share.
    The talents and the wisdom,
    the capacity to care.
    It's being there to lend support,
    whatever needs arise.
    It's making sure that others know,
    They're special in your eyes.
    Friendship is a blessing -
    and to all who have a friend.
    It's one of the most precious gifts
    That life could ever send.....
    -Lovely isn't it?! ~XO*

  11. You're really THE BEST The Seeker ;)

    Thanks for your visit and kind comment. I'm happy to see you like the pattern ;>) and i'm absolutely SUPER for being in Italy with my daughter, Venice is GREAT...

    All the best for you-Mine

  12. I hope the trip wasn't too exhausting for you, I send you a lot of love and hugs!

  13. You are so full of positivity that radiates all around the world...I am so sorry you are struggling right now, but my positive thoughts and energy are with you.

    thank YOU for your kind words. You are a fabulous addition to my new little world here :)

  14. Welcome back, darling! You did a good thing!


  15. Some things are more important in life than clothes and fashion and its family & friends....glad u did what u cld to help u're a great person and showed a great act of kindness.


  16. My best wishes for you to regain your calm again... I'm sure the love you feel in your hubby, family and friends will help you!


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