Tuesday, 23 June 2009

TO – 06/23 – nautical vibes with a D&G inspiration… blue as a cold colour and its combinations…

Today I looked to one of the tops Hubby brought me and it came to my mind this D&G look from theirs S/S 2009 collection.

So inspired in that I wore this nautical vibes outfit.
Red, blue and white are the tree colours more associated to nautical looks.

Thus, today I’m talking about “blue”, the colder colour. Once again I want to make clear that it’s just my opinion and I’m not an expert, I’m just an instinctive.

Cool colours tend to have a calming effect. At one end of the spectrum they are cold, impersonal, antiseptic colours. At the other end the cool colours are comforting and nurturing. Almost everyone likes some shade of the colour blue.
In many diverse cultures blue is significant in religious beliefs, brings peace, or is believed to keep the bad spirits away.
Blue conveys importance and confidence without being sombre or sinister, hence the blue power suit of the corporate world and the blue uniforms of police officers. Long considered a corporate colour, blue, especially darker blue, is associated with intelligence, stability, unity, and conservatism.
Now some of my colour combinations with blue: red; orange; gold or bright yellow; maize; straw colour; salmon; crimson; pink; lilac; green; gray; chestnut; chocolate; brown; tans or beige; bright white; black; orange and black; scarlet and purple or lilac; orange and green; green and gray; brown crimson and yellow or gold; orange black and white; dark blue with metallic silver accents for an elegantly rich appearance.
(Keep in mind that the shades are very important)
Wear blue when you want to exude an air of calm authority, you need to be more organized or you want to communicate something important.
Do not wear blue when you are feeling isolated or lonely, you feel depressed or you are being too critical of both yourself and others.
Feeling blue or getting the blues represents the extremes of the calm feelings associated with blue, i.e. sadness or depression, lack of strong (violent) emotion.

Tomorrow is Saint John’s Day, the city holiday. Hope it will do a good weather…

black and white shoes - Pimkie (F/W 2008)
navy blue wide leg pants (from a suit) - mainland store (S/S 2003)
white belt - (?)
white, red and blue stripped top - Mango (S/S 2009)
red and blue scarf - gift
watch necklace - DIY
bracelet - gift from Hubby
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
red stone cocktail ring - Bijou Brigitte (S/S 2009)
sunglasses - mainland store
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Amor Amor from Cacharel


  1. so nautical and chic--love it!!

  2. love your fun nautical look!!! and your man is so good to you! ;)

  3. terrific outfit and love that you put that scarf adds a perfect touch!

  4. Just love an outfit with a scarf, and you wear them so well :)

  5. Oh love this look, I am inspired to get mine out!!

    and thank you for telling me about my blog being out. I will look into that, sorry that was happening. Hopefully not any longer.

    Hope you are well, :)


  6. I really like the nautical chic and the D&G inspiration is really pretty, too :).

    You've combined the shirt your husband gave you so well... makes me think of a boot trip in summer.

  7. Hi there-so nautically stylish and chic, looking good my dear!!

  8. Mmm nautical, always a great summer look!!!

  9. The scarf made this look so gorgeous! Love it. You always look great on your outfit.;D

    Travel and Living

  10. Great choice! i adore nautical style!


  11. O look náutico foi muito bem conseguido! O top é, realmente, fantástico! Kiss

  12. And here is your "hubby tee" ;)
    Remember you did a post about it a few days ago!
    Looks so perfect to your whole outfit and your eyecatching belt!

    Enjoy the sun!

    Beautiful Blessings to you...

  13. let's go all nautical! :) whan can I say, I like it very much! especially the cute scarf in a knot :)

    I hope you have a nice holiday!

  14. very nautical indeed love d stripey top.

  15. Oh how I love your dance moves in those last three shots! And great suggestions for color pairings with blue. Navy has become one of my favorite neutrals.

  16. The scarf perfects this nautical look!!

  17. wow you look good! i love the inspiration look. :)


  18. I am loving the nautical look on you. The necklace is fabulous!!

  19. Interesting enough yesterday I also wore my navy pants :)
    I like navy as a neutral for summer but not so much for winter. I wonder why...
    Great post and great pictures.

  20. Love your inspiration and look, darling! The result is fabulous! Especially loving the scarf!


    P.S. I loved that yellow and purple Versace too!

  21. I adore anything that's nautical inspired! It just screams summer and fun! :) and Im lovin the look on you.. very chic as always!



  22. Well I wear blue all the time haha xx

  23. Great top and I love how it looks with the scarf.

  24. I also like nautic inspired styles.
    Interesting to read your thoughts on the effect of colours.

  25. acho este seu sapato lindo...
    adorei a produção.
    em relação aos filmes,
    nos EUA,se não me engano,já foram lançados,aqui no brasil em 24 de julho.

  26. Fab look very contemporary nautical look.
    Is there no one on the island who is trained to undertake bust measurement.
    I think you photo was useful - to my eye you bra looks too big round the ribs and the wrong cup size because of this? What do you currently wear and what dress size do you take?


  27. You look FAB Seeker! Love the nautical look, and another great pic from Hubby! He must be the best!! :)

    DIY is coming, I promise haha!

    I hope you are having a great week love! XO

  28. @Out of the mist:
    Wow! Nice outfit!
    Love navy!...very elegant!
    Have a great festivities for you tooo!!

  29. That striped top is so pretty, and I love your navy trousers :) I always try to be aware of colour meaning when I put together an outfit. Colours really can completely change your mood, so choosing the right ones for the right day are important.

    Hope you're well :)

  30. Your nautical look is very sophisticated. I love the color combination on you. For some reason, I try not to wear red, white, and blue together. I usually will wear red and white with black, or blue and white with yellow or beige.

    But you make it look great!

    Have a wonderful evening and a very festive day.

  31. you look like you are ready for a vacation by the sea. : )

  32. you look great in the nautical theme!


  33. Ohhhhh gorgeous!!!!
    Estas girissima, minha querida!!!

    Muitos beijos e um grande abraco,

  34. you look really good!
    I hope things are fine.. tons of love

  35. Ahoy matey! You are totally shipshape in that fab outfit!


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