Saturday, 16 January 2010

a seven days of celebration trip…

This time I felt that I needed a warm “family birthday”.
So we took the plane and flew East to the cold and snow in the city of Toronto without knowing what my Family had prepared to us.
The reception heat was just enough to forget the snow outdoors and instantly warmed our hearts.

I was given a file with the program that was arranged, done by my Goddaughter who is taking an Events Organization major.

Since we arrived on January 6th, a day with many connotations for different Christian Churches, celebrated as the Nativity to the Three Kings' Day, we started with a “Christmas Diner”.

Next day of course was shopping at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, where I bought some pieces from the new collections that were already available, and then dinner at home.

We had so much fun on Friday!!!!
It was the day of the Midnight Bowling after an afternoon spent at the Royal Ontario Museum – ROM and dinner at “Hero Burger” where I ate a delicious vegetarian burger.

Following day I had, of schedule, a wonderful bloggers meeting with the chic and lovely K from K-Line which I’m going to talk about in another post.

Latter than we went to the SPA (it was supposed to be the 3 girls, but my Goddaughter had an emergency so it was me and my sister), where I had everything that I have “the right to” (Jacuzzi, steam, massage, manicure…), followed by a dinner at Fresh, a vegetarian restaurant, where everybody had to eat vegetarian food.

And the Birthday arrived… it was a great day, with lots of emotions, good and sweet things, so many that to give a better image of it I’ll make a special post.

Monday was the “road trip” to Niagara Falls. It was snowing and very cold as we expected. The temperature was lower than in Toronto, but the Falls were just so beautiful with all those whiteness, a different kind of beauty that the one we see on Spring.

Tuesday was the relaxing day with just doing a few things we missed the other days, packing on Wednesday morning and leaving Toronto in the afternoon with my heart full of joy, willing to find a reason so we can be all together again!!!!

Missing you all, Family!!!


  1. I love this post! Looks like you had a terrific time and I'm so glad we had the chance to meet...

  2. I'm SO happy for you! You look radiant in these pictures. I look forward to more!

  3. You look so happy & bring home wonderfully happy memories!

  4. My dear girl, I'm so happy that you had such a nice time. Apart from your words we can tell by your look in the pictures.
    Bloggers meeting-- fantastic!!!

    More details, please n_n

  5. We had a blast... didn't we?
    Such good feelings... I swear there were times there that I could feel Father's presence...
    Love you!

  6. P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Three Birds Designs giveaway!♥

    Good luck!


  7. Wonderful post and it looks like a wonderful Birthday. We both celebrate January Birthdays....mine is the 5th. Many many more for us both

  8. What a great post! Looks like it was a lot of fun.

  9. What a wonderful way to celebrate. It looks like your god-daughter did an amazing job of organizing the celebration!

    And I love the picture in front of Niagra Falls...truly awesome!

  10. This is a wonderful post! It's so nice to see you having such a good time with family and the photos are beautiful. You really give us a feel for your enjoyment.

    Glad you had a fantastic trip!

  11. Sounds like a great trip you had!
    Hope everything is great with you.

  12. hello... just dropping by... have a great week!!!

  13. What a fun trip, darling! You look so happy!!


  14. what a fab birthday trip darling! looks like such an amazing time! i adore it all!
    happy belated birthday sweetie

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