Thursday, 24 September 2009

TO - 09/24 -... drape-ly speaking...

As says “Designers went completely drape for Fall”.

Despite you may think that drape is unflattering if you rethink about it you would see that it can be very sensual covering and dissembling.

1- Jason Wu
2 - Donna Karan
3 - Devi Kroell

Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear

I realized that I’ve published more than 365 different outfits. Well I didn’t think I would achieve it when I started blogging.

Another b&w outfit, this time truly black and white whit a touch of silver in a top and bottom draped dress from Mango’s new collection.

black studded sandals – gift from Canada – le château (S/S 2009)
black leggings - Calzedonia
dress - Mango (new collection)
“chandelier” earrings – Stradivarius (new collection)
bracelet - gift from Hubby
red stone cocktail ring - Bijou Brigitte (S/S 2009)
sunglasses -Pull and Bear (new collection)
white bag - Bata
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Amor Amor from Cacharel


  1. ((((Seeker)))))) WoW! I love it! The draping style looks so comfy, and very classy too!
    I love your b&w, very chic my friend :) I wish I could look good in leggings, lol. You know, it's all because of your blog that I try to dress a little more stylish for work, thank you for the inspiration and the instruction, you're the bomb my friend!!! Take care,

  2. You look fabulous on your dress. And the third dress on the first set of photo is so pretty. =D

    A Writers Den
    Brown Mestizo

  3. Donna Karan's dress look so elegant. ;d Love your outfit too. ;D

    Travel and Living
    Job Hunt Pinoy

  4. And oh! I love your top, i would hunt you it stole it from you haha. Just kidding. ;D

    Stories from a Teenage Mom
    Mom on the Run
    Chronicles of a Hermit

  5. These photos are beautiful and so are you.

    Have a great weekend, my dear.

  6. Gorgeous! What a sumptuous print.

  7. That's an incredible number. I wouldn't be able to make up that many with my wardrobe. I think it's great!

    And you know what? EVERY one is absolutely brilliant in one way or another. You have a real talent for combining clothes, Seeker.

    This draped look is very sophisticated.

  8. the draped dress looks quite fabulous on you! and i love your shoes too.

  9. LOVE the jason wu dress!! and you look fabulous as always dear!

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  11. Your dress is awesome :).

  12. J'adore Devi Kroell!

    And Yeah Ur tunic dress is amazing! Love it, dear!


  13. congratulations!! (on the more than 365 outfits... thats a years supply!!) love ur dress! it has the draped effect!! u look amazing as always!!
    you rock!!

  14. ooh, thats one fabulous dress, very stylish and you look lovely! Have a good weekend!!

  15. The Donna Karen dress is my favorite.

  16. What for a stylish outfit. One of my favourites on you!

  17. 365 outfits are really a lot! And you always looked good, like today!

  18. Drapes are flattering on women and work well in hiding unsightly bulges :o]

    I'm sure u can produce double 365 outfits with ease cos u exude raw style :o]

  19. That third dress needs to be yours. The colour is gorgeous. Yours looks fantastically chic on you.
    Have a great weekend, gorgeous!xoxo

  20. the ability to effectively drape a garment takes such real talent.

    i haven't checked the blog in so long! looking great, as usual!

  21. nice, nice, nice. I Love how you look and the place where you took the pics looks so nice.

  22. darling that is a great dress my dear, like how you have styled it.yes there is a lot of beautiful draping on the catwalks.
    happy wknd

  23. I looooove your dress! And congrats on posting over 365 outfits, that's quite an accomplishment!


  24. That Donna Karen dress is so beautiful. I looove your dress and those shoes are fabulous! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend :)

  25. Congratulations on the posts m'dear.
    I love draping, especially exquisite/edgy draping.
    And love your outfit, so perfect. I need to steal your wardrobe. Seriously!

    have a great one bella :)

  26. That's a beautiful dress and again a lovely outfit, dear!

    Beijinhos :)

  27. drape look is both stylish and sexy. my dear, of course i am going to enter you in my diamond giveaway. good luck.

  28. Love the Donna Karan dress, looks like a Roman Goddess.
    Love your dress aswell, really cute! Need to go to Mango soon!

  29. That purple dress is amazing. Where's the designer from?

  30. Que linda!
    Ficou perfeito o look!
    Adorei os vestidos!

  31. Love the DK look so fabulous darling...the drapes are quite yummy!
    ~xo + blessings!

  32. Hi, totally love your outfit, specially the belt and the leggings, it ads lots of style.
    Great post!

  33. ooo, i love those first two drapings especially. and your black and white outfit! there can never be too many of those (:

  34. i've always liked drap on a top but not the bottom cause i hate to draw attention to my middle or my thighs! haha yeah it doesnt flatter me at all but the upper part well it always looks nice when i wear a drape!


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