Wednesday, 22 April 2009

TO - 04/22 - showing a new item…

…that is my statement necklace!!!

It’s handmade, a unique design, made of black cotton with three almost white roses, and everybody look at it.

I bought it at a little boutique in Alcobaça, a city where one of my sisters-in-law lives on mainland.

I hope everybody had a nice Earth Day, especially important to those who love nature and want to see our environment improved and saved for future generations to enjoy.

Here the weather didn’t help. We had that little rain, which started in the morning and still is with us.
But when I left home I supposed it was going to do a great day.
Well I guess it’s April’s showers…

black oxford shoes - from mainland through a local store
blue skinny pants - Vero Moda (F/W 2008)
blue shirt - Vero Moda
mustard cardigan - Vero Moda (F/W 2008)
thin black belt - from a skirt
black blazer (from a suit) - Ana Sousa (F/W 2003)
handmade necklace - mainland store
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
bracelet - Bijou Brigite
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. it's d contrast created by the roses :o]

  2. hehehe no wonder people looked at it! Its so 'out' there and loud but i luvs it! Suits your style very much! :D


  3. Suits you perfectly. Such a great statement!

  4. Statement neck piece darling!
    So glad that you are back posting... ~XO*

  5. Fantastic! I LOVE huge necklaces. I just bought a blue and gold one today that I will post pictures of very soon.

  6. Hi darlin'
    It's a stunning necklace. A real treasure and the fact that it's hand made makes it even more special :)
    I can hardly wait to see your other purchases!
    I hope you are doing fantastic and trying to stay happy and positive:)
    Love you!

  7. what great contrasts! you always have a good eye for mixing colors!!

  8. Hi there-what a stunning necklace and it goes so well with your outfit too!

  9. WOW blue & yellow?! I need to try out this combo! You look fab!

  10. Wow, the necklace is stunning!

  11. Good Morning Darling*
    How are you? I'm feelin better and finally this night I sleep so good XD.
    Sweetie, this necklace is adorable, delicious, wonderful!!!!
    Have a nice day!

  12. that necklace looks so great!!!

    i had to spend the earth day in bed :( and it was raining the whole day here (which of course is really good for the earth after all these very sunny days ;))

  13. Thanks for your comment!:)

    I love the striking colours of your outfit, so fearless!

  14. Wow, I adore your new 'bib'. Just gorgeous and totally something I would wear.
    I adore the vividness of the outfit too. Perfection.

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  15. Looooove the royal blue... you look amazing.... and that necklace OMG, you are such a fashionista :).
    have a wonderful fabulous day

  16. Eeeee! That necklace is AMAZING!

  17. What a nice choice of colors! And yes, I think the Chanel lippy is well worth it, I have other colors besides the Vamp I mentioned on my blog but that is my tried and true top choice for an evening out or in :) It is a gorgeous shade, and the texture just feels sexy putting it on...always a plus! Would look lovely with your dark hair too. Go on! XO

  18. love the necklace, and you look beautiful!

  19. That necklace makes for a great color scheme. The back and white set against the blue is beautiful. I particularly like it with the black blazer.


  20. That necklace is sooo beautiful and I love the blue on you, with the mustard on top :)

  21. what a fantastic colour combination. would never think of this but it is so refreshing and modern! Seeker that handmade necklace is GORGEOUS!!! what a beautiful piece.
    have a happy wknd ahead xx

  22. Oh the combination of these colors is stunning!Great outfit! And this necklace...I just have no words...amazingest!!!

  23. your necklace is very pretty


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