Monday, 19 October 2009

TO – 10/19 – I’m sick, but… where’s the safari…???

I have been sick, (yes, I feel a bit better and no I’m not well yet) so my mood hasn’t been the best. Last week I almost lived in my gray jeans. You read it right… jeans, I know and you that know me better also know, not usual on me.

I haven’t been into fashion or deep thoughts, however some insecurities bedded in me.
I’ve told you before that I’m just a simple and normal working woman, which means I take my shots with the outfits that I go to work or to do something on weekends. When I started my blog I had no doubts, I always published them, because I wanted to learn, I wanted to see me as if I was someone else, in a different perspective from the one in the mirror, trying to accept myself.
Some time went by… I’ve searched the internet and have seen so many great blogs with amazing looks, stunning street style fashion… and full of pressure to do things properly, read a bit perfectionist, lately before I press the publish button I have been asking myself…

“Is this worth to publish????” And I never know the answer!!!!

I called today’s outfit “Ready for the Safari”.

brown sandals - Zara (S/S 2009)
beige cropped pants - H&M
brown belt - C&A
animal print blouse - Zara
honey pleather vest - Berska (new collection)
amber cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
sunglasses -Pull and Bear (new collection)
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Paris from YSL


  1. adorei, tá linda*

  2. Gosto muito do colete! Beijinhos!

  3. Oh publish - it is great to see all women and all the clothes they choose, that is the delight and magic of fashion blogging. It's not about perfection and you always look lovely!

  4. Hi, hope you're feeling better.
    I understand that by creting such great outfits you feel the need to live to the expectations(especially yours).
    But you know what the poet said'tudo vale a pena quando a alma não é pequena'.

  5. Love the colour scheme in this outfit!

  6. I don't think you can ever question whether or not something is "worthy" to publish. It's you! You are worthy! Your looks are nothing to do with anybody else's looks.

    I love the safari look on you.

  7. Hi my dear-another fabulous outfit choice and keep up the blogging too, you have an amazing style and I enjoy your posts!!

  8. Hi darling! How are you? I'm finally back!!! And I follow your blog with my new account!
    Kiss, Kiss, Kiss*

    Ingrid (

  9. There is nothing to ask if it is worth it or not. What important here is that it is you. Being fashionable is not relying on you are wearing those branded stuffs or you are following the trend. Being fashionable is being yourself not anyone else. =D So keep up the good work mama Seeker. =D

    A Writers Den
    Brown Mestizo

  10. I love all the natural colors :).

  11. Cute look, darling!

    Hope you feel better!


  12. Oh I am sorry mama for being absent for quite a while on your blog. I just needed to catch up a few deadlines. =)

    Hope you are having a good time my gorgeous fashionista mama.. ;)

  13. Love your outfit. ;D All lights, simple but still you look glamorous. ;D

    Travel and Living
    Job Hunt Pinoy

  14. i think you are very stylish. hope you feel better my dear.

  15. hope you are feeling a lot better my dear!im glad you published the post as you always look great. that vest is gorge! love the colour of look so safari chic

  16. Oh hope you get well soon. And your outfit is so comfy. Love it so much. ;D

    Stories from a Teenage Mom
    Mom on the Run
    Chronicles of a Hermit

  17. Que bonito tener noticias tuyas, me alegro mucho de saber de ti, estás preciosa como siempre.

  18. love the tones. perfect perfect perfect!.

  19. i always love your posts! they are worth publishing for SURE! you have a super and unique style, and i am always excited to see what you will do next! :)

    p.s. hope you feel all better soon. :)

  20. O blog serve mesmo como forma de auto conhecimento.
    Então, creio que sempre vale a pena publicar o que pensamos e como estamos, mesmo que depois não viemos a gostar do look ou da nossa forma de pensar.
    Eu adoro seus looks, e esse não é diferente.
    Está linda!

  21. Hope you are feeling much better by now...the shoes are fab!


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