Monday, 7 December 2009

I’ve been thinking a lot…. the main goal…

Hello my dear readers and blogging friends, it’s been a while since I get in touch with you…

I’ve been too busy and I hardly got time to feed my addiction to FarmVille and Mafia Wars… (lol)

But the fact that lately I haven’t done any posts nor commented in the blogs I usually visit is consuming me. It became a pressure factor and I’ve too many pressures in my head to let enter one more.

So these days I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with blogging.
Of course my first thought was “I’m going to close my blog”. That was the easiest choice.
Hence I start to consider what was my main goal when I begun this blog.
And I had to go back… because it seems that sometimes we distract ourselves from the path.

I opened this blog telling that, despite my figure isn’t "Moss-Perfect", I try to achieve elegance.
"Elegance is refusal. Refusal to follow others. Aptitude to be yourself" the legend tells Coco Chanel once stated.
If I’ll learn to know myself, I can be elegant…

But “Who AM I?” Have I reached the inner me?

Consequently I decided to go on with this blog, at least for now, trying not to let it be something that worries me a lot.

But what was the purpose of this post… Oh…. To tell you that I MISS YOU all.


As you know I’ve been without camera to take my photos, but our lovely friend C. lent her camera to us, so I’ve these pictures of some unknown days in last weeks.


  1. First: Please don't close your blog!!! I love your photos and writing. And you are definitely elegant!!! I'm always inspired by you.

    Thanks for deciding to stick with it--you have lots and lots of people who would miss all your lovely posts and photos...


  2. Both looks are just awesome :).

    Maybe you can add me on Facebook (Nadine Werlich). I love playing Farmville, too.

  3. So glad to hear you're not leaving us, Seeker! I'd miss your fantastic taste and inspirational outfits.

  4. Que bom ter notícias novamente! Queremos continuar a tê-la por cá! Um beijinho

  5. I hope you continue your blog .I've come to realize that the blog world and the people that you meet trough it become part of your life as much as the people you see everyday.
    And I also miss you when you post :)

  6. I'm so jalous, you always seem to have the best weather in your pictures!
    Love the combination of the green and purple! Looks great!

  7. please, stay with us. It has been a pleasure to get to know you. You are right, sometimes we lose the way, so easily. BUT let's keep trying and doing the best we can.

    I hope you are doing fine. Tons of love.

    By the by, I love your outfits, I love the colours and your skirt, lovely :)

  8. Oh thank goodness you will continue - at your own pace of course! And who needs Moss perfection. You bring such style to all of your outfits!

  9. it is really hard to get to everything in life, and sometimes blogging just has to wait. but you find so many nice and supportive and wonderful people in the blog world, that it is hard to imagine giving it up for good. i hope you stick around! i really do.

    and you and your outfits look amazing!

  10. Love the green & purple combo darling! There are times when I feel like hitting the 'delete' button as well. I weigh the scale so to speak, and there are so many more good reasons to keep blogging! But whatever we do in life, we must have the passion...such an important ingredient. Hope you will be around in this blogsphere darling! All the best as always~ with LOVE as always*

  11. Veja só, amiga,
    inspiro-me em seus looks, em suas cores, em sua energia positiva, em nossa amizade, e gostaria de continuar compartilhando.
    Se não tiver condições mesmo, até entendo, mas se tiver, quero te dizer que é muito bo compartilharmos energias positiva!
    Don´t close the blog, please, my dear!!!!!!!!!

  12. awh... i am really addicted to mafia wars, and now im starting to be addicted again at farmville....
    and we missed you too!!!

    i didn't know that green and purple would match....

  13. I have missed you too! Please show up and say hi. I love your photos, so continue to post please!

  14. I definitely hope you will continue with your blog. I really enjoy it. Great photos. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I always enjoy hearing from you. Take care. Cheers!

  15. Hello mama how are you? I am sorry for the long week of absence. I will catch up on my blogger friends soon. Keep safe and stay gorgeous.. hugs..

  16. Oh no! Don't close your blog. Your blog is you and yo should continue writing and giving inspirations to others. Those shots are great. And your outfits there are so awesome! Miss you so much Mama Seeker. =D

    A Writers Den
    Brown Mestizo

  17. Hi Seeker, I am glad you are not leaving us, that would be so sad.
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my post, it was great hearing from you.
    So, are we going to get some leg pics of you to post on my site?? :-)
    Yes, I am doing just great, I hope you can say the same.
    Have a lovely day!

