Saturday, 13 June 2009

TO – 06/13 – waiting for a Patrick Demarchelier message… my photographer is leaving for a week…

I haven’t a good relationship with tripods or self timers’ cameras. We don’t connect well.
That’s why I have to have my personal photographer. But he’s leaving on a trip to mainland for a week to do a professional training.

I’ve contacted Patrick Demarchelier, as you know his interest to do my photos meanwhile, but I didn’t get any answer for now.
So I don’t know if I’ll be able to post some pictures of my next days’ outfits, unless I can “trick” my friend T….. lol
We’ll see… however I have lots of “homework” to do with awards and tags, maybe I should take the time to do that.

Today was sunny and the temperature increased a bit, making some courageous people go to the beach, as you can see in some of my pictures’ background.
No, I’m not that courageous…

Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend!

brown sandals - Zara (S/S 2009)
brown fishnets - Calzedonia
black pleated tapered pants - local store
black top with wood pendent – flea market
brown belt -Tally Weijl
kaki jacket – Vero Moda (S/S 200?)
brown fringed bag - Friday's Project (S/S 2009)
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
amber cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
sunglasses - mainland store
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Amor Amor from Cacharel


  1. fab, nice jacket, i really love this billowy pants

  2. oi querida,
    é sempre um prazer passar por aqui,
    gosto realmente do seu blog e do seu estilo e queria te fazer uma pergunta,se achar conveniente responder,voce costuma vir ao Brasil?
    porque tenho a desconfiança que te conheço daqui..rsrs...

  3. Love the relaxed, all-black look with the leather belt!

  4. Wonderful as per usual. I love that jacket. The background is so beautiful and you fit so perfectly.

    Sophistication and the sublime combined.


  5. Love those stylish pants!
    Sorry for missing in action in the blogsphere to play catch up now...Lovely weekend with hubby okie! Blessings+WarmXO* as always!

  6. You look very chic. the whole outfit are perfect.


  7. Don't you look adorable in those pants and jacket?! Patrick needs to give you a call.

  8. wow
    it's very cool u have ur own photographer
    nice post u have

    thx for visiting my blog
    by the way
    when did u start being a veggy??
    I'm interesting about veggy

  9. Hi there-you look lovely in black my dear, a fabulous summer outfit! Wishing you a lovely Sunday!

  10. I had been wondering who did your photos... wondering if it was you, a tripod & timer or your sweet husband.

    I love the photos of today & of the one you linked to in January. Beautiful little town!

  11. Love how this looks like a one piece with a tan belt.

    The shoes and background are fab too!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you manage to find you a temp photographer :)

  12. U look so gorge, I especially love that top and those sandals!

    Have a great Sunday, Honey!


  13. So funny about Demarchelier, S!

    Love those black pants!

    Can't wait to see all your "homework" tags and such!


  14. I love how you wore the outfit in the second set of photos; fantasticly sophisticated!

    La C.

  15. Hello my dear friend! I'm so happy that you didn't forget about me!:))) Thank you for your kind words and wishes, they always encourage me!:))
    You look gorgeous as always!:) These pants are treasures!And the fringed bag is such a great addition! Unique and a bit safari style:)
    I hope your fabulous photographer will com sooner and you will make new photos, my dear!:)
    And I hope you enjoyed your weekend too, I'm enjoying bloging and watching your style this weekend because I had no opportunity earlier...

  16. Thank you!! I'd love to keep in touch (:

    Love your outfit here! That top with the wood pendant is super cute, and I love how all together this looks like a bodysuit. See you around!

  17. darling you look like a fashion editor in this wonderful outfit! i lov ethe khaki jacket with the all black outfit,you look so fashion forward. love thspoe zara sandals too!your photos are always gorge. will miss your images if you dont get anyone to take while your photographer is away on training :o)
    muah x

  18. Thank you - I'm really glad that my aunt and my mother still look young and stylish :).

    I always take my pictures with a self timer - it's annoying but I can deal with it.

    You look great by the way.

  19. Adorei seu look!
    Muito muito fashion!
    E adorei as fotos!

  20. Really beautiful pictures.
    Love the sandals
    x Laura

  21. Love the pants! I hope Patrick calls! :)

    XOXO, Liz

  22. oooooooooooh, i like this outfit very much! and it is VERY flattering on you! well done!

  23. Great outfits! Love both looks.. The shoes are fantastic. You look wonderful and at home in the surroundings!

  24. heyyy...
    Its been long time I haven't visit this blog.
    And ohh... you look more Gorgeous.... :))

  25. you look so good, I hope Patrick answers soon.
    Your hometown seems amazing

  26. @Out of mist:
    Ohhh !!!... you are a lucky woman staying alone in a week ... all the time to dedicate to you ... I miss it... that is so necessary! ...
    You are fantastic in that photos ... the jacket is perfect.
    Best picture: the second of the first row.
    Enjoy a full this week ...;)

  27. Bem, esse top é fantástico! Assim como as calças e o cinto. Love it! :)

  28. as always, you're looking sexy by the day!!!!
    love your sandals... and the view is spectacular....
    keep safe my dear!!!

  29. Any photographer would love to work with you, lovely you!

  30. wow what a setting! and you're looking fab! maybe you can try again with the timer and tripod? we'll be missing seeing you!

  31. Those pleated trousers are soo fantastic!! And I do love that jacket :) Haha, I'm sure Patrick probably forgot to check his email or he'd be on the first flight over. Hope you had a beautiful Monday :)

  32. stylish outfit my dear. hope you find yourself a savvy photographer... : )

  33. Pois como te compreendo..... qdo arranjas um fotografo 5 estrelas e este se ausenta eh como perder o par de sapatos preferido... nada o pode substituir.

    AH adorei os MC hammer pants..... muito pouca gente consegue "pull the look" PARABENS! es uma das muito poucas q sucederam.... adorei!

  34. ive been looking for harem pants for ages.. love urs... stop by my blog sometime...

  35. You've got that chic-coolness that say, "Yep, I'm ready for fun!"

    You look awesome, per usual. xx

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