Tuesday, 5 May 2009

a birthday poem for my dear Hubby...

Of all the times I've spend with you...
Of all the ties I've made with you...
Of all the thoughts you wake in me...
I know the one which is so true...
I think now I should drop a clue...
Did I say I LOVE YOU?

To my wonderful Hubby

Today on your birthday, I wish to celebrate you to my hearts content and wish you happiness, happiness and only happiness.
Happy Birthday Love

* sorry, the girl in the cake is NOT your gift ;)


  1. Happy Birthday, Mr. Seeker!

  2. Lol @ the girl in the cake :o] was cool u pointed that out, hope u got a cool surprise for him...show us some pics k, we want to see him u've talked so much bout him :o]

  3. So SWEET! Happy B'day to your hubby who showers you w fab jewelry! He is a keeper darling! I wonder what you wear inside that cake?! LOL*

  4. Happy Birthday Hubby! YAY!

    And I adore how you said the girl in the cake is NOT your gift! You are too fabulous! xo

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  6. Happy b-day Mr.! What sexy cake...Seeker, do you have something delicious in store for him? :)

    xo hugs,

  7. Hello lovely Seeker

    Thanks for the kind words that you and your friends wrote about me.
    As the luckiest man in the world I want to express also my
    endless love to you

    The Traveller

  8. With a Birthday cake like that I bet your Hubby wishes his Birthday was everyday!
    Kisses from Toronto!

  9. Ounnnnn que lindo! Parabéns pra ele! Mtas felicidades e mtos anos de vida!!!

  10. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

  11. im sure your hubby will have a wonderful birthday!
    that cake idea is one i might use in September for my hubby's birthday, cause i know he'd love it! lol that you had to point thats not the gift too cute!
    happy birthday to the MR!

  12. i hope the hubs has a great birthday, and YOU are his girl in the cake. he could not do better than YOU, ever!

  13. Happy happy happy birthday to Mr Seeker!!

  14. I am sorry I missed Mr. Seeker's Bday party. Happy belated birthday to you, Mr. Seeker.

  15. Wishing the Mr Seeker a belated happy birthday. So, did you pop out of a cake?

  16. happy belated birthday to him.hope he had a lovely day!
    muah x


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