Thursday, 23 April 2009

TO – 04/23 – investment pieces…

…like blazers.
Yes, I think the blazer is one of the most classic and versatile pieces of a woman's wardrobe and can be worn with everything, and great for the transition weather, not to mention that is one ideal piece for a professional look.
So, when I saw a store with “middle-season promotions” on blazers I couldn’t miss that bargain and bought three, a beige and a gray both with a classic style and another not so classic on orange with some tiny flowers.
Today I decided to wear the gray one.

On another note, I also saw at Mango some T-shirts of the mini collection of shirts in solidarity with those who raise funds for the "Instituto Paulo Coelho", with the Brazilian author’s most famous phrases.

“We are all masters of our own destinies” is one I like best.

I think it’s worth at least to take a look…

Again my hair looks a mess with the wind. Oh and what do you think of my new sunglasses…? ;)

black to gray shoes - local store (F/W 2007)
black pants - from my boxes
black belt - Mango (F/W 2008)
red shirt - Vero Moda
gray blazer - Acetato (S/S 2009)
blue scarf - Stradivarius (S/S 2009)
necklace - Stradivarius (S/S 2009)
wrist watch - gift from Hubby
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
sunglasses - mainland store
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. ((((Seeker)))))) my friend! How are you?? You are looking great as always dear! :) I love the blazer, and I agree with you on a very good investment piece! a must have in any wardrobe!
    The sunglasses are awesome!!!
    take care my friend,
    Julian :) oxox

  2. I agree with you.. blazers are a practical element that every girl should have.
    You look amazing on that gray one.

    I hope everything is ok.

    Tons of love :)

  3. I love how you've accessorized your basic pieces with red and the scarf and necklace--you look very classy but not too straight-laced. Lovely. I have a thing for cuffs peeking out at the wrist so the red there is very nice.

    Glad you're back...xo

  4. You look so wonderful! Cute scarf :)

  5. Boy, you really pulled that look together. I too am enamored with blazers. I love, love, love, them. That little pop of red gives the look just the right finishing touch.

    Have a great weekend, my dear.

  6. I love the new grey blazer and that necklace is SO amazing!!! I keep thinking I should buy more blazers for in between seasons, I only have the one, but would love to add more to the collection lol.

  7. Lindo Blazer! Quero ver o laranjadoooo!!!
    Bom findi prá vc!

  8. DIVINE neckalce!!

  9. You are the mistress of the blazer!

  10. Love your look, S! That gray blazer is fabulous!


  11. what an amazing necklace! love how you unexpectedly wore it over the scarf! you look amazing!!!
    muah x

  12. OOOOOOOH...LOVE the necklace over the scarf!!! so fab!

  13. Classical blazers are always a good investment and today it is not only a business piece. I like big sunglasses, it looks always a bit diva like. The combination scarf with that fancy necklace is great. Have a lovely and never ending weekend, carpe diem!

  14. lol you spoke too soon hun! I
    ve only had 3 hours sleep and I'm meeting some friendlies soon :*( hmph, not cool at all! hahaha

    Really like that frayed scarf on you! and how you've layered the necklace on top! You always had an interesting and wonderful way of accessorising :)

    Hope you're feeling better today too. I am sorry that I keep disapointing you Ms Mafia Boss lol. I juts don't know how to play hehehe :(


  15. wonderful new piece and love all your accesories, its easier to have basics and work around them i think

  16. i am so with you on the blazer. it's really an investment piece.

  17. I love Mango...those shirts are great, I wonder if I can find them over here!

    Sunglasses are fierce and your hair looks fabulous in the wind! :)

  18. Amiga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Como você está???
    Adorei o look! o blazer, o lenço, tudo!
    O tempo está corrido, por isso só pude vir aqui agora, mas espero que esteja bem!
    Beijo grande!

  19. So true. I am wearing 2 blazers that I bought some time before 1996. And they are perfect for trans- seasonal.

    Are you still on the mainland?
    Your new glasses are divine.

  20. every time i look at your photos i think: that must be an amazing woman with strong personality :) so i guess the way you dress has something to do with it too :) lovely outfit!

  21. Yeah! It's great for both professional and cool looks. I like them, too.

    Have a sweet nice weekend, dear Seeker :)

  22. oh you are so right. you can never get enough blazers. This grey one looks reallx good in that combo and i love your necklace.
    I think these red sunglasses are great esp they look so good with your dark hair :)


  23. Hi there-I too bought two blazers this week and so agree they are just a fabulous investment item! You look lovely my dear! Have a great weekend!

  24. Se estivesse em português...
    Cadinho RoCo

  25. love the blazer and the jewels, very hot

  26. In love with the necklace!
    x Laura

  27. you look great! love the scarf

  28. Hello, dear! thank you for your kind words on my blog! I love your blog because it's so individual and I love most of your styles!I love the idea of necklace above acarf it looks so original(individual)!I love your sunglasses, their shape and color fits you very very well!
    And congratulations with your new purchases!


  29. You're so right! A well-fitting Blazer is so important!

  30. Yep a blazer is essential :o] of u'll own only one it better be blue


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