Friday, 30 October 2009

TO - 10/30 - reflecting our identity through clothes... Is this me?

Lately I’ve been through some kind of a crisis, which put together so many questions in to my mind about the way I’m presenting myself.
Do I have my style, something that one could say it’s my signature? If so what is it? Why do I like to dress different ways? Not that I disliked to wear colours, I still love them and want to wear them, but why am I feeling so comfortable with black? In the very end “Who am I right now?”…

There’s a fabulous line early on in "The Devil Wears Prada":
“Fashion is not about utility. An accessory is merely a piece of iconography used to express individual identity.”

What do our clothes say about who we are or who we think we are? How does the way we dress communicate messages about our identity? Is the desire to be "in fashion" universal, or is it unique to Western culture? How do fashions change?

Much of what we assume to be individual preference really reflects deeper social and cultural forces. Ours is an ambivalent social world, characterized by tensions over gender roles, social status, and the expression of sexuality.

What we wear and how we look is our only way to communicate who we are to people without dialogue. Clothes are indicators of our personalities, likes, values and subcultures we may be a part of. We are in a constant stage of reflecting our identity and the only way we can do that in the physical world is through our bodies. Our bodies are physical representations for defining how we choose to be perceived as individuals.

So when the very talented and lovely Sally from Already Pretty posted this quotation I just had to ask her if I could repost it as I felt so related.

"Long before we're old enough to do anything on our own, we're old enough to dress ourselves. When we stand bewildered in a closet or a department store dressing room, what we're confronting is one of life's fundamental questions: Is this me? And: Would I like this to be me? Under what stretch of the imagination might this possibly be me? And finally: Who am I? ... Clothes are a constant act of self-definition ..."

~ Nora Ephron, Elle Magazine guest editor, October 2009

black oxford shoes - from mainland through a local store
black pants - Vero Moda
black shirt - La Redoute (new collection)
denim vest - Venca
two laps black studed belt - Parfois (new collection)
animal print scarf - Tally Weijl (new collection)
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
red bracelet - gift from Hubby
rubi brooch - gift from Hubby
red stone cocktail ring - Bijou Brigitte
black cocktail ring - gift from Hubby
“chandelier” earrings – Stradivarius (new collection)
sunglasses -Pull and Bear (new collection)
gray bag - Mango
lipstick - Esté Lauder
perfume - Paris from YSL


  1. darling you wear animal print so effortlessly!

  2. Love all your accessories. Especially your scarf :)

  3. Happy sweet weekend to you!

    Holy Moly... all these bracelets are so stunning! Love them!;)
    Had to smile about your headline.. thinking of reflecting and is this me?
    I got yesterday a new belt (a 14 buckle corsetry belt from Ann Demeulemeester) and as all packages go to my parents and i always pick them up there and I tried the belt in front of them and my dad was looking at me in this black corsetry belt like "are you a new domina";)))... daaaaaaaddyyyyyy ;)))
    at the moment i have the fear that everytime i will wear the belt i have to think of "daddy´s voice" ;)
    i think the belt is coool... maybe too cool for me ;)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. great outfit and you definitely have so much style!!!

  5. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. I wonder sometimes about what I wear. Because I work in ministry and in a traditional office, I tend to dress conservatively, much more than I think I really am. I'm really a frustrated Rocker chick with with a penchant for edgy glamor.

    Hope you have a wonderful and fashionable weekend, my dear.

    Great and insightful post as per usual.

  6. You look really cool today - I like it :).

  7. Hi there-all my favourite looks, black, leopardprint and denim, you look fab my dear!

  8. I love the look! Black with accessories of another color that always works for me. For some reason I feel my best in black with splashes of color. You are stunning!

  9. Adorei as considerações!
    Adorei o look!
    elegante e jovial!
    Amo echarpes e o colete deu o ar jovial merecido!
    Muito bom!

  10. I think clothing is empowering because it allows us to be anybody we wish to be. Whilst not everybody may be interested in fashion, there are very few people who can say they are not interested in clothing. I'm not sure what my 'style' is either, or if I even need one, I would rather just wear what makes me happy at any specific moment in time.

    I absolutely love your scarf and that denim vest. Hope you're having a wonderful Halloween weekend :)

  11. Your musings re. style & one's individuality are thought-provoking....seems to me you've "found" yourself - you look great in black & why not?! The accessories show your playful and exotic side and you look "comfortable" with yourself here.

  12. hello Gorgeousss!
    Nice quote;self-definition & also expression~ Great weekend darrrling... Greetings from the city of lights xo*

  13. These quotations are true to life. And I adore the self-expression in your outfits ;)

    Have a fab week :)

  14. i hope you're doing better now, sweetie!
    sorry you haven't heard from me in a while, but i was just so incredibly busy with college applications, school work, school play (i have the second female lead!! :D), boyfriend, and MORE. it's crazy.
    but i'm back in blogging land!

    wish you could come see my show :(

    take care of yourself,
    much love,

  15. Hey honey, working that waitcoat beautifully!

    Love the scarf too.

    See you soon.

  16. If I had to define your style, Seeker, I'd say that it's "experimental." That covers everything from trying on the trendy to mixing patterns and colors. You experiment.

  17. yeah, I've been making the same questions about what my clothes say about me and the reason why I'm "changing" my style, or my likes, at least.

    Interesting quote.
    And if you feel comfortable in black, wear it. Maybe it is starting to aquire a new meaning, which is good.

    I love your look so beautiful

  18. Seeker, one thing that seems uniquely you from what I've seen of your blog is this: the way you accessorize. There is a similarity to it whether you see it or not, whatever colors you choose. Your outfits do all have your signature stamp on them, even if you're not trying for it.

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