Friday, 26 June 2009

TO - 06/25 & 06/26 - the feeling of disappointing others... Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson...

June, 25 outfit

June, 26 outfit

I’ve been very busy and I need holidays. I’m feeling depressed and on a style standoff.
Using up the feeling of guilt is the most unbearable guilt.
It is people having high hopes from us.
We should use more often the right of disappointing others and less often the right of disappointing ourselves.


Because It's Just A Matter Of Time
Before Your Confidence Will Win Out Lift Up Your Mind
Before Your Mind Gets Blown
Some Things In Life
You Best Just Leave Them Alone
Go For What You Want
Don't Let It Get In Your Way
You Can Make It Happen
But Ya Got Ta Keep The Faith
Rest In Peace, MJ!!!

brown sandals - Zara (S/S 2009)
brown fishnets - Calzedonia
green pencil skirt - H&M (S/S 2009)
brown belt - C&A
white embroidered shirt - El Corte Ingles (S/S 200?)
tawny blazer (from a suit) - Ana Sousa (S/S 200?)
amber necklace - gift from Hubby
amber cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Amor Amor from Cacharel

yellow shoes - local store (S/S 2009)
black leggings - Calzedonia
black and white polka dot skirt - local store
red belt -Tally Weijl
yellow tank - Zara
gray blazer - Acetato (S/S 2009)
pearls necklaces - mainland store
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
bracelet - gift from Hubby
sunglasses - mainland store
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Amor Amor from Cacharel


  1. We should all keep the faith....

    Lovely memorial Seeker.

  2. darling i love that green skirt! it is so cheerful. I have said you were colour so brilliantly! i love both outfits honey.
    happy wknd darling

  3. Achei lindos seus looks!
    E que ele (MJ) encontre agora a sua paz!

  4. i sometimes feel exhausted b/c i don't want to disappoint others but sometimes i figure out it is okay to make me priority.

  5. love the green skirt outfit! hope you feel ok and dont be too hard on yourself! we all should have faith in ourselves and the universe that things are as they should be

  6. Wow, you look fab in both outfits!! Love the blazers and your yellow shoes. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    xo, Becs

  7. As usual, you wear colors so beautifully!

    Such a sad day, but a beautiful tribute!


  8. cute sunny top & shoes Seeker darling...
    Hope MJ can now rest in peace~

  9. Both looks are really pretty. I love the warm colors in the first one and the bright accents in the second look. I'm so happy that a women in your age dresses in such a lovely way - only a few are brave enough to do this.

  10. A lovely post, I do hope he can now rest in peace. Great outfits and have a good weekend!

  11. I just love your outfits. Your tawny blazer is great. The denim skirt with the leggings and yellow shoes is darling.

    What an important sentiment about keeping the faith, and learning how to say no. So many times we over extend ourselves because we don't want the confrontation that often comes with disappointing others. But we have to learn how to care for ourselves and our psyches and to remember that we need rest, both physically and emotionally.

    A lovely poem. Michael will surely be missed.

    Have a great weekend.

  12. I like how you matched your top wit your shoes ;)

  13. I like the second outfit the most.
    Yello and grey fit so well together!

  14. I love those yellow U...haha!

    Have a great weekend, Honey!

  15. I really like both outfits. :) You're always so colourful and that's the thing I love the most!

  16. Hey Seeker, how are you?
    In my eyes, you are the queen of colour in the blogging world. I haven't come across anyone who can combine colours, particularly contrasting ones, as successfully as you. I love both outfits!
    Oh yes, so sad about MJ - the world has lost a great talent.
    Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  17. I love your both outfits! you are master of pairing color. Love your sandals!

    Hope you have relax weekend!!!


  18. Hello, dear Seeker. I just love your green and tawny outfit here--the colors work so well together to make these classicly styled clothes really fresh. This looks wonderful on you.

