Monday, 18 May 2009

the first time is a charm…

The Portuguese blog mini-saia has been promoting a diversion that is some kind of a contest, in which the readers can send pictures with their looks and among them is chosen the “Look of the Week”.
After that the four “look of the week” will go on votes to find the “Look of the Month”.

Well, that’s right my dear readers and blogging friends… I made the mistake of sending a picture of my recent boho chic look, why a mistake…? because my look was chosen to be this “Look of the Week”.
So… why am I sad?
I’m aware that one that exposes oneself like that it will be always people who like and people who don’t.
But you can’t imagine what those people anonymously say…
I can stand a constructive critic, but I think that “Horrifyingly disgusting!” it’s not a thing that one should tell to another human being.

That’s why I’m proud of my blogger’s corner and of all my lovely and dear readers and blogging friends for all the support I receive on this blog of mine.

Thank you all!!!!


  1. @Out of mist:
    Oh my god!...que até me da vergonha de tar entre mulheres portuguesas depois de visitar o site e ver os comentarios ao look da semana de MiniSaia...
    Realmente depois de ler isso...mais ninguém vai querer participar!...Devería haver uma selecção antes de publicar os comentarios...
    Imagino que toda essa gente que comentou devem ser perfeitas e terão um gosto indiscuívelmente correcto sbre moda...Fiquei "horrorizada" com a maneira de pensar de estas mulheres...parece um "foro de brujas"...mais que um lugar donde se deve opinar e votar...
    Qué horror...Por isso jamais entro em sites portugueses...só excepções...infelizamente...tem de haver uma reforma de "raíz" na sociedade...
    Don´t worry!...just forget it...

  2. As Walter in "The Big Lebowski" (a funny United States film from the 1990s) would say: "F__k it, dude. Let's go bowling."

    Your style is distinctive. Kudos to you for putting yourself out there!

  3. Sounds to me like someone out there has some personal issues and they wanted to take them out on you. Fear not -- we all know they must just be jealous!

  4. I don't understand those who choose to use their words to hurt others... Well, that's part of life, there's the light & dark...I CHOOSE the light! ~Blessings as always Seeker XO*

  5. Negativity is so toxic and the people who throw it around really sadden me! You are a true example of positivity and you SHINE and SPARKLE always, while looking fabulous.

  6. It's outrageous that anyone would be mean about your gorgeous photos. You were chosen as look of the week, which is awesome. Just ignore those terrible comments.

  7. there are a fair amount of loser jerks out there. don't let them bring you down. you are fantastic, and they are just jealous losers. :)

  8. Glad you were chosen as look of the week. Just ignore the negative people they're just jealous.

  9. ((((((Seeker)))))))) my sweetest friend!!!!! Where are they??? who said these awful things??? I'll get 'em for ya!!!!! LOL Be a duck and just let it roll off your back my friend! No need to give those kind of comments a moment of your time. We all know who you are and what you are made of and we all love you dearly!!! Congrats for "Look of the Week" !!! That is fab!!! :) And I would bet my next paycheck that you will get "Look of the Month" too!!!! LOL Take care my dear sweet friend,
    Julian xoox :)

  10. Yeah right,im with Modest Mom.And i think they are just jealous coz you are the real Queen of fashion.=)
    Btw,you are very welcom,we will support you in any way Mama Seeker.=) Have a great day ahead.=)

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  11. Envy is always ugly. You are beautiful and you know that we know that. Ignore the hater and listen to us.
    Hugs to you, beautiful.

  12. I am so sorry you had to even glimpse someone's insecurity. They are just taking it out on your photo because they hate themselves. You are a beautiful and wonderful person.

