Tuesday, 30 June 2009

regaining creativity…

Since I’ve started my blog, among other things, I’ve tried to show you my daily outfits. (What I actually wear, I don’t do productions)
Outfits that I’ve made an effort to be creative, colourful, and innovative with some smartness and style. Maybe I didn’t always succeed, but that doesn’t mean I stopped trying.
Now I’m worried about the way I’m feeling because I would like to do some colourful, some artistic or some fashion forward outfits but it seems my creativity simply disappeared.
As I’ve told you before I’m a mood dresser, so I just can’t plan in advance what to wear for instance for the next week. I must sense it every day.
But now it seems all I want to do is throw something “safe” and call it a day.
Every morning is a pain just because I have to dress myself, and pulling together a stylish, charming look is a challenge.
I look into my closet and notice that I’m a lucky girl and despite I might need some more things, I have many clothes and my real problem is how to mix them.

However I’ll continue to post about my daily wear, hoping that like many people who faced similar situations with creativity I’ll be able to over come it.


  1. Seeker I love your style! And don't feel the need to dress for someone other than yourself. Dress for yourself first and the rest will shine thru :)

  2. It may be time for red? Love your style. We all get inspired more at times than others?

  3. Oh sure Mama Seeker. You will be able to pass all this things.=D And we support you in any ways, you are a wonderful person and a very talented one!=D Just continue posting.=D We love you!

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  4. anyway mama, u always look beautiful whatever dress u put on.. xoxo..

    JAYtography: An Online Travelogue

  5. sometimes i'm not in the mood for a very interesting outfit. and that's okay i think! sometimes plain and simple sometimes feels good! =D


  6. I always loved your style and your way of mixing colors. There is not one single look in your blog I don't like. Please don't give up! We all have up's and downs but I'm sure you'll will feel more creative soon.

  7. Hi there-I think we all feel this at some time, carry on with the fabulous outfits, they've been all gorgeous so far!!

  8. Darling, you are absolutely inspirational stylish lady! Don't be so "self-critics" (if I said right words)!


  9. Whatever clothes you will wear, will be great to you.;D Hope you will be ok soon. Have a good day.;D

    Travel and Living

  10. Dear Seeker, don't worry. If you feel like putting on something comfy and not necessarily stylish, maybe it's because you need it. Take it as a purge :)

  11. Hi there! You will still look beautiful whatever dress you will wear. And i am sure of that!=D You are such an inspiration. =D We love you no matter what.=D

  12. darling dont stress at all my sweet, there are times when I just want to stay in a towel the whole of the day :). whatever you wear is inspiring,wear what you feel my sweet.
    big kiss,

  13. Criatividade para vestir realmente não é uma coisa tão fácil, principalmente para publicar!

  14. I totally understand, S!
    Love that photo (or is it an illustration?)...


  15. We all have dis same feeling from time to time, its completely normal, soon ur style mantra wld return :o]

  16. @Out of the mist:
    (Esta vez lo escribiré en español)
    Todos pasamos por esos momentos...no hay que darle importancia...Si no estas de lo mejor ahora...hace parte de la vida...
    Vístete como te sientas mejor en este momento...y no te importes con agradar a nadie...
    Lo principal somos nosotras! y debemos libertarnos...pues el blog, a veces, es una presión sin darnos cuenta...(Ya lo he sentido)
    Deja que la vida te despeine!...es mi último post...y que creo que te agradará leerlo en este momento...
    Relaja...siempre serás bonita con cualquier cosa que vistas...
    Cada mujer es única...

  17. Oh lady, so sorry to hear you're feeling uninspired. I'm sure your fashion muses will return to you soon ...

  18. Oh yeah. U are so inspirated... :)


  19. Amiga, anime-se e mostre para nós a sua criatividade, as suas cores, que nos alegram tanto!

  20. Hi dear...I don't know anyone who can be creative with clothes every single day, or even most days. It would be a big challenge to post as many innovative outfits as you do. Hope you'll allow yourself some time to rest your mind and let the creative force flow again, as it feels fun and right!

  21. I think it's something we call go through, stick with it, you still look fabulous

  22. Dear Seeker
    All of us have those days, it is perfectly normal, and this is what you should do…… embrace them 
    Don’t think you have lost your neither creativity nor style (in your case this would be almost impossible).
    You are not alone in this; sometimes I wake up, put on the first piece of crap I lay my hands on and go to work. When I get home I think to myself “WTF was I thinking?” This means absolutely nothing about my style. It only means that I am tired and don’t feel like dressing up.
    So basically here is the quick fix….. Chill and pamper yourself. Really make sure you spoil yourself rotten. Get your nails done, get a massage, go to the spa, take a trip, light some candles, have awesome sex with hubby, open an expensive bottle of wine, and indulge on your favorite food. And just be! Creativity will start flowing again. I promise!
    Oh to top it all off (the cherry on the cake) buy a new pair of super-sexy heels. Heels are a wardrobe energizer. They always make us feel like a million dollars.

  23. Hi dear! Oh this problem is so usual for me and my mom:( I think you have a lot of creativity and all will be ok soon:)) However, even though my outfits aren't so creative as yours I also sometimes feel like dressing extra-simple things without any jewels...Or sometimes I like so much one style, so I put it on almost evry day(actually I'm not going out every day, I mean every day I go out:))
    You are lucky that you have your unique style, you don't have to plan, just dress for yourself:))

    p.s. thank you for your sweet comments:D


  24. I think it is fabulous that you are a mood dresser - truly I think it is such a joyous gift to have.

  25. Hey you: remember that... YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES! :)


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