Monday, 26 October 2009

TO – 10/26 - … and soon it will be dark… so take care with the wild prints...

This Sunday we had the daily time changing. Now we’re in Winter time, soon it will be dark at six o’clock pm.

I have this feeling that I always miss something… I think maybe it’s because I didn’t have my “F/W shopping season” this year.

Now I’m looking for some boots, it emerges to be a difficult task.

Despite we are almost in November the weather is still warm and it doesn’t feel to dress much clothes.

I’ve been busy and the perspectives are for this to continue, since I have a work project that is important to my “grade” and has to be finished by the middle of December.

I hope you all started well your working week. Are you getting ready for Halloween?

red shoes - local store
beige cropped pants - H&M
red belt - Tally Weijl
gray tank (not seen) - CorteFiel
snake skin printed sheer with rufles blouse - Zara (S/S 2009)
brown cardigan - Mango
red stone cocktail ring - Bijou Brigitte (S/S 2009)
bracelet #1 - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
bracelet #2 - gift from Hubby
“chandelier” earrings – Stradivarius (new collection)
sunglasses -Pull and Bear (new collection)
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Paris from YSL


  1. My dear, here is getting dark at 6:30 or 7pm.. winter is around us. It has been raining..which is a tragedy for my hair, haha. And trafic jams :(

    You look amazing, I love the print of your blouse

    My neighbors are sooo ready for halloween, there house is decorated and all, big decorations, haha

    Have a nice week and I wish you all the best. I know you will do it perfectly

    tons of love :)

  2. The mix of the color brown and red is so cool on you. And yes, i am so excited on our halloween party on our company. =D

    A Writers Den
    Brown Mestizo

  3. We have the same silly weather in Madrid, but I won't ask for cooler temperatures. I'm still a bit sad that summer ended so long ago...

    Looking at your pictures I remember how I want a pair of red shoes. But all the stores seem to have only grey/black ones :( I'll keep searching anyway!

    Hope you're okay and find some moments for relaxing in silence :)


  4. The length of the pants looks good for your shoes. ;D

    Travel and Living
    Job Hunt Pinoy

  5. Hi there-Hope your work project goes to plan, keep up the good work!! Love this Zara blouse and the pops of red in your outfit are perfect! Have a great week ahead!

  6. (((((Seeker))))))) Wow! you look so great! Love that blouse and the red belt, very nice!
    We change our time here in the States next Sunday. I don't like it either, I hate it to get so dark by 5pm. It's almost depressing in a way :( But I also hate to see the kids walking to school in the dark so I guess you have to take the lesser of 2 evils eh?
    Take care my dear friend, have a great week! :)
    Julian oxox

  7. Essa blusa é espantosa! Adorei o outfit, com os apontamentos em vermelho a dar um toque especial e diferente! beijo

  8. Gorgeous, darling ~ love your blouse and pumps in particular!


  9. You are ROCKIN' this look, lady. Yes indeed, you are! It's still fall here but our time change takes place on November 1st when we set our clocks back an hour.

    Hope you winter is not too harsh.

    Have a great day, my friend.

  10. Clever combination, Seeker. I love the whole thing.

  11. The snakeskin print is fab! I think wild prints are key to making winter dressing bearable, don't you, Seeker?

  12. How did you match those shoes and belt so perfectly??

  13. I really like the green accents :).

  14. I'm sorry... I mean red accents... just remembered you look with the green skirt ;).

  15. yes i have halloween on my mind!!

  16. Adorei as cores!
    E a blusa é maravilhosa, amiga!

  17. And Sunday before that it was our turn 'round here for time changing, now we have longer days, however, despite being 5 days away from November our temperature is as low as 10°C... brrrrr...
    A great outfit. Love the shoes and belt hue of red.
    Wish you have a great time concerning your project, dearest!

    Beijinhos, namastê :)

  18. I thought it was about time to drop by your look gorgeous my dear! Great outfit!

  19. Love the pops of colour in your outfit, gorgeous.

    Hope all is well with you.

    And here in the southern hemisphere, we are just getting into summer and loving it too.....35 degree celcius days? Yes please.

    Have a great rest of the week :)

  20. You look fabulous in red, be it a belt, or clothes or shoes!

  21. つい最近独り暮らし始めましたヾ(〃^∇^)ノお家で料理作っても食べてくれる人がいない(´−`)彼氏いないからあたしと過ごしてくれる人いませんか?手料理ごちそうするよぉ!よかったらメールして下さい(o~ー~)年下の人はゴメンネ…(*_ _)人メール待ってます♪

  22. 新しくリニューアルオープンしたスタービーチでは、新しいであいのカタチを提案します☆日本で一番有名なであい系、スタビならあなたに出逢いたい人が必ず見つかります

  23. オークス 2010 予想 オッズ 出走馬 枠順で万馬券も夢じゃない?人気が平然と馬券に絡む理由とは!?今年の優駿牝馬は荒れるのか


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