  13. Sweetie!
    I'm so proud of you! You are always making headlines...why you ask? Because you are one gorgeous , special lady and you deserve all the attention that you get!
    Unfortunately some people have issues and feel jealous towards you and that's what makes them live such awful comments...
    Don't even think about's not worth it..ok?
    Love you darling!
    and I'm very proud of you! Muah

  14. These anonymous readers have no respect, I hate that. You look georgeous, that's a fact!

  15. they are just jealous of you.Don't mind them anyway.;D Just enjoy,looking forward on your next post.;D

    Travel and Living

  16. I guess everything was said, so no need for me to say a thing except that I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we are proud of you and your achievement, so hold your head high and enjoy the moment, and dont pay any attention to jealous, nasty people.
    We all know that you were great!

  17. Não vale a pena dar importância a esses comentários... só podem ser de pessoas mal formadas, sem qualquer tipo de educação e respeito pelos outros! Mesmo quando não se gosta, a opinião deve ser dada com respeito, nunca de forma depreciativa e desrespeitadora.
    Ah, e já agora, eu gostei bastante daquele look! Para mim, sem dúvida, um dos sues melhores! Beijos :)

  18. Seeker!

    Deixei lá no blog minissaia o meu apoio a você querida! Primeiro, Parabéns mais uma vez por ser uma pessoa ousada e que não tem medo de se arriscar no quesito fashion.

    Segundo, que legal saber que es de Portugal! Quero muito visitar o País no próximo ano!

    Muitos beijos e abraços!!!

    Até logo,

  19. darling im so sorry to hear this, some people who leave comments like that are too afraid to celebrate personal style and individuality and so they rather hate on those who are bold enough to wear their personal style.
    Dont let it keep you dopwn my dear or stop you from dressing as you like.
    big hug,

  20. Gosh don't worry about opinions! They are just views and some people will always dislike what one wears. You know you look fab and that's all that matters. After all you won!!

  21. i can feel what you feel... cheers love!

  22. Yeah I agree. For me, if you have nothing nice to say..then don't! Everyone has the right to wear what they want. Unless its CONSTRUCTIVE criticism! It is so sad to wear according to what people think!

  23. Sweet lady! You are lovely, and your sense of style is inspiring. And, lucky us, you are so wonderful to share your outfits and your views and your experiences here.
    I'm sorry someone said mean and hurtful things--honestly, people do need to be more responsible for their words.

    Here are some words for you: you are beautiful and kind and interesting, and I'm glad you put yourself out there so we could become friends!


  24. congradulations! =)

  25. Oh, hon, I am SO SORRY to hear that you got blasted with negative comments over there. People can be relentlessly mean, and for what? What do they gain by saying they hate what you're wearing, except racking up some truly awful karma and wounding you needlessly? I admire your style and find your outfits endlessly inspiring, and hope that the love you get from YOUR blog can eclipse some of the negativity you got over there.

  26. awwww.... so sorry you had some mean commenter's!!! i'm extra sensitive towards what people say so i know how you feel

  27. sorry to hera that dear, we love you and your style, everyone have their own individual an d unique style--you make those color so chic!!!
    lot of love

  28. I'm begining to think that portuguese women are not used to be nice to each other(I'm one of them so I feel free to comment).
    You know I don't use allot of color and maybe its exactly because of this kind of comments that are only moved by jealousy when someone stands out from the crowd.
    Also I think that someone who takes their own time to write nasty things about other people doesn't have much more going on in their lives.
    Be happy, enjoy your colors.Your outfits brighten our days. :)

  29. i am totally inspired by your style so i love comign here to see your outfit posts!
    i am always saddened by people that have to say mean things about people so they can feel good about themselves! ive never understood that! im quite sensitive myself and im working on that hence i have a blog where i post my own little outfits but i still dont see the point of saying mean things! oh ok tell me that maybe i look better in an a line skirt ok thanks i will try that see what happens but what good will it do to say: you look dumb. uh ok what am i supposed to do with that exactly?? people are just mean i think. i mean if you dont like someones style ok then dont comment
    Hugs to you my new found blogger pal and keep on rocking the outfits cause we all who come here love em and think you have tons of great style!

