Tuesday, 12 May 2009

TO – 05/12 – when is too much too much…. colour?

Today I went to my hairdresser

Well, you know I’m a person that doesn’t talk about my work nor complains. What for?
Because complaining, justified or not, about the workplace leads to no good. In fact, it can be downright toxic and can make a department a terrible place to work.

But lately I’m not feeling happy at my work. It has been some legislation that made some restructures on my career. And when those things happen not everyone has luck, the system is not fair.

Now I think I’m not paid according to my profile and colleagues with similar positions get more than me and I have not got raise.
Whatever the reason can be the truth remains that I’m not happy with my salary.
So it makes things look worse than they are and it also destroyed all my hope that things can get better.
Because the situation looks so hopeless, I’m becoming less creative and innovative. What’s the point of coming up with ideas and implementing them???

Well, I think I must train my own ability to be positive or I might end thinking that “Everything sucks and you can’t convince me otherwise!”

Too much colour is mostly bad when its poor colour

black ankle boots - local store
black wide-legs pants - C&A Clockhouse (F/W 2008)
golden belt - El Corte Ingles
red blouse - local store
black basic shirt - Vero Moda (F/W 2007)
gray blazer - Acetato (S/S 2009)
necklace - gift from T.
brooch - gift
bracelet - gift
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Amor Amor from Cacharel


  1. OMG! i love your haircut mama! you're such a queen of beauty! :)

    A Writers Den

  2. Holy Batman... the b&w shots are stunning!!! xxx

  3. Wow the BW are amazing!

    I admire you for remaining positive always, even during a time like this. It will come back to you, as you know! XO

  4. dont feel like that! EVERYTHING GONNA BE FINE! U'LL SEE


  5. i can relate mama.. i have a friend whose dealing with the same problem at work..

    anyway, your outfit, as always, relaxes my eyes.... such beauty on your wardrobe choices...

  6. Sorry to hear that things are rough at work for you right now. But it's great that you're being honest with yourself about your feelings and not getting bogged-down with negativity.

    Oh, and I really like the second side-profile shot of you up there. That view of you is very flattering, very stately.

  7. Love the B&W pictures!
    And your haircut is so cute!
    Things will get better, I understand about you not having a raise, I am in the same type of situation, I didn't get a raise this year and I'm sure that they will find an excuse not to give me one next year either.
    No incentive what so ever!

  8. @Out of mist:
    I think all the color combinations you used are harmonious and not too much... color when used with good taste ...
    The tone of dark hair is almost an opening, I would say overall the palette of colors in the outfits ... orally dominates that clever ...
    This is my humble opinion ... and people who do not like ... ... patience ... not interested
    Good week of work ...

  9. Hey S!
    I know how you feel, since I started to work (all I did was complaining how little they paid me, and going to work was HELL on Earth for me, now I'm trying to making it work! And Work is now even enjoyable, but it sucks your situation haven't you think about the possibility of changing of work? It's never too late :)

    Ireally like those two first pics of you BW Photography is one of my favs :)

  10. What moved you from feeling gray to feeling so optimistic and colourful? How do you do that? Share your secrets!

    I hope that things at work soon are as optimistic and bright as you are.
    Love you.xoxo

  11. the bw shots are stunning..i love how the wind blows your hair.. ;)

  12. I love Carlos de Carmo and that song is my favourite song!
    I don't know why, but your comments always lift my spirit right up through the roof :) Thank you so much, I love you for it!

    Don't worry about your job. Everybody has ups and downs when it comes to everything; especially when it comes to creativity.
    But hey.. Without the downs, there are no ups.
    I'm sure things will go better for you soon! You have much beauty coming your way, remember that :)

    Much love,

  13. oh dear thats too bad about the work situation it helps to talk it through and try to find what you really feel and want sometimes its not what we think; im afraid i have no advice and only pray that what happens will be for your better good! have strength in your positivity and confidence in your abilities; it will be what its supposed to be as always we dont quite understand why but maybe thats not the point

  14. oh, that is not good. i hope they see how important you are and give you a raise soon. this is a hard situation.

    and i love your outfit. you look spectacular in those wide legged pants. love the look!

    and hope things get better soon. work has been killing me lately too. but next week i am on vacation and hope to clear my head and enjoy life more. maybe you can do the same soon? :)

  15. Oiii amiga, eu te endendo perfeitamente, já vivi situações assim em um antigo emprego e é horrível quando não estamos satisfeitas, nada rende e acabamos desanimando e isso influencia um tantão de coisas na nossa vida. Espero que vc consiga superar essa fase, melhor pensar que é uma fase e que as coisas vão melhorar ou partir pra outra mesmo e começar tudo de novo em outro emprego que valorize seu trabalho.
    beijos de luz pra vc querida;)

  16. Cuanto siento que no te vaya bien en el trabajo, he de decirte que mi situación anímica se debe precisamente a este tema, he sido acosado por mi jefe lo que me ha llevado a cogerme la baja por depresión pero no quiero ensombrecer más tu situación y espero que se arregle.
    Por lo demás estás preciosa con ese look y esas fotos en blanco y negro son muy originales y ten dan un aire muy bonito.
    besos de tu amigo.