    And thank you for your wise words about exercising the right to disappoint others--and less so to disappoint ourselves. This means more and more to me with each year. You have so much wisdom. I hope you feel more cheerful soon. xo

  19. @Out of the mist:
    Very lovely outfits!!...the yellow sandals are so cute!...
    Sad day!...for the world!...
    I need holidays tooo!!!!
    Have a great weekend... smile, take a great pictures... and sing!..."Porque quien canta su mal espanta!";) (a joke for to encourage you!)

  20. I absolutely love that second outfit! Your skirt looks so fabulous, and I love the yellow shoes.

    I think the most important thing is to try not to disappoint yourself, because it is natural to disappoint others at some moment in our lives.

  21. lovely outfits, i guess the best we can do is continue to look good for MJ's sake , he trully inspired fashion....

  22. Love the words of your post. RIP Michael Jackson.

    And adore both of your outfits. I'm enamoured by all things yellow, so that one is a winner!

    Have a lovely week, and keep the faith ;)

  23. Que descanse em paz e que encontre o mundo de fantasia do que andou a procura durante a sua vida por não ter tido a liberdade de brincar com amigos e de viver como uma criança na sua atarefada infância.


  24. Hello dear! I hope you rested a bit?...You are so right about that we must be more carefree about disappointing others than ourselves! I always try to remember it and implement but...I think maybe the education (not in my particular case, but for every person) plays a role, and usually we feel guilty, very guilty while disappointing others, even if we were driven by our hearts:(
    You look gorgeous and unique as always!:)) ( I can not to say the word "unique" because I think that your sense of style and the style is very original and not similar to others, besides, it suits you so much! I really think it's great!

    and RIP Michael, he was a great person...

  25. Sweetieeeeee... how are you?????
    I miss you and sorry so much but i'm studying hard and i post on my blog so fast =(
    love the second outfit <3

    p.s. michael jackson was and is a king!

  26. Love the second outfit! You look great on yellow.=D Miss you Mama Seeker.=D

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo

  27. You're right, sometimes it's difficult to fullfill other's expectations. Let's stay true to ourselves. In the end, that's what matters.

    You look lovely. That building at the back is so beautiful. You live in a beautiful place :)

    Have a nice week

  28. Minha querida MJ,

    Espero que esteja está super certa. É sempre melhor a gente tentar agradar a nós mesmos que aos outros...também estou precisando de umas férias...mas este ano, provavelmente, vou trabalhar sem descanso...é a vida não é?

    Amo os detalhes amarelos...esta cor é linda!

    Mil beijos e até logo,


  29. Such a lovely post... but yes, I agree, expectation is a tricky little thing, isn't it. And I have to say, I'm always inspired by your use of color. You look beautiful. xx

  30. I love that green skirt look - you look stunning and the backdrop adds a classic feel.

    x0x0 Lusty

  31. Hey honey, I have something for you at my blog. Join me when you can.


  32. Oh my, thanks for dropping by my illustration blog and leaving such wonderful comment! And to answer your question, no you are not wrong. I do put a lot of myself into my drawings. I just kind of felt Bailey and worked to convey the happy feeling it have me to create her.

    Have a great day!

  33. OT: I'm adding you to both the WendyB and Francis blog rolls right now.

  34. i really like your yellow shoes :)
    definitely an eye-catcher!

  35. You are right!
    I was very shocked if i have heart about his death... so sad!
    i hope just his death and the mourning of his family and all his fans will be in focus of the news.. not his bequest!!!
    i´m sorry for his kids...

    but now to you: you look great! i like the first outfit very much!

  36. I don't know what you are talking about, because you look just fab in that green skirt and tawny blazer! Can't get any more adventurous and fun:)
    I hope you are planning to take a few day off darling...YOU NEED IT!


  37. that pencil skirt is fantastic!

  38. great outfitS! and rip michael jackson.


  39. Its great that you wear alot of colors, black is so boring!


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