Thursday, 28 May 2009

TO – 05/28 - aren’t fishnets in…? and an award…

OMG, today when I opened Bloglovin’ (yes, that’s where I search out your blogs… lol ) and I saw that I had 507 new posts to see… I just panic.
But I’m going to catch you… I am…

Well, when I showed you my new fringe shoes I was wearing black fishnets. If you recall.
On that post I had an anonymous comment saying (in Portuguese, of course…) “Sandals with fishnets? Please.... I sincerely must live in another world....”
I would say… “Yes, my dear, you DO!”

Not that I find the necessity of justifying myself. Fortunately, our country is still a place where one can dress the way one likes, despite many other people don’t (but that’s another story), but I feel it’s my duty, as the Holy Book says, to teach the badly informed.

So, I would advice this anonymous reader to go see at least the D&G Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear collection, as I think it’s a good example, as this little picture shows.

On another note I’m so proud and happy because the very talented and insightful Sallymandy from the blue kimono gave me this new award created by her.

Here’s the text that comes with it:

“This award is given especially to these readers. Your visits and comments make me happy to be a blogger. I learn from you, your comments, and your blogs more than I can say.

In the words of Voltaire, ‘Appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.’”

Thank you so much my dear, I really appreciated your gesture.

And now I’m going to pass it to (in no special order):

Cheryl Lynn;
Lizzy Frizzfrock;
Camisola Preta;
La Belette Rouge ;
Linda S. Socha;
Marian Kihogo;
The Stiletto Effect ;
dapper kid ;
Couture Carrie ;
Sal ;
Lenorenevermore ;
Terence Sambo;
Jesse Mendez.

Thank you all,


Not very creative yet but still and always laughing…

brown sandals - Zara (S/S 2009)
brown fishnets - Calzedonia
green pencil skirt - H&M (S/S 2009)
camel belt - Vero Moda (S/S 2009)
orange t-shirt - local store
beige blazer - Acetato (S/S 2009)
necklace - Stradivarius (S/S 2008)
sunglasses - mainland store
brown fringed bag - Friday's Project (S/S 2009)
wood bangles - gift from Goddaughter
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Amor Amor from Cacharel


  1. Olá :)
    És um amor, muito obrigada pelo award :D
    Estás muito gira ;) e adorei que tivesses colocado a imagem do desfile D&G (haha lindo!)
    Jinhos grandes

  2. congrats to you :)
    and i love the touches of brown in your outfit today!
    hope you are having a lovely day :)

  3. Thankyou so much! In good company I see.

  4. Hmm this is a interesting color combination, I like it!

  5. Dearest seeker, the feeling is mutual darling! Thank you & beyond!! BIG XO*!!!
    PS: Love the colour combo & your sweet smile! :)

  6. Congrats to the award!
    I love your green skirt!

  7. I love you so much for this. This is a wonderful award. Comments are so important to bloggers for inspiration and encouragement. I value your comments very much and I thank you for thinking of me.

    You have a wonderful beginning of the weekend and I'm so glad you dropped by.

    Now, that outfit is sooooo pretty. I just love those colors!
    You do what you do so well!

  8. oh those anonymous commenters have zero balls. lame lame lame! they are always the ones that want to bring you down and they don't even have the balls to identify themselves. LOSERS!

    anywhoooooooo, congratulations on the award, and thank you so much for passing it on to me! exciting!!! ;)

  9. Hi Seeker,

    Yes we agree with you and fortunately for me; I enjoy and love your fashion, and pretty said and done accordingly...

    Thank you for the award; as always, I am flattered and spoiled by your unconditional friendship....

    Jesse Noe

  10. Parabéns e obrigada, querida!!!
    Adorei as cores!

  11. Thank you Seeker for bestowing this award on me. I like your look & you have that fabulous fringed handbag with you today!!!

  12. lovely outfit! it IS creative!!!

    i really like the background as well.


  13. Lovely, Seeker, and thanks for passing on the award to others. I'd love to see it make the rounds!

    It can be daunting catching up with blog reading...I'm doing it as well. Always fun to come over here and see what pretty stuff you've put together. xo

  14. Look at that necklace..Love it.And i like how you put those colors together on your outfit.Thanks for sharing it.You deserve the award..=)

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  15. And oh! Was that me?=) Thank you Mama Seeker for passing this award to me.You're such a wonderful person ever.=) have a great day.=)

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  16. Oh wow! Congrats! You deserve it,have a great day Seeker.Hope to see more from you.;D

    Travel and Living

  17. i guess i forgot to thank you for the award :o] Thankies!!!

