Friday, 9 April 2010

in the arms of an Angel I was…

It seems like yesterday that I wrote the post “every day giving thanks… forever for the laugh............. " and it’s again the anniversary of one of my turning points.

But despite the grieving time I’m living I want to reaffirm everything I said one year ago, because I believe that in that day I’ve been in the arms of an Angel...



  1. I just finished reading your post about your accident; Yes, you can totally relate to me and I to you. And yes, it is our reaction to these "detours" in life, as I call them, that either moves us forward or backwards. I am usually able to keep going, but there are some days that just seem impossible - then I read/learn about someone else determination and that gives me a kick in the pants to not give up! Keep, moving forward, and thanks for your inspirational words ... they really help me today! cheers,

  2. Stay strong - you're wonderful.

  3. darling i am sending you BIG HUGS at this time
    big kiss

  4. Take care as ever and angels are great xx

  5. Congrats once again :) Life is such a gift and we often don't appreciate it, you're great for doing it.


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