Wednesday, 10 June 2009

TO – 06/10 – as old become new… mystery solved about Chanel’s…

Well, for those who were a bit afraid of what was going to happen to Chanel’s, the mystery is solved.
Chanel said that Karl Lagerfeld isn’t going anywhere as also Lanvin has denied the rumour that Alber Elbaz would replace Karl at Chanel.
We can peace our minds, because all stays the same
Today we had a holyday and tomorrow will be a Holy holyday, yuppy, two days of the office, the week will be really short.
As I’ve told you before the island is also known as the land of four seasons in a day.
Today was one of those days, we had a bit of sun, much wind and now so much mist, a true “Island of Haze”.

Some of you might know that I’ve been trough a tough time which hasn’t helped me being creative or even confident with my outfits. So I’m still playing for safe. But I really felt comfortable with these casual old turned new clothes.

black varnish Mary Janes shoes - H&M (F/W 2008)
jeans - Levi's gift from sister (199?)
silvered top - Stradivarius (200?)
silvered striped top - Zara (200?)
navy blue blazer (from a suit) - mainland store (S/S 2003)
necklace - gift from Hubby
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
bracelet - Bijou Brigitte (S/S 2009)
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
sunglasses - mainland store
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Amor Amor from Cacharel


  1. you are amazing! what an amazing outfit. i love those shoes.

    enjoy your days off work!


  2. Hello!
    I am very happy to find this blog with great content, by someone who seems to be really lovely.
    I'm also a fashion blogger, a new one i have to say and I'm loving it.
    In regard of this particular post I have to say that I too am relieved by this, because I am a really great fan of Mr.Karl and I absolutely adore the work he does at Chanel!

    Best wishes from the Chic Chick

  3. Essa semana menor até anima a gente, não é?!
    E está linda de jeans e esse sapato maravilhoso!

  4. mama i love ur silvered striped top!!! u r beautiful.. :)

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  5. Seeker,
    My dear sweet friend, how are you? Please forgive me, I know it has been so long since I've visited. I went back several days and read your blog, YOU are just as beautiful as ever! :) And you must tell me where I can get the Rolling Stones sweater !!!!! That is just so wayyyyyyy cool girlfriend!!! LOL I've been ill this week, 3 days off work, lol, so , I'm trying to do some much needed catching up. :) I hope you are doing well my friend, hope to hear from you soon, take care,
    Julian :)

  6. You look like a rock star! Seriously, girlie, YOU ROCK that look! Love the shoes with the jeans, and that striped top, not too many people I know could pull that off and look as sophisticated as you.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear and keep on keepin' on. Enjoy your time off and don't stress about your style creativity. You've got it goin' on!

  7. Oh amazing outfit! The shoes , the jeans and you top is perfect. Love your look Mama Seeker.=) Looking forward on your next post.=)

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  8. Hi there-I do hope you are feeling better, your outfit choice is just so stylishly casual chic, I love the blazer with those jeans!

  9. Oh great! You top is so fab on you. You are so glam, have a good day.;D

    Travel and Living
    Job Hunter

  10. You look great in casual clothes! Love the shoes.

    A xx

  11. Nice posing... I love the first one. And I also adore the nice top you're wearing :).

  12. @Out of mist:
    Yes thanks for asking ... I am a little better ... time and chocolates heals everything;)...
    You look great in this casual ... it makes you look more younger ... I like!
    Sometimes we need to use something like that ... to relax the "stress" to decide what I wear today ...
    Continuation of a good holiday in this beautiful sun ... it fills us with energy...

  13. You look so cool & casual!! Love the look!

  14. Looooove this outfit, especially the shoes! You look tres sexy, S!


  15. I want your shoes! Those straps are so chic.

  16. what a fabulous outfit my dear!
    Enjoy the holy-day (har har ;), and do it in that incredible outfit. I love it! It is the perfect Friday work outfit too.

    Thanks once again for the inspiration and have a lovely weekend

  17. Just love the way you've accessorized this outfit, lady!

  18. so casual chic. and am glad mr. k will remain at chanel. : )

  19. LOVE YOUR SHOES!! They're so prettty!

  20. You make casual look so chic! Love those shoes!

    Enjoy your long weekend :)

  21. I adore those shoes! 3 strappy is really girlish!


  22. you always have these fantastic blazers :)

  23. As you can already read in my last entry: I totally agree with you.

  24. I am digging' the stripped blouse!

  25. darling you look youthful and refreshing in those cropped jeans and love those shoes! darling hope you enjoyed your days off work and feel refreshed.
    ah it is good to hear about the Chanel and Lanvin issue, Karl is too perfect for Chanel, i cnat imagine anyone else taking that role.
    big kiss my dear,

  26. well i love your comfortable and casual look! it is just perfect!

    and i hope you are going to be ok. may sunny skies and easy times be headed your way. :)

  27. always great to look at ya!
    i have some similar mary janes. i havent gotten used to their height though.

    i hate uggs too, but i had to buy a furry pair one time. my husband demanded it! hahahaha

  28. Hi there :)
    first time I'm visiting your fantastic blog today. I enjoyed reading it very much. Had to smile about the Levi's jeans - I used to give a lot of jeans to my sister as well - those jeans were the best she always said :)
    Uncle Karl was on TV the day before yesterday at a German late night. He was the only guest. Usually I don't pay attention to this late night show because the host is so eeeeek, but Karl was just BOMBASTIC - what a great entertainer! The host confronted him with a statement by Seal "Karl Lagerfeld is a poor old man" - Karl answered on the wagon "what does this guy know about my assets?" Hilarious!
    He's the best!

  29. fantastic outfit lovin ur shoes too..

  30. Hi Seeker my friend, I love how your three-strapped shoes complement the stripes in your t-shirt. Did you plan it that way? Sending good wishes and smiles your way.

  31. Um areal morno acolheu
    Teus passos ávidos da chegada
    Caminhas na procura das marcas
    De uma espera desencontrada

    A bonança reivindicou o Sol no celeste
    Uniram-se os pedaços de rasgada vela
    Tua alma retomou o sonho adiante

    Bom fim de semana

    Mágico beijo

  32. Olá amiga penso que partilhamos as mesmas ilhas...

    Doce beijo

  33. Tem dias que a gente apela pro conforto mesmo. Eu estou bem, obrigada pelo carinho.

  34. As gangas estão sempre na moda. É com elas que me sinto mais confortável mas slatos altos, sempre usei pouco visto ter problemas de coluna desde que caí na minha adolescência. Felizmente sou alta (1m73) e não quero ultrapassar demais as cabeças das minhas amigas portuguesas... :-)

    Acho que alguns dos sushis que o meu filho apresentou são feito só com legumes mas serão os verdadeiros sushi ? Confesso que não sei....



  35. LOVE the shoes!

  36. darling just a quick message to wish you a happy wknd!
    muah x

  37. Olá!
    Estás tão gira com esta roupa, é das minhas preferidas!
    O top, os Mary Janes :) Adorei!

  38. oh, I'm almost always not confident about my outfits...or I like it one day and another not, or just when I go outside start to feel unconfident...strange...But you look amaziing and creative! I love those tops and necklace!Well...I love everything:) Jeans look great!

  39. your shoes are amazing!
    I like your outfit, save but nice at the same time :)


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