Wednesday, 16 December 2009

TO - 12/14 - on the Island not all is well…

Contrary to the bad weather that has done the next day and still is, Monday was a sunny, yet cold (for us, of course) day, as you can see by these pictures in which I’m wearing my warm Mango’s military style coat.

But on Thursday a catastrophe felt in the dawn, on our Island’s northern part, (far from me) because of the rain. Torrential downpours left people injured and houses severely damaged.
Houses were flooded and there are fears some may now collapse.
As a result, entire families have been left homeless.
The first downpour struck at 1:30AM and a second one - more violent - followed at 4:00AM, causing two rivers to flood.
People either fled or sought refuge on higher floors of their houses.
Cars were swept up to 0.5 km away and furniture floated away through the door while water levels within houses reached 2 meters.
The priority now is to clear the rubble for fear that the rain - which is still falling in abundance - may bring more surprises.


  1. Gorgeous jacket!

    Have a lovely day!

  2. Oh I'm sorry to hear that. I hope these people can get back to rebuilding everything. And sorry for any people who were hurt during this.

    Hopefully your sunny sweater will bring out the sun for good.

  3. Oh Seeker, how terrible. My heart goes out to the affected families ...

  4. I am SO sorry to hear of the destruction on your island. Happy that you were not affected. Both of your jackets are snazzy! I am trying the belt-over-jacket look and trying to build up my comfort in wearing it. It looks SO good on you.

  5. I hope things are better by now. Tons of love, my sweetie

  6. how terrible! my darling i am so sad to read heart goes out to the people of your praying for you all

  7. Que noticia mais triste... nao sei o que faria se visse a minha casa inundada :(

    Lindas bottines!

    Beijo meu ♥,

    A Elite

  8. That's terrible! It reminds me what happened some years ago in Ribeira Brava. I always feel sorry for families that loose everything.

    Love your cardigan.

  9. oh I so sorry. I hope everyone will be ok.

    your cardi is fabulous.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear that, but I'm glad that you are okay! Still it must feel weird when something like this just happens not so far from where you live!

    Love your outfit! Those shoes are beautiful!

  11. I love the bold colors with black and brown! So sorry to hear about the storms, it's always so tragic with natural disaster-type incidents.

  12. Oh, so sorry to hear about that:(
    I'll keep everyone in my prayers!



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