Thursday, 4 June 2009

TO – 06/04 – let me play… and colour my world…

Fashion is not only functional, it’s fun! It can lift our spirits on a bad day and help us transcend the times when we’re not exactly blissed-out.
My mood does affect what I wear and vice-versa. Wearing bright colours make me feel healthier, happier, vibrant and help me project a really positive image.
Don’t get me wrong, I also love black and some dark hues, but I like to play with colours.
As if I’m an artist and I’m creating my art piece mixing and matching colours.
Ephemeral, however my creation, a bit of the inner me expression…

And I like to experiment, keeping in mind that experiments not always look good, but they will surely make me aware that what looks bad and from next time I can avoid it. But due to some circumstances I’ve been in some kind of a rut not feeling creative

By the way, have you seen Dries Van Noten Fall 2009 Ready-to-wear Collection?
I always have been intrigued by Dries Van Noten collections, but this time “Van Noten had taken the shades of Francis Bacon's paintings—shrimp pink, beige, ocher, orange, and mauve—and deployed them in a way that gave life to pieces that might have seemed boring in other hands.”, in the words of

So…Don’t be shy! Give it a try!

Or not, but… let me play…

brown sandals - Zara (S/S 2009)
brown fishnets - Calzedonia
yellow dress - Veintitantos (Bday gift from Hubby) H&M (F/W 2008)
navy blue blazer (from a suit) - mainland store (S/S 2003)
animal print scarf as a belt - H&M (S/S 2009)
amber cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
wrist watch - gift from Hubby
bracelet - gift
lipgloss - L'Oreal
perfume - Amor Amor from Cacharel


  1. Hi love :)

    You look so cute! Most of the times I wear dark clothes as you know! But sometimes I feel like trying some coloured outfits... That dress is lovely and I really like the colour. I love the way you mixed the blazer and the scarf too...

    Oh btw, I really like Amor Amor :)


  2. Experimenting with colours not only feels so good but also produces good feelings. And experimenting is a department of freedom, which we shall keep up always. By the way, this experiment of yours comes out very cute.
    Thank you, my dear, for being always around my English is Cool!
    Have a sweet nice weekend :)

  3. Hi friend! I love how you took the blazer from a suit and put it with this dress. The whole looks classic but bright and sunny. Blue and yellow together never go wrong.

    Thanks, dear, for your recent comments on my serious posts of this week. I do think that art can be expressed in clothing and the whole self. In fact, what better or more personal way to do it. Much love to you...

  4. And also, that color combination is very good with your complexion, I think. It's high contrast as is your skin-to-hair contrast. Lovely!

  5. you are very crative and most definately an artist! your style is art indeed! and i think if i saw you down the street i would automaticly smile and feel ten times happier just seeing you! please keep experiementing and inspiring me and others like me that are too shy to do so! i stick to my colors and i feel good so thats good and then i go and see others like you that like to mix it up and it cheers me up to see such beautiful ways to express oneself! we are all entitled to play! im sure i will continue to do, in my own way :)
    hugs to you!

  6. oh I love this so much. That dress is so perfect and I love how you accessorized it! You look fabulous!

  7. Hello darling!

    I am loving the yellow on you!! I love when you "play" do it so well!

    I hope you are having a great week!
    XOXO, Liz

  8. i love that dress, awesome :o] Mustard works well with u, gr8 color.

  9. I'm with Jonice, trying some different things or on to fashion. trying to wear different colors feels great and give us satisfaction. And that's why i like your blog, coz you're making us happy all the time your putting together those colorful outfits.And you are so wonderful person.;D Thanks for sharing,keep on posting.Have a great weekend Seeker.;D

    Travel and Living
    Job Hunter

  10. The dress' colour is so amazing!

  11. I wear dark clothes most of the time, but I'm starting to take a tip from you and add some color. I love color, especially as an artist and a painter. But my wardrobe doesn't reflect my love of color very well. I'm hoping to change that.

    Love you, and have a great weekend, my dear.

  12. Adoro essa cor, mostarda!
    Concordo completamente com o texto!
    Também adoro cores e gosto de brincar com elas também!
    Isso alegra a vida!!!

  13. I love your musings on color, lady. And that you fearlessly WEAR them all the time! So invigorating to see a stylish woman embracing non-neutrals. ;)

  14. Amen, gorgeous. Fashion is functional AND why the hell shouldn't we make it fun too?!!

    I love the use of colours in your outfit. Once again, impeccable.

  15. Love the look! That dress is fab - hubby has good taste!


  16. you are so right! i can be in a horrible mood but know that if i try to look good i will feel at least a little bit better. :)

  17. i love adding some color to my outfit since i always wear dark colors-- love you color choices-cute outfit!!!

  18. This is one of my fav color combos! You look great!

    xo, Becs

  19. I love the color and shape of the dress, it really looks so great on you! And the leopard scarf-belt-how it fits!I'm speachless...


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