Friday, 3 April 2009

TO – 04/03 – I’m just a normal woman… taking photos of what wears to go to work…

My outfits can be sophisticated, creative or very simple, because my choices are according to my moods.
You know I don’t dress for the picture.
Which means I take my shots with the outfits that I go to work or to do something on weekends.
Which means, despite I do not have a rigorous dress code at work, I have a perspective, based on my education, my cultural background and also, why not, my age.
I can’t go with whatever overtakes my mind.
I might dress colourful, I might break some rules, but I must dress comfortable and with a certain formality.
So you would never see me with some youngest forward trends.

I’m just a simple and normal working woman…

flat shoes - local store
black wide-legs pants - C&A Clockhouse (F/W 2008)
black belt - Mango (F/W 2008)
black turtleneck - Zara (F/W 2005)
scarf - flea market
black biker jacket - Stradivarius (F/W 2008)
gray handbag - Mango (F/W 2008)
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
perfume - Noa from Cacharel

My today’s mood…

"The Scream" by Edvard Munch (1893)


  1. I love black, I always have.

    I totally wnderstand what you're saying. There are certain things I would never ever consider wearing.

    Have a great weekend :-)

  2. i love how your outfit goes with the background! :)

    and i hope things get better. may the urge to scream pass soon. :)

  3. There's nothing 'simple' or 'normal' about your ability to work colour...nothing!

  4. Thank you Seeker. Sorry about your scream-y mood. Did wearing black feel like a good choice for that reason? It does to me, sometimes.

    I like your scarf very much in this post. And I've been thinking a lot this week about what you wrote in response to mine about taking pictures of our clothes. Have a lovely weekend.


  5. Hi there-I love this outfit, understated and chic! Hope you have a nice weekend my dear.

  6. I love your outfits, they reflect your personality. And hey, you're not a simple working woman!!

  7. my mood is more scream of joy as my mother was finally released from the prison...err(oops) I mean hospital! Thank you Seeker for your kindness as always... wish i could look as great as you in a pair of wide pants! ~Blessings*

  8. Oh, Scream! Hope U feel better now. :(

    I love Ur outfit as always.

    xoxo: Janet

  9. loving your kefiah...I've got a similar one
    Have a nice we!

  10. you always look well put together. i feel like the screaming when i spent too much time with my niece and nephew even though i love them very much.

  11. Just a simple normal working woman? Who ROCKS!

  12. Whatever you are; you are definitely not "simple"; AND I mean in the best way! Your outfits are always so fun; so sophiscated! And today; you look so chic especially with the black and the scarf!

  13. As usual, you look smashing. While there may be a simplicity to your outfit (basis black is always the simplist) you have managed to develop a very chic and versatile style which suits you well. Many could take lessons from your fashion savvy.

    Oh, and I am totally feeling your mood! :)

    Love you much and thanks for stopping by my look nook...

  14. I adore your work outfit, S! You always have the best accessories!

    And it's wonderful how you showed us a piece of artwork to describe your mood. Hope you feel better!

    Thanks so much for all you amazing comments ~ they mean a lot to me! And don't forget my next Giveaway on 5/1!

    Enjoy your weekend, darling :)


  15. great post!
    i love your wide-leg pants :)

  16. Também me visto conforme meu humor, meu tempo para me produzir, meu trabalho, e tenho algumas roupas que gostaria de vestir mais e não posso em virtude do trabalho, como os vestidos longos, que adoro!
    Gostaria também de usar mais botas, que adoro também, mas quando há verão intenso não há como!
    Acho o modo como você se veste muito elegante!
    Adoro a forma como você combina as cores e os lenços que você usa que são lindos e estilosos!

  17. GORGEOUS scarf!!

  18. Hi :)

    Just wanted to let you know that I hit up the link you sent me in my comments & cast a vote for you.

    I've actually visited your blog a few times before & I love your style. I'm planning a wardrobe overhaul for myself soon & your photos give me lots of inspiration,I have to say.

  19. i'm feeling this biker chic look :oD

  20. great simple but chic as usually !! u rock my dear

  21. Ficou muito bem com esse look 'sóbrio'! Bjins

  22. If it wasn't so hot in Singapore I will defintely buy a leather jacket! It instantly spice up any outfit!

  23. I love posts with work outfits. I too am a normal, working woman so enjoy inspirational work outfits. It gives me some motivation to funk up basic work outfits (you sometimes need to put in effort, don't you ;)

  24. Lovely, lovely outfit!

    La C.

  25. ....and that's why i love reading your blog!
    you are not a person who follows every trend and you are yourself.
    And i think that outfit is great as usual. I like it how you combine the black look with a very cool leather jacket and a scarf!


  26. The background to your photos, the tiled pavements... so beautiful.. must be like heaven :)

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend xx

  27. gorgeous outfit, honey, and i loooove the location!

  28. hey, i'm young and still student and even I can't wear what I really want (at school for example) but I try to break from that in my spare time :)
    The way you dress is anything but 'normal'. Its inspiring
    you can pull of a biker jacket! you go lady :)

  29. Oiiiii amiga, obrigada pelo carinho com meu retorno, vc é muito querida.
    Adoro lenços assim como vc colocou, dá muito charme ao visual e tbm adoro o perfume Noa, delicioso.
    Bjobjo cheinho de luz;)

  30. I love your scarf and jacket :) And you always have the most amazing outfits everyday!! And I totally agree with you, your outfits should come from your heart and sometimes your brain lol.

  31. make that 2 of us, I dress for the day, not for the photos! :)

    Usually i just grab a pair of jeans, a regular tee, and my pair of converses and I'm done!

    But my bag is always with me!

    hehehe :)

  32. I don't think you are simple or normal. I think you are extraordinary and lovely. I love that you take photos of what you wear and write about what is in your heart. You are amazing--well above normal, and a blessing to us.


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