Wednesday, 28 October 2009

TO – 10/28 - …there was a storm last night… what kind of shopper are you?

We had a storm last night and it made the weather change a bit, the temperature dropped just a bit and it was windy.
Can it be a signal that this crazy almost tropical weather is going to settle? Hope so…. I want some cold.

One of these days I found on Mango’s Think Up blog an interesting post about different types of potential shoppers, that I’m pasting here:
“First of all, the eagle-eyed shopper. These fashion predators and athletic shoppers normally pore over magazines and have their radar on 24 hours a day. They can spot new items a mile away and they buy them all up before anybody else has even become aware that these pieces exist. They don’t miss a thing and they know where everything is even better than the shop assistants do.
The “I was just passing” shoppers are the second type. This plentiful and fortunate group of buyers doesn’t need to wander round shops for ages and go round in more circles than a merry-go-round. They just pop in and strike gold straight away. I’m talking about shoppers who pop into a shop at random and just happen to walk out with the perfect outfit. Everything’s perfectly clear to them and they’re always immaculate.
In third are the ditherers. Called a high-risk category, because by the time they’ve made their mind up and finally taken the plunge, what they’ve spent weeks debating about is gone. With them it’s all about wait and see. And promising themselves they’ll never do that again… The point is we’ve all been a member of this group at some point, and have ended up tearing our hair out because of it.”

So can you review yourself in one of those types? I do…. lol
When I’m not on my “shopping seasons” I’m definitely a ditherer…

Today I took these shoots outside a florist, aren’t these flowers gorgeous?

black ankle boots - local store
black leggings - Calzedonia
taupe knited dress - Vero Moda (new collection)
black belt - Mango
black shirt - La Redoute (new collection)
wrist watch - gift from Hubby
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
“chandelier” earrings – Stradivarius (new collection)
purple hues bag - Rafthi
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Amor Amor from Cacharel


  1. You are a beautiful flower among those beautiful flowers! Love you!

  2. Those flowers are awesome. And you too, love your smile on the last shot. =D And Mama i think i am a ditherer sometimes haha. But at last, last week i bought my long time want shoes. =D

    A Writers Den
    Brown Mestizo

  3. Saolo para saludarte y decirte que estás preciosa como siempre.
    Un Beso muy fuerte de tu amigo.

  4. I love this dress on you. You've winterized it in a clever way. The bag is the perfect zippy color addition.

    I'm a combo "Passing By" and "Eagle Eye" shopper. Usually, I call myself a "Mission Shopper," someone who has an item in mind and will go and go and go until she finds it.

  5. It's so funny that you're hoping for colder weather to come soon. Fall has just started here and already I'm so sick of this cold weather. Wish spring was here soon!
    Love that dress, looks great on you!

  6. You look fantastic. Those are some beautiful flowers. Have a great day. Cheers!

  7. Just as strange and tropical here too Seeker dear.
    I've just lost interest in shopping! I have what I need and am waiting for the sales to get some new boots. This between season isn't worth investing in, you know it will get colder so why buy anything?


    And I love my house and garden in your heart! It's the only property that is going up in value for me!!

  8. Such fun and accurate descriptions! I'm definitely an eagle-eyed shopper ... always looking for the perfect thing.

    That dress is marvelous on you, lady. Such artistic draping.

  9. This is such a pretty and cozy fall look! Those flowers are pretty, too!

  10. Gorgeous flowers and outfit!
    You look so lovely and happy!


  11. Hi there-the flowers are gorgeous, but so is your dress-what a lovely find my dear!!

  12. Me again-I meant to say I'm an eagle eye-I generally have a good idea of what I want and tend to go for it!!

  13. olá linda!
    me apaixonei pelo

  14. ...sobre o halloween,as festas são
    animadíssimas por aqui,principalmente quando se está com a família,rs..

  15. What a great dress :)... it has a great shape.

  16. i love this outfit! i would totally wear it! and you look so beautiful and so happy, and so do the flowers!

  17. Que linda!
    E começando o friozinho é tão bom!
    Por aqui o inverno não esfriou quase nada.
    E adorei o sorriso!

  18. I like this look! That gray dress is perfect with those black tights and the shoes are fabulous. That belt is the icing on the cake.

    You look fabulous, my dear!

    Have a great weekend.

  19. Great dress! You & the flowers are beautiful... especially the last shot with your wonderful smile! :-} Lizzy

  20. Oh... and I fall more (although not quite) into the "I was just passing" shopper. There are only a few shops that I visit so I try to search out something interesting, comfortable, & that would look good on a 60-something me.

  21. I love your smile, you look so beautiful

    I love your dress too


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