Saturday, 17 April 2010

in my S/S 2010 wishlist… items from Westrags…

If you follow “Searching The Inner Me…” on Facebook, you probably know that I had an awful week, with so much work to do in the office, with meetings, overtime, taking paper work home to be prepared for the meetings. In one word… busy.
The weather also didn’t help nor my mood… but I had to do something in the few free time to cheer me up.
So, I spent some time looking to all of those appealing pieces that Westrags has in theirs site.

Crossing them with a few of the suggested seasonal “must haves” I ended up inserting some in my big wishlist and decided to share them with you.

Cropped pants

Naturally, you'll want to show off fabulous shoes -- wedges, chunky heels, etc. – with the new cropped pants that stop just above the ankle to show off your shoes.

Toledo Trousers


Jumpsuits have indeed “jumped” back on the fashion radar as the hot, trend-of-choice for savvy fashionistas!
It’s obvious that jumpsuits are the hottest look of the summer, providing women everywhere with a flattering and comfortable look that is also ultra feminine and glamorous!

Guinea Jumpsuit

White bottoms

White jeans, pants, skirts, walk shorts or dresses freshen up a warm weather look in the best possible way. It’s worth investing in great basic white bottoms because you’ll wear them every Spring and Summer.

Oak Serge Trousers

Polka dots

Large, small, evenly sized or variegated, polka dots are one of the hottest prints right now. Think spots on soft blouses, dresses, skirts, lightweight scarves or cotton cardigans. Although they are particularly trendy this season, I think polka dots are always in fashion.

Salena Dress

(Well, I would prefer this dress in navy blue instead of black)

Tunic shirts

Another versatile item that can be worn either tailored or roomy that already has been talked about here.

Iris Tunic

Ismir Tunic

Floral printed dresses

In true 90’s fashion, small scale ditsy florals are all the rage. But any type of floral dress is fab.

Well as plain ones too. ;-)

Patrizia Dress

Lesotho Dress

Flouncy skirts

Short A-line skirts are becoming more popular, so think flirty, flippy and fun breezy floral or polka dot skirts for hot days. But pencil skirts are always on trend, so don’t think that you’ll have to give up those anytime soon.

Pancake Skirt


My goodness. There is no stopping the trend. Solid black with zipper or stirrup details are still favourites, but grey, denim and patterned leggings can be just as sweet.

Jailbird stripes

Nautical themes are big every year because stripes are classic.

Great to wear with white bottoms and under a denim shirt.

Tyla Dress

An utilitarian piece

Military and safari inspired items are everywhere.

Safari Skirt

Military jackets, tops and shirt dresses are not hard to wear. Think beyond beige and olive if they don’t work with your skin tone and purchase black, navy and light brown in these styles instead.

Safari Jacket

Colourful beads

Turquoise glass or plastic beads get my top vote but all colours are fab.

Blue-hued handbag

Since handbags are great accessories and blue is a hot colour this season, no one needs to convince me that I need a blue handbag. And if turquoise is not your colour, think cobalt, ink, and teal. Besides it’s fab to wear a blue handbag with blue jeans (another top trend).

Well you know almost every day Westrags introduces a quantity of nice items from their line so I should be heading over that way right about now to see if there are new pieces to sum to my wishlist.

However I just can cross my fingers for any of these pieces might be in the Treasure Hunting game (if you don’t know what it is see on Facebook), so I can get my hands on some...

Oh and a little bird told me that they’re planning to start selling shoes in a short period of time.... OMG I can’t think of that, I’m such a huge shoes’ fan!!!!!


  1. Amiga, saudades!
    Gostei muito dos modelos!

  2. My sweet angel friend,

    Under NO circumstances are you allowed to not buy that Lesotho dress with the brown paisley print!! You simply MUST have it. And then, you simply MUST post on it so we can all see how fabulously you show it off! It's a knockout. Unique and gorgeous, just like you.

  3. That pants above the uncle is so cool. =D

    The Brown Mestizo

  4. Mmmm, I'm really into the utilitarian, the jumpsuit, the flouncy skirts, the nautical, and (strangely!) the cropped pants.

    So I'm on board.

    Hope this week is less busy for you.

    p.s. do check out my blog, I'm having a giveaway at the mo, and its open to everyone

  5. Love the Charlotte dress and the Toledo trousers! Would love to have these items!
    Did you place an order??

    Hope this week will be better!

  6. that list is quiet big, haha

    I want dresses, lost of dresses: dotted, flowered, stripped.. I don't know

    and an orange cardigan

    and a red bag


    I hope work is less heavy this week. I have a lot of things to do, I'm way behing in Russian and tomorrow/today, French exam, haha

  7. hi darling, thank you for sharing your shopping wish list. I like the nude and soft colours.

  8. You have lots of beautiful choices here, Seeker! I hope the Good Fairy brings all of them to you, and that luck smiles down upon you for a better week ahead.

  9. Hayhay!
    How are you? It's my first time on your blog and I really like it! Can you check mine too? Maybe we can follow eachother! Let me know!

    Love, Cindy

  10. Hay darling!
    It's my first time on your blog! He's so lovely! And your style is also great.

    Can your please check mine too? Maybe we can follow eachother? Please let me know!

    Love, Cindy

  11. The cropped pants are not flattering at all. Leggings in moderation. The rest of the outfits are very nice.


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