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Keeping The Sun Off In Style - A Guest Post

A Guest Post that came my way from trough Yellow Fire Marketing.

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The Seeker

Keeping The Sun Off In Style

Pretty In Pastels (Versace 2010)Summer weather and the contrast of sun-drenched look of tan skin against soft, pastels will create the look you want to put together. This year’s hottest look is the long, sundress with the added bonus of a very high slit. You just need to apply your spray tan and your sunscreen to look good in this style. Still, if you’re attending an outdoor event in the outfit, there are some creature comfort considerations that can outweigh even the most fashion-oriented woman’s desire to look absolutely chic. First, how hot is it going to be there? If that sun is literally beating down on your head, you are not only going to be risking a bit of sunburn on your scalp, but you can also run the risk of heat related illnesses such as a sun-stroke.

Fortunately for oh so fashionable you, there is another hot trend for spring and summer that can keep you from being quite unfashionably ill at the outdoor gala… the hat.

Dresses and hats are a marriage made, if not in Heaven, then in the history books of women’s fashions. We all know that the proper Victorian woman of style would not have been caught dead out of doors without her hat. Neither should we. The fact is that, while some of those outdated styles were more for looks than practicality, hats perform as valuable a service today as they did then. They serve to block at least some of the sun’s harmful rays while shielding our scalp from being overcooked and rendered burnt. (Burnt scalp can itch and peel and this can be quite unattractive.) Even the most stylish of hats is not, of course, utopian. After all, we have all had a glimpse of what “hat-hair” can look like when you doff it for a moment in the shade. So, choose your hat not only to complement your look, but also pick it because you won’t mind wearing it for long periods of time.

Lightweight materials provide you with the best choice in warm weather hats. Whether you opt for a wide brimmed hat in straw or the all-so-American Cowboy hat in similar materials, both will pair well with more casual dresses and outfits. For those formal occasions such as outdoor receptions and cocktail parties, you should look to the milliner’s offerings that come festooned with modest (not loud) decorations from ribbons to the small bows to spruce up their chic, simple lines. Outdoors events that require a more athletic style of dress, such as a tennis match or a seat on the bleachers of a soccer game, cry out for some of the small, short brimmed baseball or field style caps/hats.

Pulling off a spring to summer look that not only makes you look hot, but also allows your head to remain cool, is as easy as investing a little time and money into shopping for the proper headgear. Shopping for a great look in hats, perhaps to complement a dress you already have? Then try the Internet. There are a quite a few web sites totally devote to hats for every occasion, and for all seasons. Dressing for summer and choosing the right hat have never been easier or more stylish.


  1. Some great looks there for summer inspiration.

  2. hi nice post & i also like this blog so much... pls visit here :

  3. Wow! Summer is on it's way. =D The last summer dress is so cool. Nice color too. =D

    The Brown Mestizo

  4. What a lovely and informative post. Great pics, too. I love hats but most don't look all that great on me. I like the more sporty hats, like baseball style caps, berets, Indiana Jones style straw hats, and the like.

    Love your style and fashion sense.
    Thanks for dropping by my children's illustration blog. Have a great day!

  5. Hooray for hats! They're definitely the most stylish way to protect your skin from sun damage.

  6. Loving the sweet muted shades darling!
    Peace & blessings~~~your way*


  7. Loving all the combo looks. You're right, a killer dress and killer hat = errr...killer? ;)

    Love it.

  8. Lovely hats! I can't wait for the summer... Too bad it feels like it never stops snowing here in Finland...


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