Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Of shoots, stems, and leaves!

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The Seeker

Of shoots, stems, and leaves!

Fashion from flowers and plants should come as no surprise to anyone. With the first signs of morality creeping in, man took the closest object that he could lay his hands on to cover himself. And, plants and flowers came to his rescue. Clothes made from plants and flowers have been in use for ages. Linen, which is made from plant fibers, was used to make clothes even in ancient Egypt. Cotton flower seeds have been used for making clothes since 5 BC.

If you think about it, almost all fashion depends on plants directly or indirectly. Some, like cotton and linen are obvious, whereas some like silk are not. (Silkworms, from which silk is made, eat only the leaves of mulberry tree, without which they cannot survive.)

Whether it is Project Runway (a reality show in which contestants were given the challenge to make clothes out of plants and flowers), or ‘ephemeral clothing’ made by Nicole Dextras, or even the eco-fashion line during the New York Fashion Week, some amazing fashion have come out of the green world. Dextras’ collection includes a party dress made up of yucca leaves, flowers, and thorns, and a cheerful waistcoat made up of laurel leaves, rosehips, and a mix of varieties of leaves and thorns.

If you had witnessed the green shows during the New York Fashion Week, you would know that organic clothing is not just a fad anymore, but it is here to stay. Samantha Pleet’s collection made from organic wool, Chinese mud silk, and recycled ultra suede carried home the message that ‘going green is cool’.

When a good message is screamed from a podium, it can fail to raise the desired effect. But the same message becomes an instant household mantra if you see your favorite stars saying it or wearing it. That is true of the eco-friendly clothes that many Hollywood stars were seen wearing during this year’s Oscars or even at the Grammy’s. Did you guess that Jason Mraz’s suit, at the Grammy’s, was made out of recycled goods? Even the U.N. is backing eco-friendly fashion, naming this year as the International Year of Biodiversity.

Not only clothes, but also accessories made from plants and flowers are hitting the market huge. ‘Symbiotic biomimicry’ is what Tara Booth Mooney called her fur stole. But this is one fur that the PETA would not object, as it is made from a thatch of living moss. If you are a shoe lover, and going green is on your agenda, you should consider getting a shoe designed by Carmel Walsh. She has designed a pair of heels from walnut wood, covered with sprouting barnacles of organic cotton, vegetable-tanned leather, linen, hemp, and cork.

Will a ring or knuckle jewelry made of Icelandic moss evoke the same feeling like gems on your fingers? ‘Growing jewelry’ as designed by Icelandic designer, Hafsteinn Juliusson, encases live green moss in silver. Just keep watering the moss for shining green vegetation throughout the year. If you are planning to commit yourself to your love, think different. Think green. Try pledging your love with Cbikoux’s tiny plant, covered within a glass-domed, ring.

With the green revolution entering every realm of the world, it’s no wonder that it’s making bold statements in the fashion industry too. So wake up and hold hands with the rest of the world by wearing green!

This issue, which I consider particularly significant, just brought to my mind the lovely Emilie Simon....


  1. Interesting - but I miss seeing you. Be well. I look forward to seeing you when you are ready.

  2. This is great! And true, first thing that a man of this world used as a clothe is the plants leaves.

    The Brown Mestizo


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