  18. Hola S. dime que tengo que hacer, es acaso un premio?, por cierto para hacerte el retrato necesito que me envíes una foto de calidad y en primer plano, que a ti te guste, o dime cual de ellas te gustaría.

  19. Congrats, beautiful!
    And thanks for thinking of CC ~ I am honored!

    And of COURSE fishnets are in - always! You look hot!


  20. Thank you so much for thinking of me for the lovely award. It is great!
    Thanks also for the special comment on my recent post!

    I love your white jacket and sexy shoes outfit. What a great photo! You inspire me in fashion ..which is needed!!


  21. you inform her.... you look fab sweetie.

  22. There's absolutely no denying it, you look amazing! I always get inspired by your use of color... and you know I love the fishnets!

    Big congrats on your new award... you certainly deserve it darling! xxx

  23. Another great look - and you're so right. Don't let others tell you what to wear or how to wear it :).

  24. I'm loving the fishnet/sandal combo, it looks so interesting. And wow, the orange and green combination looks fantastic! Just a tad jealous of your colour matching abilities lol. Thank you so much for passing the award my way :) Hope you had a beautiful Friday!

  25. Hello lovely lady! I love the combo today--it says warm sunny days, and so does your smile.

    Congrats on the award! And don't worry about catching all the blogs. We are all happy to see you when we do, and I love coming to your site to see what you are up to!


  26. darling i love sandals with socks or tights! I always wear them,it is so fun so i totally agree.
    oh my gosh that outfit is so sex and the city! i need that top and skirt my sweet! you look fabulous.
    See why you totally deserve that award my dear!!
    thank you so much for passing it on! im honoured!
    my sweet have a yummy, restful wknd ok!
    big hug and kisses.

  27. Merci, mon amie!!!! What a beautiful award from a beautiful lady. You deserve this award and lots of LOVE and acknowledgment for your amazing style and all that you share with us. Thank you, lovely you!!!

  28. @Out of mist: look sooo lovely in that outfit!...
    I voted for you...many times;))...
    Love your skirt!
    And do not lisent the negative peolple...may be they attacked you cause they know your image is very important to you...and try to hurt you...There are people who like to hurt just for sport...
    Have a great weekend!
    (sorry my english it´s not very good)

  29. Congrats on the award. Love the outfit and the fishnets! Be you.

  30. Congrats on your award!! And I love fishnets! You look lovely in that color combo.

    xo, Becs

  31. Hi there-congrats on the award my dear, much deserved! Love the vibrant outfit and hope you have a great weekend!

  32. I really like fish nets! hoping to get some colored ones soon!

  33. Oh thanks so much for always stopping by!
    It´s always a pleasure for ME to read your comments.

    CONGRATULATIONS on your award!

    I love the fact you care about any single detail from sandals to bangles and from lipstick to perfume!


    Hugs & Kisses,

  34. Seeker, querida, falei de você ontem e hoje no blog.
    Ontem agradecendo o award, e hoje porque usei furry vest e tomei a liberdade de colocar foto sua usando também.
    Se tiver oposição, me diga que eu tiro.

  35. The brown sandals are amazing, love the outfit !

  36. darling Seeker,just poppi ng by to say hi my love. hope you are well.big kiss,

  37. Congratulations, gorgeous! Well deserved award. Also, stockings and sandals...hell yes. Actually, hell yes to wearing whatever the hell you want to :)

    p.s. I love this outfit. The bright clashing colours go so well together its almost sinful. Nice!

  38. Love the orange tee - looks fab with the rest of the outfit!

  39. Hot! I love the green with the orange.

  40. Congrats on the award!! And I looove your fringe purse.

  41. I came back to look again at this outfit as I love the colors! It gives me a lift and a smile!

  42. you always have the best colour combinations - lovely!!

  43. beautiful colors on you! Glad to see your still smiling :D

  44. Congrats on your award,your fringed shoes are excellent. I love the green skirt.

  45. Always laughing! You are so amazing and uplifting! And you look fabulous!

    Wow, thats a lot of blogs to catch up thank you for always swinging by mine you are such a doll!

    And congratulations on the award!! XO

  46. Olá linda! :)
    Já estou com saudades de mais outfits ;) Quero mais fotos!
    P.S.: YOU RULE!

  47. love your fishnets and love the colours you hv on!

  48. Love the outfit. Love the blog! I'm so happy I came across it today! :)

  49. so well put together as always!!!


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