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How To Read Tarot Cards For Your Friends - A Guest Post

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How To Read Tarot Cards For Your Friends

Tarot cards began their history as a card game. Earliest records come from the early 14th century Europe, when documented evidence exists that playing tarots was banned in Berne, Switzerland, in 1367. People want to suggest that the game originated in ancient Egypt, but evidence is lacking for this thesis.

However, it was not until the 18th century that tarot cards began to be used for divination. Even though the cards were used to select random oracles as early as 1540, they had no meaning in themselves. But in the early 18th century, tarot cards began to be used for divinations, and the cards themselves gathered individual meaning. The trump cards and the Fool began to be called the major arcana while the ten pip and four court cards in each suit were called minor arcana.

If you would like to amaze or amuse friends by reading their fates on tarot cards, here’s some guidance on how to do that. First, choose a good deck of tarot cards, like the one from Rider-Waite. You can get them online, in ebay, or at a good bookstore. For some strange reason, bookstores usually stack a deck of tarot cards.

Once you have your card, “season” them by sleeping with the cards under your below or the mattress. New cards don’t look good when divining meaning and destiny. Use a clean piece of cloth to spread on a table when you start reading. Gather a group of friends, let them ask questions like, the number of flights to Belfast on any given day, and shuffle the cards. After a good shuffle, cut the deck and deal the cards out. You can use any spread that you like; one suggested spread is a simple four cards in a diamond shape.

Look first at the design on the cards. Cards that look right side up, for the reader, are in a positive position; Upside down cards for the reader are reversed. Weakness, conflict or blocked energy could be the things indicated by reversed cards.

Now, you need to know the rudiments of tarot reading. There are many books you can buy from Amazon and elsewhere. Start learning the meaning of cards from the books. Look at how the cards are decked. If they look right side up to the reader, that’s a positive sign. If they are upside down, that’s a reversal and a sign of blocked energy or other negatives. You can use these to read the meanings, and answers to questions. Or you can come up with your own meanings. This will make your tarot readings just that extra bit personalized and interesting.

There are complex literature and different schools of thought surrounding tarot card divination. Systems have been devised to use them to “learn” about the workings of angels, fairies, demons and the other world. Whether you really believe in that or not, you are bound to agree that reading tarot cards to answer questions from friends can be entertaining. Especially if the friend in question is a woman you are interested in, you can find answers to not only her questions in the tarots, but to your own questions as well.


  1. Gostei do tema!
    Acho super interessante isso!

  2. Wow! You're a genious! Actually, i have no idea how to read tarot cards. Well, thanks for sharing how to read. =D Have a wonderful day ahead. =D

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    Mom on the Run

  3. I once took a class on the archetypal images of the tarot. It was fascinating. The history of the tarot is really interesting.
    Hope you are well, dear Seeker. My thoughts and heart are with you.xoxo

  4. I'm not so sure about tarot darling...fate or error or tribulations in life happens for a good reason I believe & inevitable~
    we simply have to learn from our mistakes & be a better person in the process...seeking peace & joy as we go along until the day we meet our maker...

    ~with Love as always darling!


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