Wednesday, 1 April 2009

TO - 04/01 - the Earth trembled early in the morning and nobody asked if we were ok… but there’s this tiredness…

What do people do when they're tired?
They rest, some say. They relax. They sit down. Or lie down. They stretch out. They ease off.
But what would you do with an integral tiredness?
What would you do with that kind of tiredness that curls up around you, inside you, like a parasite? Wherever you go, there it is. However you rest, there it is living on your expense. It plays illusion on you, and it is mostly devoted of hide and seek. You think you've found it, you think you've grabbed it, but there it is tittering from a totally different corner of your self: GOT YOU!
It's there when you work, it's there when you play, it's there when you rest, it is not a paralyzing tiredness, it is more than that; it is of the worst kind: it is that kind of fatigue that still allows you to struggle for your goals, to dream your dreams, to read your books and listen to your music.
But all these for exorbitant prices, paying twice their costs, being painfully aware of every little physical and pretend move you make, so close to breaking up, so far from giving up. And so you're caught in a strange game of surviving your own standards and expectations, each day believing and hoping that once you handle to catch your lethal opponent, you'll be free to defeat the world.
Oh Father, please send this tiredness away from me!

Today we awake around six o‘clock with a seism, despite we islanders are kind of aware that it might happen at any time it always makes us a bit nervous. It was a 4.7 on Richter’s scale… it shacked…

However the sun shined just on lunch time.

black ankle boots - local store (F/W 2007)
green cropped pants - from my boxes
yellow thin belt - local store
green argyle vest - Vero Moda (F/W 2007)
green blouse - Pautonia (F/W 2008)
white and yellow scarf - flea market
bordeaux blazer (cropped sleeves) - mainland store
brooch - gift
wrist watch - gift from Hubby
amber cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
sunglasses - mainland store
lipstick - L'Oreal
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. very very cool green pants! You look lovely.

  2. oh wow, I love your blazer so much
    why is it so hard for me to find a cute blazer?
    haha, and I love that you wrote what perfume you were wearing

  3. Sorry to hear about the earthquake, is everybody o.k.?
    You definitely look good, so everything must be fine!

  4. Hope you're okay your look!!!

  5. Adorei o look!
    Sabe que não sei usar cinto assim, fino, por cima da blusa ou do vestido como está usando?
    Já vi você e outras pessoas fazerem combinações lindas assim, mas não consigo fazer!
    Um dia vou tentar!

  6. I hope nothing bad happened from the earthquake. I love your blazer.

  7. Wow!Very green..;D
    Love you on that outfit.You look so cool.;D Have a great day..

  8. hope everything is ok? and that you are alright? and i don't know how you manage to look so fab when things are so rough. :)

  9. Oh darling! I's very unpleasant experience...Back home in Azerbaijan we experienced 6 point earthquake...So, believe me , i still remember exactly how it feels...but it's part of life on earth...the unexpected...
    I'm loving the new haircut! Can we get to see some close ups? :)

  10. How lovely green combo! :)

    xoxo: Janet

  11. You look great on your outfit.;D
    Love green.;D

  12. I love how you combined the green!
    I hope you're okay despite the earth quake!

  13. Oh wow hope everything is ok with you. It must have been scary for it to come so early in the morning.

    I know the tiredness that you talk about. I have it also and the worst is that it comes even during my sleep.

    x Grayburn

  14. your sunglasses are just supercool!

  15. Que miedo vivir ahi, espero que no sea tan grave.
    bonitos look.

  16. If an earthquake hit my island, I'd also choose argyle.

  17. Olá :)
    Confesso que esse não é dos meus outfits preferidos :( sorry é apenas a minha opinião! Mas acho o blazer o máximo :)

  18. Oh wow! I adore the androgynous look you've pulled off so fabulously here! Those pants are insanely beautiful. I'm inspired to find the perfect 'structured' pair :)

    Hope you get some rest m'dear. I too am tired down to my bones...hoping to catch up on intrinsic sleep this weekend.

  19. So you live on Island!
    You look lovely today!

  20. I really love the heels!
    x Laura

  21. Your statements about that tiredness that lingers is dead on. I've been feeling that way for quite some time now and I just keep praying and struggling to do the creative things that make me who I am.

    Hope everything is okay after the earthquake and glad you were able to tell us about it.

    You look fabulous! Amazing. I love the colors and I love argyle.
    You wear your weariness well. But let's both pray that one day our tiredness will be lifted and taken away, never to return again. And may our dreams and aspirations give us the strength to be who we are and to go on.

  22. you describe such tiredness so poetically. and i'd be a bit nervous about earthquakes too!

  23. Sorry to hear about the Earthquake. Glad you're ok. I too know of the tiredness of which you speak. May it one day go away.

  24. Ainda no outro dia tb sentiu-se cá!

    Adoro este verde do colete :) bom contrast com o sol!


  25. you really have a nice outfit!
    Happy weekend!

    P.S. I did vote on La Mimi. ;)

  26. really like the argyle and i hope you werent too shaken up by the quake! i think we all have felt that fatique that you describe so eloquently. a 92 year old woman told me to drink green juice (mix of veggies)to cure it!


  27. O que dizer... Os Açores são uma terra misteriosa, que me deixa sempre em apuros...

    Espero que estejas bem.


  28. i love the belted sweater! great contrast of the green and marroon.

  29. Olá... Resolvi passar por cá para ver as novidades e... Adorei esse look... óptimo para os tempos esquisitos que se fazem sentir...

    Beijocas e até á próxima!

  30. love how u can switch and manipulate themes the way you want, style should always be evolving and not stagnant u have shown that there r so many ways to dress :oD

  31. gostei do blogue:)

    boa semana:)


  32. Just found you and I love your wonderful style.

    I'm sorry about the earthquake. I've never experienced one -- only hurricanes so far.

    I understand that tiredness you talk of. My doctor blames it on fibromyalgia. On my more philosophical days I say it is because I need to paint something and I'm not.


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