Sunday, 30 August 2009

blogs with a Golden Heart…

I want apologize all my dear readers and blogging friends (it seems that these days it’s all I know to do) for not posting regularly and also not checking your blogs.
But these haven’t been easy days and when we must set priorities, I think that all of you also think like this, real life comes first.
Last weekend I’ve been sick, so blogging wasn’t my cup of tea.
Now, it’s my mother that is sick. As you know she has Alzheimer’s disease, but it’s not of her illness, it’s something that the doctor haven’t find yet and that makes her not breathing without oxygen. It can be many things and I’m very worried.

I want to thank all of you that despite my lack of posting still come to my blog, checking it.

I also want to thank to O Viajante from Café e Bolos for given me the “Prémio Blog Coração de Ouro” – Golden Heart Blog Award.
You’re the one that has a big and true golden heart.

I think all the editors of the blogs that are in my blog roll and my dear followers deserve this award, because they’re hearty people so supportive with me, but I would like to highlight some.

So that’s with great pleasure that I pass it to these blogs

So please post this award if you like and also pass it on if you feel like it.

Take care all you!! And forget me NOT!!! I’ll be back!!!!


  1. Thank you for the award my dear friend. I hope your mother is better and that the doctor's can come back with good news.

  2. Thank you, dearest! I know you've been going through a lot and it sounds like you still are ... my heart goes out to you and your lovely mom.

  3. oh, i am so sorry to hear about your mom. as if alzheimer's wasn't enough!!!! sometime life is so unfair, but i hope they figure out exactly what the problem is and that they are able to treat her quickly.

    please hang in there!

    and congratulations on your award, and you are a sweetie for passing it on to me!

  4. Hi Seeker,

    I can definitely Identify with priorities, and sometimes they become mixed, however it is nice to have blog friends, I hope your mom gets well at least with breathing, and you know you both are in my prayers.

    Thank you for the encouragement, and this lovely award,

    take care,

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about what's going on with your mother - I'm praying for you! And worry not, all your friends and readers will be here when you have the time to return to blogging. Kxo

  6. Oh, dear! So sorry to hear your mom is not well. I hope things get better very soon for her.

    And yes, real life comes prior to blogging, so it's not to worry about not checking on our blogs as aften as you used to.

    And thank you so much for your kindness and sweetness in granting me something named Golden Heart, for that's the colour of yours for sure! I'll take the prize in my own heart although it won't show there on the façade of my blog, dear friend.

    Wish you have a good week :)

    Beijinhos, namastê

  7. Oh sweet lady, I am so sorry to hear all that is going on with you. I'm sending you thoughts and wishes for strength as you get through the tough times with your mother.

    And thank you so much for the lovely award! You are a treasure, dear heart. Be well!

    lots of love to you!

  8. Hi Darling Seeker, I'm so sorry to hear about your mother, it seems that life has not been so easy on you & family. Be strong my dear! I know many people are missing you in this blogsphere, but you are right! Priorities in life is more important... Thank you for this lovely award, you've always been so kind to me and I do appreciate it very much! Take care & we'll be waiting for you whenever & wherever ok~

    Love & much blessings,

  9. Querida, muitíssimo obrigada!
    Você tem um coração de ouro e merece!
    Que sua mãe fique bem, que Deus a ilumine e à família!
    Enviarei preces e energias positivas!
    E não há como esquecer de uma pessoa especial como você!

  10. congratulations to all awardees....
    have a great week!!!

  11. You are the sweetest! With everything you have going on, you still take time to give of your heart; such an inspiration. I admire you lots!

    Please know I shall be sending positive thoughts to you, your mom, and your family in little prayers and hope for much healing where needed.

    Lots of love to you, oh fashionable one... xo


  12. Thank you my darling.

    It's good to know that you are feeling better though I'm so sorry about your Mom, but let's hope for the best. Have a beautiful week and I send you all my love :)

  13. Oh my, thank you for such a lovely award. I am truly touched by the sentiment of this honor.

    You are such a kind heart, my dear, well deserving of this award, and I love you much. You are as beautiful inside as you are outside.

    Have a wonderful week and try to be extra kind to yourself.

