Thursday, 20 August 2009

I love my white summer cardi... I guess I’m going to wear it this summer until exhaustion.

Why I love it, I really don’t know, but it gives me some feelings of elegance, of sexiness.
Maybe it’s the shape, the texture…

Do you have any piece that makes you feel really great?

brown sandals - Zara (S/S 2009)
blue skinny pants - Vero Moda (F/W 2008)
orange tank - Zara
deconstructed white cardigan - local store (S/S 2009)
pearls necklace - mainland store
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
turquoise ring - Fantastico (S/S 2009)
sunglasses - Pull and Bear (new collection)
brown fringed bag - Friday's Project (S/S 2009)
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Paris from YSL


  1. i have these white tees and tanks i am wearing to death.

  2. i love it... you're so gorgeous..

  3. I totally understand why you're in love with the cardigan. It's soo great.

  4. Hi there-lucky you, I've been on the look out for a white cardi, but didn't find one for this summer-yours is perfection!!

  5. Olá :D
    Estás muito gira nas fotos e o cardigan é muito bonito!
    Eu tenho umas peças que tb adoro e tal como tu vou usar até me cansar hehe!
    Beijos grandes

  6. I love the blue skinny pants!


  7. Oh yes... I loooove cardigans... in summer and in winter! You feel always cozy and comfortable ;)

    Have a beautiful day and wonderful relaxing weekend ahead!!

  8. Yuo look so chic today!
    have a nice weekend.

  9. I understand why you love your cardi!

  10. olá.
    adoro como brinca com as cores,uma graça.

  11. I love the cardigan!Can you belive that a couple of years ago I wore the same color combination of shirt and pants you're wearing?

  12. Love it, and ADORE that handbag! My go-to piece this summer is my denim miniskirt. Wearing it today, in fact. ;)

  13. very summery n chic blazer indeed :o] love dat its a tie around instead of the normal buttons :o]

    Glad ur back to bloggin :o]have a pleasant weekend.

  14. Ooh, really like the white tie cardi. Perfect outfits!

    For me, it would have to be the black and white sheer tanks/tees I own and that I pair with everything, be it for work or play :)

    have a great week gorgeous!

  15. Também adorei o cardigan!
    E ainda as cores, que sempre nos alegram!
    Beijo, amiga!

  16. Dearest Seeker,

    You truly are the best of friends to still remember me and welcome me back so graciously, though I was away for so long. Thank you so much! *hug*

    I hope you're doing okay, dear! I've been keeping an eye on you and know you've been busy too. ;-)

    Your cardigan looks so lovely! It's such a casual but still very feminine and elegant piece, and you matched it perfectly with the
    rest of your attire. (That Roman-style sandal still rocks!)

    And to answer your question in the post: there's a lovely dress that used to belong to my Mum (she bought it some years before I was born), and now that I've lost a considerable amount of weight it fits me again, and I absolutely adore it. I've been wearing it all summer with all sorts of accessories and can't get tired of it (which probably can't be said about the people around me). :-D

    Take care honey, I'll talk to you again very soon!


  17. It loves you, too! Look at how crisp and clean that looks!

  18. @out of the mist:
    I understand...that cardi it´s cool and comfortable...
    Have a nice week!

  19. Aww you look amazing! White is just so perfect in the summer.

  20. Hi there Mama Seeker! Your tank just show your beauty. =D Hope you'll be back on your original time for blogging. Have a great day. =D

    Writers Den
    Brown Mestizo

  21. If it works, it works! I've been wearing my plaid patchwork jacket obsessively this summer.

  22. Hello the Seeker!

    I'm finally back on track with blogging, I'm so glad I'm back. Hope everything is alright here?

    Love the color combination of this outfit, you look great!


  23. I'm back to work! It's so sad for me because I had a such wonderful vacation, surely as yours! Now you look more relaxed in the pictures, and as beautiful as ever :)

    A piece that makes me feel great... a floral dress I posted not long ago!

  24. For just a second I thought you were in San Francisco and I was about to hop a plane to see you.:-)
    I seem to be cardi crazy this summer. I have bought one in orange, fuschia, hot pink, aqua, print, grey, navy and black. Yikes, it seems I have a card addiction.

  25. Hello lovely lady :)

    You're looking bright and summery!

    White is my very favourite summer colour and I live in white cardis too - great minds think alike ;) xxx

  26. I love my white cardigan too - perfect summer item!

  27. hi darling,how are you dear? how is hubby and the family?
    the shape of the cardi is so sexy but sleek. I love how the white off sets the orange and blue! you have a wonderful knack for infusing colour with easy and making the unlikeliest of colour combinations work! You are my colour hero :)
    I want those skinny pants!

  28. I think it's great to have a piece/s that make you feel gorgeous. Mine would be my Elie Tahari vest/wrap dress.

    Nice blog!

  29. Como te va la vida mi amiga?, espero que bien, seguro que con mucho trabajo.
    Saludos de tu amigo.

  30. No wonder why you love your cardi. It's really great. Yeah, I have a couple of pieces I just feel fantastic when I wear them.

    Beijinhos :)

  31. Love the orange and blue combination :) And wearing a suit always makes me feel fab regardless. Hope you're having a beautiful week dear!

  32. As cordas de uma viola vibraram
    Beijaram os dedos ao tocador
    Uma nota fugiu ao encontro da saudade
    No refrão a canção tinha a palavra amor

    Nunca ouviste a palavra amor
    Nunca te encontrou a nota de uma violoncelo
    Nunca se rasgou o teu deserto de silêncios
    Nunca um som te fez sentir o quanto é belo

    Bom fim de semana

    Doce beijo

  33. yes, it looks very good on you.. use it until it is a complete drag, haha. I used to have a pair of pants that I loved and I used them until they were tearing in to pieces. I have them in my drawer, I couldn't throw them away.

    My favorite piece of the week: my new purple jacket.. it is so purple

    tons of love


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