  17. Love your haircut Seeeker, it really suits your face my darling. love the layers to it. my dear i am sorry to hear about the problems at work. I pray things get better!
    big hug,

  18. It's such a difficult situation, but try to concentrate in that you're working on something you used to enjoy, regardless of how much your colleagues are getting paid.

    You look so beautiful, as always :)

  19. I'm sorry to hear that you find it a bit hard at work right now. But everything is going to be fine, I'm sure about that. :)

    And I totally love tha b&w photos - you're haircut is so nice!

  20. Gosto muito do outfit e é bom perceber que algumas pessoas conseguem pintar sempre a vida de colorido! beijos

  21. olá,
    gostei muito do seu estilo e do blog.

  22. love the black n white fotos and ur hair is fantastic :o]

  23. Those profile photos are truly gorgeous, Seeker. We rarely get to see you close up!

    So sorry to hear the restructuring has put you in a bad spot. Any chance there will be further changes?

  24. I love your hair cut! I want so bad to do something with mine, but I have no idea what to do.

    I'm sorry things are going poorly at work. It is awful when you feel like that. Take a big look in the mirror and remind yourself that your worth is not tied up in work, but your worth is you as a whole. Hope things get better.

  25. I totally adore women who can pull off short hairstyles! You are amazing :)

  26. i love the hair!
    and the outfit is perfect! i love how u spiced up a simple outfit with a red shirt.

    about work, sorry to hear that.its terrible wen someone starts feeling unappreciated. maybe u should have a plan to change it? if its possible.i duno.depends what u do i guess.good luck!

  27. I can well understand you. The work situation in general is becoming worther. How they treat people being for long time in a company ?. You are told that everyone is exchangeable. Is your haircut an expression of a new begin ?

  28. Your hair is smokin! I love, love, love it. And the outfit with that great pop of color is stunning, as per usual, my dear.

    I can certainly relate to your job situation. I am in a similar strait myself. I've made a very important decision as a result. I am working hard towards not going back in the fall. I don't exactly kknow how things are going to work out yet, but I'm praying to God that He blesses me to find my way into my creativity and make a good living at what I love.

    Have a great rest of the day, my dear.

  29. The hair is amazing!!!

    I understand your situation, I have other friends with função pública related works that also complain about the unfairness of the whole process.

    But although is not easy to keep a positive atitude you do it and that makes the whole diference in the world. Being creative and positive is your on special input in the world and even if in your workplace no one notices I do and for me that makes me a litle more happy. :)

  30. HI,

    I do hope for the best for you and your future my friend. And I can too identify with raises and changes in work policy. It is notorious with this global paranoia in the mists; almost as like that of, floating clouds.

    I honored your award to me, and gave them back with an additional one for you my freind... smile.


  31. i cover my grey hairs now, too. i might try going all grey if i make it to my 60's!

    and you will look gorgeous no matter what!

  32. Thank you so much for stopping by and the lovely comments about my new header. I'm so excited about it and how it's being received.

    Have a great evening, Sweetheart!

  33. ah sorry about your situation. life is often very unfair.

  34. I love your haircut, it's cool and elegant at the same time.

  35. O corte do cabelo é super moderno!
    Gosto muito!
    E temos que ser positivos sim!!!
    E as cores nos ajudam nisso, bem sabemos!

  36. Very much relate to your work post, I think it might be looking a little bad all over right. I honestly have a hard time seeing any kind of light at the end of the tunnel... depressing really. But I love that though the work situation looks dire your able to get a fabulous hair cut and put together a killer outfit.

    'We are intrepid. We carry on.'

  37. Your hair is looking amazing my lady!

    As for what progress? what is the point?

    In a career I am learning (after ten years at home) that it is not what you do, but how you tell everybody about it. Just doing a good job and getting on with it isnt enough. You have to constantly memo and email "I did this and here is the link" or "this person was very happy when I did this -xxxx"

    otherwise the mediocre workers who are not so good at the job, but very good at talking about it, will get ahead of you.

    And when the board meets to decide if you are needed, they will send you a p45 (final tax notice when you leave or are sacked from a job)

    So when you are working, be political. It is painful and annoying but you have to stand on a box and tell everybody how great you are, or they won't know.
    It is human nature to only notice when things go wrong and look for someone to blame.
    They never notice if everything works smoothly, and look for someone to thank...

    We love you and think you are brilliant, and you have excellent hair!

  38. I love b/w photos!

  39. I really do hope your work situation improves for the better. I guess the more you think about it, the more you will truly find inside of yourself what it is you are looking for - if that makes sense? Anyway, I really do love the red blouse :)

  40. Oh dear, I hope your work situation improves! And I love your new hair.

    A xx

  41. Hello dear!
    You look wonderfull! I love your hair, looks great on you!
    and this outfit is so classy! love it!

    Everything is okay here, and there?

  42. i really love ur hair!


  43. Aqui está engraçada sim, mas no geral acho que não é nenhum icon da moda. Mas gosto do seu espiríto!houvesse mais gente assim o mundo seria melhor.


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