Sunday, 4 April 2010

the transitional tunic...

You cant go wrong with one of the hottest looks for summer—the versatile tunic. Its exotic, it ticks all the trend boxes with patchwork and global touches.

Tunics are great multi-tasking wardrobe items that are perfect for casual wear over swimwear and teamed with sandals, but paired with the right item, the tunic top can look stunning at work too.

At Westrags' Spring/Summer collection you can find a lot of nice tunics.

To jump on the tribal trend, clash this printed tunic, pile on big bangles, strap on killer heels and you have got sum­mer sorted.


  1. Aren't the tunics wonderful? Have you any new ones for the season?

  2. Tunics are so great! I love that one. It would be great for by the pool.

  3. Tunic are nice, especially on hot season. =D

    The Brown Mestizo

  4. That Tunic is gorgeous! I love they way they hide all my lumps and bumps!

  5. Tunics are great, I couldn't live without them - especially in the summmertime!

  6. i wish the weather improves so I can use them, well, I just have one, haha



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