  18. You are looking fabulous, darling! Please keep blogging!


  19. I know that sometimes blogging can be very stressful and it seems that there wouldn't be time and inspiration to do that at all. Usually a little break now and then helps. :)

    I'm so happy that you decided to continue blogging ("at least for now", like you said) and I really do hope that you'll stay with us and keep blogging.

    And you look amazing, as usual. I love every outfit. :)

  20. @ Out of the mist:
    Hi...don´t close your blog!...It´s very nice...I know, sometimes it´s a pressure, but don´t look like that, visit bloggers just when you want and when you have time ...
    Have a nice day!

  21. that first outfit is stunning!

  22. ohhh Farmville it is addicting huh?!

  23. oh hello... thanks for dropping by at my site again.. i missed your comments... hope that you don't close your blog.. you are an inspiration to others...

    take care my dear.... and God bless!

  24. Hi, yes you can send in pics of your legs with leggings.... tights... that will look great, and I honestly think your legs are worth posting, so send them in please!
    I have been blackmailed by some of my readers, if I do not post a pic of my legs, they will not submit their legs... :-) now can you imagine a man's legs on my blog... but those who are blackmailing me, are regular readers, and actually quite dear friends, so I suppose they are going to win the argument.

    So, bottom line, if I can post my ugly fat legs, then yours are certainly more than welcome,I will wait for your pic.

    Thanks for reply, and I seriously your loss of traffic can be due to blogger's problem.

    Have a super day!

  25. Noooooooo!!!!You must stay( I say totally selfishly). I would miss you terribly.
    Love these outfits and love you!

  26. Nice look great!

    I sincerely hope you don't close your blog, I've very much enjoyed reading it. Sometimes you have to remember what it is that makes you love blogging. Hopefully it is still there for you!

  27. I don't want you to stop but if you need a break here and there then you should do what is right for you. i am totally obsessed with bejeweled on facebook. : )

  28. It is very good to see you again and hear your thoughts. I'm personally happy you are staying for awhile. I agree with your definition of elegance and think it certainly describes you!

  29. Gr8 to have u back, u look adorable in ur outfits, n i always love it when u belt ur cardigans.

  30. Darling * Oh no, you don't close this blog, please :D
    What's happened ? But, Coco's words are so right "Elegance is refusal. Refusal to follow others. Aptitude to be yourself" ... and yours words are wonderful.
    * * *
    I love so much the second look with red pull and blue belt ! It's so elegant and i like so much the gold shirt *
    I miss you.

    p.s. I love Farmville too !

  31. I prefer the second outfit. Superb!

    Please don't forget to enter the Hoolala lucky bag giveaway!


  32. both looka are wonderful! The brown jacket is simply so beautiful. I love the shade of it,its so perfect.
    Darling how have you been? Hope life is treating you and hubby well.
    Thank you for the lovely new comment on my new site.
    big kiss

  33. Stay with us, mama. Never close this blog because if you do, I'll close mine, too and cry like a baby ahihiih :D just kidding.

    xoxo :D

  34. Those black suede boots in the bottom post are gorgeous! I really like the black suede with the purple.

    The red in the photos above is very pretty and really gives an appropriate POP of color to the overall ensemble.

    I'm glad you decided to keep your blog. I have many of the same worries, mainly because of my regular nine to five gig that interferes with my creativity. It can be worrisome at times, but I believe I have something to offer my readers in blog land, so I try to keep trudging along. That's why I'm so happy when I get comments, it keeps me inspired and willing to push on.

    Have a great weekend, my dear.

  35. Seeker, blogging can be very time-consuming, and it can really make a girl feel guilty if she runs out of time.

    It's okay to cut back on posting and commenting. Everyone will understand.

    I love the colors in this post!

  36. darling i am glad you have continued to post! id miss your blog,i say post and comment as and when you can dear. Only do it as time allows,it should be a pleasure and not a chore dear, and dont worry no one gets upset if you dont comment or post for a while.
    big kiss

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