Saturday, 2 January 2010

...sweet, sweet shoes...

I’ve been a not so good blogger and I feel it!!!

I can tell you about my recent life; that I spent the last Christmas day’s hours with Mother at the hospital in the ER (thank you, she is better now); that I’ve been living in pants tucked into boots, many shirts layers and heavy coats because for at least tree weeks the weather has been all the time bad (lots of rain, wind and cold); that I’m feeling sick with my stomach hurting; that my cheers to the New Year was made with tea; that I’ve been so busy at the office… but it doesn’t erase the fact that I haven’t been a good blogger and that I’m feeling blogging guilt.

And I don’t know if things will get better for next days. We are planning a trip, for just a week, but always a trip…
More news on next post…

But now something cute and sweet. What woman doesn’t like/love shoes and/or chocolate???
And if we could have them both together…

Photo by Eric Smith, courtesy of


  1. WOW! Chocolate Shoes?! This is amazing. I certainly understand your blogger's guilt. I'm very happy that your mother is doing better.

    Sometimes things get in such a disarray, that we are blocked from doing the things we love to do. But once things start to smooth out, I'm sure you'll get back to your blogging. Just know that we'll be here, waiting for your return.

    Happy New Year, and thanks for dropping by my blog!

  2. i'm a choco-holic :)
    chocolate + shoes = yum!

    happy new year btw! hehe.

    i haven't really been on top of my blog posts either... but i have 2 excuses: 1.) boyfriend and 2.) my computers are acting up so i have to reboot them :(

    hope your holidays were swell! xo.

  3. Mmmh to yummy chocolate shoes!!!

    Oh, I`m so sorry to hear that you spent christmas with your mom in the hospital. Wish her all the very best!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU and enjoy your well deserved trip!

  4. Chocolate Shoes might help you get over "blogger's guilt"! Why don't you try it ans report back to us!

    I hope your mother continues to improve and that you enjoy your trip. We will miss you, of course.

    I'm enjoying a cup of tea right now! Wish you were here to share it with me and watch the snow flakes fall.

  5. I want that shoe!! I hope that you will have a chance to relax on your vacation, Seeker. I'm sure it's so challenging taking care of (and worrying about) your mum. Giving you lots of happy wishes for the new year... Kxo

  6. i love the shoes is sweet happy years

  7. i'd eat em up in a sec :o]

    Happy New Year :o]

  8. Could there be anything in life more perfect?!?!? :)

  9. What a good idea, chocolate and shoes together!
    Please include your swimsuit in your list of things to take with you on your trip... and you will have a good surprise!

  10. hahaha wow I NEED those shoes-yum!
    Hope you had a good new years!
    Lily @

  11. I hope your mother is feeling better. Happy New Year! LLGxx

  12. Amazing! I love them. Haha!


  13. chocolate shoes sounds fun! happy new year, mama.

    I am glad your mom is OK now! Even so, I'll for your complete recovery :) xoxo!

  14. That looks delicious. At first, I thought they're real shoes!

    I hope your mom will get better. New year, new beginning. I"m excited to read about your next plans

    happy new year for the sweetest blogger in the world!

  15. Who could eat them? They're just too beautiful :).

  16. those chocolate shoes are crazy! they should make chocolate diamonds, both a girls bestfiend!

  17. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  18. Hi there-wishing you a very speedy recovery my dear, please take care! Wishing you a Happy New Year too!

  19. I love shoes, they can never go wrong! hehe

  20. Oh, so cute!
    These are the greatest chocolateshoes I've ever seen! There's a company over here where they make everyting out of chocolate, too, but their shoes aren't as cool as these!

    Best wishes for your new year,


  21. Amiga, melhoras para sua mãe!
    Fique bem você, cuide-se!
    Feliz 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Oh those shoes are gorgeous!! Happy new year lovely :)

  23. Sorry to hear about all that is going on in there. Hope things are better now.
    Thank you for your love , the holiday season was a bit challenging away from family.
    Lot's of love to you and your family, and hope 2010 brings all the best .

  24. Hello dear friend!

    I'm sorry to hear that things have been so tough for you. However you always have a shining light inside of you that you use to find your way out of a tunnel and also to shine on others. I admire that about you and let 2010 be another year that you give joy to all of us near you. I know that I haven't been around much lately because of 2009 being a trying year for me as well. But I'll have you know that you're in my thoughts and though I might not be commenting as much as I used to that I'm indeed lurking around your blog some times and am always around if you need anything.

    The best of 2010 to you!

    xoxo Grayburn

  25. Don't worry - family and health is more important. Don't feel guilty, it is nice to be missed! x

  26. the title of the post is perfect, the sweet shoes are indeed sweet! lovely!
    now im craving chocolate badly ;)
    oh darling hope your stomach is better now and no longer hurting.
    I wish you the very best of the new year ahead.
    Thank you for your support on the new site. It will feature fashion,beauty and culture news. It will also have my usual personal outfit posts in the style diary section which is in the menu tab at the top of the site.

  27. i saw those last year. they are indeed sweet. glad your mom is better now. wishing you the best in 2010. xo

  28. thx for visiting my blog

    Nice post u have


  29. I'm relieved to hear your Mom is doing better now. It sounds like you deserve a much needed vacation (hugs) And here is to a better New Year!

  30. Yamiii! I would like to taste the brown with the pink dots.

    I feel you are a positive person. I wish u all the best for this year! Waiting for your next post!
    Take care of your family!


  31. Hi darling! Happy New Year! May your heart be always full with love, peace and joy:) I'm really grateful that I have met you and that we've become friends ( virtual for now, but I'm sure we will meet in person some day!)

    Love you darling!


  32. Hi lovely! How are you? Chocolate and shoes together.. what could be better?

    Best wishes for a fabulous New Year!

    xo, Becs

  33. Those are beautiful! Yum!

    I'm sorry you weren't feeling well, but glad your mom is better. Please don't feel guilty about blogging. We all have these times and support each other through them. Your readers will always be here for you.



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