Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Can You Find Chic Boutiques in Canada? - A Guest Post

A Guest Post that came my way from Guestwriters.net trough Yellow Fire Marketing.

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The Seeker

When you think of high-end designer clothing and trendy boutiques, many places might come to mind. Countries like Italy and France are known throughout the world as veritable fashion kingdoms. Large cities such as New York and Madrid are well known to offer some of the trendiest shopping in the world. When it comes to fashionable boutique shopping, you probably will not think of Canada in your top ten. Unfortunately, until recently, most of the world had a less than flattering opinion of Canada when it came to fashion and style. That attitude, however, is rapidly changing. With the tremendous amount of media exposure generated by this year’s Winter Olympic Games, in Vancouver, people are getting a glimpse of just how cosmopolitan and stylish the country can be. Still, can you find stylish, chic boutiques in Canada?
Of course you can, and you can find plenty of them.

Many of the larger boutique “chains” which operate in the US and UK have shops in most of the Canadian metropolitan areas and they do a thriving business there. Then, there are the shops that are unique to the provinces of Canada. Each of these boutiques offers a unique style both in their offerings and in the shopping environment provided for their customers. Canada is truly loaded with talented designers as well as with enterprising clothiers, who are out to dress the citizenry and the country’s many visitors, in some of designer fashions' latest looks.

If you’re visiting Vancouver, home of this year’s Olympics, you can find plenty of fashion fun is to be had at “Jet Lag”, a local travel boutique bringing you the latest looks in women’s leisure and travel garments. They specialize in styles that are perfect for short trips or long cruises, clothes that pack well and retain their style when worn in almost any destination.

While you’re visiting Montreal, be sure you include a visit to “French Dressing” a truly haute couture boutique featuring the exclusive designs of Marie Saint Pierre. There you’ll enjoy a truly continental shopping experience. Designer, Paul Hardy, offers his clientele a chic, upbeat take on dressing at his “Beyond Cowboy Couture” boutique located in Calgary. These are just samplings of the many unique and exciting fashion boutiques available all across the country of Canada. Each of these will bring you something truly special coupled with the polite charm we have always associated with the people of Canada.

Canadians have garnered worldwide attention with the televising of the 2010 Winter Olympics. "Our neighbors to the north" now hope to capitalize on that coverage to bolster a sagging tourism industry, and what better way to convince the world you’re an upscale, modern travel destination than providing them with great fashion boutiques for shopping fun. You can locate a fashionable boutique for your visit using search engines such as Canada 411 and many others. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in search of eco-friendly designer duds or something truly and uniquely Canadian in its style, you will find lots of high fashion and really fun boutiques just "north of the border."

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