  14. Claro que entendemos, querida Seeker!

    Também tenho estado um pouco ausente mas durante as férias é sempre assim e agora que o meu marido está "sempre de férias", é diferente...

    Eu vou ter com os meus pais que têm 89 e 91 anos e também custa-me sempre ver a degradação nos seus corpos e nas suas cabeças ( o esquecimento, o silêncio, as queixas, os choros, a irritação, a lentidão, a surdez....) e como moram a 2400 kms de mim, nunca sei se não será a última vez que os verei...

    É a parte triste da vida.

    Coragem !



  15. Gracias S, es todo un detalle, yo también ando de hospitales con un familiar y no se cada cuanto puedo postear, echamos de menos tus looks pero como bien dices la vida real es lo primero.
    Muchos besos de tu amigo.

  16. Hi there-well done on your award my dear and I sincerely hope they find a solution to your poor mums illness, take care.

  17. Congrats to all the recipients of the precious award. =D And keep in touch Mama Seeker. And hope you and your mom will be ok now. Get well soon to both of you and we miss you a lot. Have a wonderful week. =D

    A Writers Den
    Brown Mestizo

  18. You're so kind, thank you! *hug*

    It's only natural that real life should come first, so don't worry, we understand. We just miss you terribly and hope to have you back soon. (The sooner the better. ;-)

    I wish all the best to your mum: first, that she recover from this state, and then that she have strength and peace of mind. I wish you strength also and good health, and that you may emerge from this ordeal with a better understanding of life and with a spiritual gain (though it may be difficult to notice and find that gain first).

    Love you very much,


  19. Really enjoyed your outfits.

    Please come and visit my fashion blog, which is inspired by Portobello market, London.

    I hope you enjoy it and hope to see you soon.


  20. Just wanted to spread the word,

    Catherine Ashley Talks Fashion is back and better! hihi

    and no worries about your lack of blogging,
    we will always follow your lovely blog!!

    take care dear,


  21. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom
    be strong, dear

  22. We truly miss you a lot. And hope you are all ok..

    Travel and Living
    Job Hunt Pinoy

  23. Hi there! Hope everyone in the family is ok. And i hope your mom will get as soon as possible. Just stay happy and keep praying for god will not left us alone. Keep on smiling have a good day Seeker. ;D

    Stories from a Teenage Mom
    Mom On the Run

  24. Dear Seeker, my best wishes and prayers for the recovery of your mother... I hope you all are alright again soon!

  25. I hope you're ok and everything is going well with your mother. Really do hope you are having a lovely day :) And thank you so so much for passing the award my way!

  26. Hi beautiful
    Thank you so much for thinking of me, and for the award :)
    I hope everything is getting better for you and that you are managing to smile in time of adversity. Thinking of you, and praying for you :)

    Take care, and I promise to comment soon....just crazy busy with life!


  27. oh darling I am so sorry for all the hardships and challenges you have been facing, i Hope your mum is feeling better my dear sweet. Please take as much time as you need. We cannot forget you and will be here. Thank you for passing on that wonderful award.
    big hug

  28. Thank you for the award dear.
    How are things going?Is your mother better?
    OF course we will check up on you and send allot of good vibrations your way.
    Take your time.


  29. P.S. Thanks for your enthusiasm about my ABCs, darling! I really appreciate it!


  30. I am soooooo sorry it took me so long to get over and visit your gorgeous blog. I have been insanely busy and I am sorry that I have been so slow to respond to this very kind award.

    You definitely deserve this award as you are all heart. I am so honored to receive this very lovely award. Love you much, beautiful!

  31. Thankyou my dear. I was on holiday in Espana when you awarded me, so forgive me.
    I too have been lax in my blogging for love - blogging and facebooking for work takes up so much time. But am happy to have dropped in and caught you looking so summery.

  32. oh and Seeker; this is Hammie, but I am signed in as my work name on google.

    I hope your mum improves soon, there is much that medical science can do for the heart and lungs and may they find the right thing soon. xx

  33. Oh my god, that is so sweet of you!!!
    I only saw it now, because I've been craaaazy busy, so I haven't been blogging (as you can see on my blog, hehe). I'm really sorry!
    I should start blogging again; I miss it!

    Muitos beijos!
    X Camila


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