Saturday, 8 May 2010

Kimberly Taylor’s discount…

New York designer Kimberly Taylor a trendy brand offering a large assortment of really nice clothes and accessories and Searching The Inner Me… are partnering.

So, I am trilled to announce that designer Kimberly Taylor’s staff has created a discount code that provides 10% off all the merchandise on for all my dear readers.

Don’t miss it, just enter the code “SEARCHING” at checkout. Hurry because it is valid just until 05/25/2010.

I’m publishing some pictures so you can have just a brief overview of how great their things are.


  1. Hi darling!
    I love Kimberly Taylor. I have one of her silk gowns and it is exquisite!

    Fab post!


  2. Her styles are great and pretty. And 10% is cool to buy one of these beauties. =D Btw, happy mothers day Mama. =D

    The Brown Mestizo

  3. The look is lovely, a little out of my league, by stunning no less.

    What a wonderful partnership.

    Hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day and that all is well with you.

    Have a great week, my dear.

  4. Great pieces- love the sheer backs! xo, mel


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