Tuesday, 5 May 2009

TO – 05/05 – nostalgia… with a pop of red and a big bow …

Today I had to go to a religious service in memory of a relative that passed away, that and Hubby’s birthday made me feel nostalgic…
I start thinking that when…

...I was little, I trusted in books, music and my father; I knew things, I could sense things, I could flavour them and load them and quantify them, I realized very well that the world was much bigger than my four-person family, I was aware of how enormous it was and I knowledge like knowing it all, I could snuffle the grown-up ones' purposes, I could guess their secreted thoughts by only looking at their hands, I knew all the things that I have never seen and, just before falling asleep, I was pondering all the human faults and imperfections and limitations that I could collect with my ear, eye and imagination. I could tell the form and the dimension of the fingers of all people that I have ever met, even if only for a minute; I could tell the shape of their teeth and I could guess the shape of their toes and the profundity of their fantasies; but then I grew up all unsound and constricted; I started to class, then to pay no attention, then to overlook, then to invent laws for my thoughts and theories for their content. And here I am, a serious adult looking down on her significance, criticizing her tightness, away from her father, tired of books and condemn deceasing by the sounds; nothing moves me and nothing frustrates me more than music. It's here only to remind me of that lost Paradise of all-encompassing innocent "perception". Nobody can bring that irregular sensitivity back to me, so now I am fighting for every piece of upright life; cataloguing, disregarding, and not recalling...

Detail of the big bow (with thin stripes, not very well seen) on my T.

black and white shoes - Pimkie (F/W 2008)
dark gray pants - from my boxes
red belt -Tally Weijl
black basic shirt - Vero Moda (F/W 2007)
black and white stripped T - Vero Moda (S/S 2009)
gray blazer - Acetato (S/S 2009)
long earrings - Details
brooch - gift
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
bracelet - gift from Hubby
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Amor Amor from Cacharel


  1. Ola Miss Elegancia...
    Passei aqui pra agradecer a visitinha e o recado de aniversário tão recheado de carinho deixado no Verde Novo!
    Obrigada mesmo, de coração.
    Um beijo da amiga virtual,

  2. Well, this is the the most tickle-your-funnybone outfit I have seen you wear since I've been a reader. Do you think that your memorialized relative would enjoy it?

  3. ohhh tao bonita com o cabelo cortado!! Faz bem cortar, agora que o verão se aproxima :)

    ah, o laço é tão fofo !


  4. Sorry about the loss in your family.

    It is sad that lost childhood perceptions never come back; isn't it?

  5. Lamento a perda do familiar.Nestes dias pensamos muito sobre o que foi e o que perdemos.Mas na vida tudo se renova e vamos ganhando outras coisas.
    Espero que o aniversário do marido tenha contrabalançado.


  6. Que alegre o look!
    E cortou o cabelo de novo?!
    A vida nos surpreende de várias formas, entào, devemos "dançar conforme a música"!
    Beijo, querida!

  7. @Out of mist:
    I love the earrings...and the shirt with a big bow...excellent...in Weijl Tally? how I escaped ??!!...
    Sorry for your loss and it is true ... we do think both situations ...
    But you have to look across ...

  8. you lost your innocent perception?I think no...I mean, if you talk about those feelings and you have a nostalgy for them, you didn't lost it!There inside of you still lives that little girl, and it's great!:)
    I'm 22, but sometimes i realize that I'm just a kid, and I don't really know how to change it, I mean, for ex. to escape childs fears...but i think, to be a child in your soul is the greatest thing, because children are pure and open for a whole world, true, pure love...
    P.s. I love the bow and the combo of black+grey+ red very much!Chic lady!:)


  9. So sorry for your loss, but happy for your husband's birthday. Childlike innocence is indeed fleeting.

    Love the outfit, very whimsical.

    Have a great evening, my dear.

  10. Both elegant and whimisical!

  11. Fernanda, I have a difficult time remembering my childhood. There are bits and pieces that are near & dear to my heart, but there are some things that hurt. I think I put some of it out of my mind because it was uncomfortable. Interesting.

  12. Hi, great outfit, the red belt compliments the outfit tremendously. good choice.

  13. Hi there-what a lovely outfit, your top is so casual chic!

  14. O laço remete-me à infancia! Bjins

  15. I love how you dressed in a happy way for a time like this...I hope you feel fine :)

    Kisses and hugs from the friend,


  16. Love your bow and the red belt adds a perfect pop :) So sorry for your loss. I think we all forget about that childhood charm, but I truly do believe it is there inside of us, we only need to have the luxury of time to be able to look.

  17. hey gorgeous, thank you so very much for the wonderful award! Honoured :D

    And I adore the pop of red in this outfit set (and the bright colours you've been wearing recently...just fabulous!)

    Happy birthday to the hubby too, and hope you're having a great week bella :D

  18. U look so gorge as always. That tee with gray bow reminds of Sonia Rykiel creation. Ha!


  19. that bow is totally you! looking great as usual! =)


  20. Sorry for your loss on both counts. It is a real loss when we have lost a way of thinking that we can't go back to. I totally relate.
    Hugs and love to you.

  21. im totally in touch with that little girl! i often do posts on her! she was such a open free and loving soul that looked at everything with such imagination and curiosity! she found such comfort in the simplest things!! i know shes a part of me, i never let her go; i work on it because the grown up fights it the grown up wants to silence her perhaps she resents her but i allow both to have their time and usually each has their place and it keeps me balanced i love her and she always calls to me to keep her alive and i always do

  22. i saved the pic of a similar tee from lookbook i'm so going to make my own :o]

  23. the shirt ist super cute.


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