Saturday, 20 June 2009

TO – 06/20 – I’m a mood dresser… about colours… combining orange… with MiniMe…

I'm very much a mood dresser, how about you?

Mood dressers are people who are in-tune with their emotions and dress accordingly. Do you feel pink today? Or, do you feel blue?

Colours are more than a combination of red and blue or yellow and black. They are non-verbal communication. Colours have symbolism and colour meanings that go beyond ink. Sometimes colours create a physical reaction and at other times it is a cultural reaction. When colours are combined each influence reflects off the other. Wearing green with red puts a different slant on the meanings. As green means stop and red means go, these colours together can signify a difficult decision, usually involving staying or leaving a situation. Wearing these colours can aid in the decision making process through the vibratory influence of each colour.
In addition to understanding colour meanings, it helps with mixing and matching colours to know the relationship of adjacent, complementary, and clashing colours. We also know that many times it’s all about the tones.

When wearing vibrant colours, I seem to feel better about how I look although I am a black and white lover, I seem to go bringing out the artsy part of me!

Yesterday I was reading an article about colours and the way to combine them. I felt that something was missing… the article only referred what I call “safe colour combinations”, for instance they suggested that green should be paired only with “shades of green”, “gray”, “black” and “white”.
I felt that so reducer, what about “brown”, “yellow”, some “blue shades”, “purple”, “orange”…

So I thought that I’m going to do a series of posts talking about colours in my point of view and some colours combination that in my opinion can work well.
Remember it’s just my opinion and I’m not an expert, I’m just an instinctive.

Since my today’s outfit screams “orange”, I’m beginning with it.
Orange is vibrant. It's a combination of red and yellow so it shares some common attributes with those colours. It denotes energy, warmth, and the sun. But orange has a bit less intensity or aggression than red, calmed by the cheerfulness of yellow.
If you want to get noticed without screaming, consider the colour orange, it demands attention. The softer oranges such as peach are even friendlier, more peaceful.

Some colour combinations with orange I like – blue; olive; violet; chestnut; deep brown; gray; crimson and green; crimson and blue; purple and scarlet; blue, scarlet and green; violet, scarlet, white and green; (always open to others…).

Orange is often synonymous with autumn yet the brighter oranges are a summer colour. Use shades of orange for seasonal-themed fall or summer materials.
Orange is mentally stimulating as well as sociable. Use it to get people thinking or to get them talking.


Hair behind the ears… meaning bad hair day…

As I’ve told you before we’re living Saint John Festivities during all this week, meaning diversion, parades, people, lights, food, drinks, music…

Have a great weekend, lovelies!

black to gray shoes - local store
orange skinny pants - United Colors of Benetton (F/W 2008)
MimiMe (printed shirt) - Raffti (S/S 2009) detail
gray blazer - Acetato (S/S 2009)
onix necklace - gift from Hubby
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
bracelet - Bijou Brigitte (S/S 2009)
sunglasses - mainland store
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Amor Amor from Cacharel


  1. Te veo muy bonita. sigo trabajando.

  2. Woo-Hoo!! the 'little Me' is back... Great weekend darling! Glad the computer is working well again... ~XO*+blessingsss!

  3. The orange is so vibrant! I think I'm going to get the G-man to take some photos of me in various outfits. Now my outfits may be golfing togs & casual summer night wear. We'll see if I can get it going. I'm usually in a rush & don't think about a photo, but it might be fun!

  4. I was considering buying a pair of orange pants this winter...seeing how these look on you makes me regret not getting a pair!

  5. I look forward to more of you posts about color. My closet is basically black, beige, brown, and a few vibrant colors mixed in, but not enough for me. So I'm practicing buying other colors when I shop.

    Orange is clearly your color. You look great. Have a wonderful weekend, my dear.

  6. Yes! Your brought back the mini-me tee! Love that.

  7. Good to have you back! :)
    The article you were reading is really reducing. I love green with orange,with blues,with plum, it all depends of the person wearing it.
    Looking forward to your next posts, I'll even try some of your color combinations :)

  8. love this post. i am definitely a mood dresser. with colours and style. sometimes i'm in a sexy mood, sometimes lazy the colours i wear will vary and the types of clothes.

    you are spoilt by ur hubby and that's the way it's meant to be! haha i'm sure you deserve it.

    is that top a mini me brand, or mini u? cause it kinda looks like you, with the dark eyes and dark short hair!


  9. I never thought orange could look so well!

  10. Orange is a color that suits you really well.

    I think I'm a mood dresser, too.

  11. @Out of mist:
    You sooo right!...Great post!
    You look so lovely with that mini-me tee!!!...I´d like orange...
    Have a nice weekend for you to!

  12. I think I'm going to love this series of posts :D For a start I've found this one very instructive, as you know I have some problems combining orange...

    I hope you enjoyed the festivities :D

  13. I love orange. It's a fave of mine. I realize I don't have enough of it in my life. It's such a feel good color. Great post.

  14. Love the colors u look amazing nice poses too :o]

  15. Happy to see you back online! I am a mood dresser also:) Those orange skinnys are stunning!

  16. I'm a mood dresser too. Love your orange skinny pants! Did you visit Fashion Moment today? Orange post!


  17. i wore orange once in middle school and a boy told me i freaked him out because my eyes were the same color as my shirt! ive never worn it since!
    plus i think i look better in "cooler" colors

  18. oh, you use so much colors! It is so great and inspires me, because now I feel "grey person". This year I mostly wore some "calm" colors like grey, brown and so on. But yesterday I put on a very vibrant t-shirt with the same jewels and my friends imediatly noticed it, but not in a better way,they said that I came back in teenage style(I was wearing such colors earlier). But I think it's not a problem for me, I think these guys are poor people because they don't use and don't accept colors!



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