  30. ola minha linda

    MUITOS PARABENS por teres ganho o look da semna, nao ligues, as/os idiotas que comentam no blog nunca tem nada de bom para dizer, sao uma canbada de amargurados e entao acham que se puserem as leitoras q ganham o look para baixo q eles se sentem melhores com eles mesmos.

    A verdade eh esta TU GANHASTE e elas NAO! dor de cotovelo mata amiga! ehheheheheh

    para alem disso sabes que se ha um pais com o a maior concentracao de mau gosto por metro quadrado eh PORTUGAL. A maioria das pessoas aderem ao look pseudo-carocho e o resto e tudo akele look ranhoso a tentar imitar as meninas da linha mas sem conseguir perceber que elas sao assim pq ja nasceram com akilo. Portanto..... porque e que vais ficar chateada com a opiniao invejosa de um grupo de mal vestidas que ainda p cima sao anonimas.
    Vale a pena?? claro que nao.

    Tu es LINDA, ORIGINAL e SUPERFASHION! eh so isso que tenho a dizer.....

    beijao grande


  31. I think it's pretty obvious that your supporters FAR outnumber your detractors. I don't understand why there are people who feel compelled to write negative things, but when you're stylish and take risks with the way you dress, there will always be people who simply don't get it. Your boho outfit was fabulous as always; you've got my vote for Look of the Month!

  32. People can be so mean sometimes. :< And that really makes me sad. But it's probably true that either they're just jealous or they have no sense of style at all - because you're gorgeous! Just remember that, will you? :)

  33. Minha linda :D

    Espero que já estejas mais bem disposta hoje!

    Como podes ver pelos comentários aqui feitos, há muitas pessoas simpáticas que te adoram a ti, ao teu blog e ao teu estilo! :)

    Estava aqui a pensar, temos que trocar links!
    Eu já sou tua seguidora, mas como anónima, eu sigo os meus blogs preferidos sempre anonimamente, (gosto mais de ter a lista na página principal do Stiletto)!

    Mas tu não podes estar na minha simples lista... vou colocar-te na minha "Red Carpet" onde só coloco os blogs de pessoas com quem contacto mesmo (troco emails etc) e de quem gosto muito!

    Se quiseres "segue-me" ou coloca um link! Mas não te sintas obrigada a isso se não quiseres!

    Beijinhos muito grandes

    P.S.: Cada vez te admiro mais! Há que ter coragem de teres colocado este post acerca do que te disseram no mini saia e dizeres o que sentes!

  34. Don't worry Seeker, be confident, you know you do really good putting outfits together, and non-constructive critics only mean that this person has some personal problem...

    Cheer up! :)

  35. Don't worry my friend. That someone out there is just an angry person looking to pass on hurt & anger to others, but Seeker is above that! You have a style that is all your own & you should be proud of it! Nowadays mine consists mostly of golf attire... pity, I used to be much more of a fun dresser!

  36. Olá,

    No teu lugar teria desistido e pedido À Mónica para tirar de lá a minha fotografia. Ainda que as pessoas se refiram ao look e não a ti, alguns comentários são de uma crueldade incrível. Temos todos gostos diferentes, mas devíamos todos de gostar de pessoas... Não sei que almas solitárias andam a comentar aquele blog, mas fico com vontade de não pôr lá mais os pés. Mau ambiente daquele suga energias.

    Boa sorte na competição!


  37. I can't say it better than so many before me, but agree that anonymous and envious commenters just want to spread the hate. You are the outfit queen! The mistres of coordination! And your style is always distinct.

  38. People who leave negative comments are doing so purely out of jealously and self hatred. They are in a dark place in their lives, and try to lash out at others to make themselves feel better. I just feel sorry for them in all honesty, they are just hurting themselves.

  39. Don't you worry. Ignore those people.

    Don't care what people yourself and be in touch with the people that loves you

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