Sunday, 3 May 2009

TO – 05/03 – too much windy on Mother’s Day… with shiny sequins…

"No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you – life"
~~ Anonymous

And it really doesn’t matter how old children are, a mother is going to think/worry about them.
I know, I have a mother and despite her disease she still makes questions…

Today was Mother’s Day here. I offered some flowers and chocolates to my mother and we went on our usually car tour.

I have this sequins top from some time ago but never wear it in the day. But Spring 2009 is also to shine and I think I managed to down it with the rest of the set pieces.

I wish you all a nice working week.

black varnish Mary Janes shoes - H&M (F/W 2008)
berry skinny pants - H&M (S/S 2009)
black basic shirt - Vero Moda (F/W 2007)
black top with sequins - Mango (F/W 2008)
gray blazer - Acetato (S/S 2009)
long earrings - Details
brooch - gift from Hubby
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Noa from Cacharel


  1. I am in love with the colour of your pants, you paired them with a gorgeous blazer too, overall I love the simplicity of this outfit.

  2. wow... i love your balck top with sequins,,,, so shiny....
    belated happy mom's day to your mom...

  3. You are so pretty!And i miss you so much Mama Seeker.=) Love your sexy shoes,and have a wonderful week too.=)

  4. Hi, I have linked you now, thanks for linking, really appreciate it. Great post!
    Hope to see you visiting soon! and often.

  5. I saw a sequin top similar to yours. Was hesitant to buy it.. but hey, you managed to make it look so fab with that blazer and pants! I think I am so gonna get a sequin top!

  6. love the sequins....I always try to appreciate my parents more and more since they are getting older nad you never know the last time you will see them.

  7. Love your pants,it's color was so lovely.;D
    Looking forward on your next post.=)

  8. so pretty and that purple pants are gorg! thank for visiting my blog, its a pleasure :)

  9. I hope you had a wonderful mothers day with your mum. You are right, she is still your mum and it was wonderful for you to shine for her!

  10. love ur pants, great color and the jacket is fantastic :o]

  11. i love those pants!

  12. It is so sweet to take your mama out. Alzheimers is a horrible disease.

    I love your outfit...the sequins are wonderful.

    (I wore orange to church yesterday after seeing your great post the other day.)

  13. hello mama,.. thanks for droppin by... u have wonderful outfit.. i love them!! great!!!

  14. Beautiful blog and style, if you will ever have time check out my new site for fashion bloggers:www.vogueicon.comxoxo,

  15. You are one sensational woman!
    You know, regardless of the mood you pull off such amazing outfits and you put a smile on your face for us and pose! Bravo Bella!


  16. Hi there-hope you all enjoyed mothers day and I too love the colour of those trousers-you rock my dear!

  17. Again, love the pants!


  18. happy mother's day. I love your heels.

    oooh, which new perfume did you start wearing today? i see you list which perfume you use with your outfit (cute touch) but noa isn't a new one for you, is it?

  19. Like your margenta pants and the heels! We have Mother´s Day next Sunday.

  20. Lindas calças! Boa semana prá ti também! Bjins

  21. Happy Mother's day to you! You are such a nurturer and giver that you should be celebrated on the day that celebrates women who give selflessly. xoxo

  22. i hope im not out of line by saying: dang you look hot! :)

    i swear you look "fierce" as they say! you can totally rock an outfit thats for sure!

  23. That so warms my heart that quote about Mothers xox

    I will have to pass that along to my mom this Mothers day :)

    Looking fab!!


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