Saturday, 15 May 2010

let’s show off your legs men... with some great shorts…

Hopping the arrival of warmer weather we start to think of lighter and summer clothes. But it’s not just us women that should think of it, men also have a key piece to think about, at least the ones that care about their image, that is the mens shorts.
Well we know that many men trust their companions to take care of that but there are a few dos and dont’s that even they need to follow.
There are many different types and styles of men’s shorts; depending on the activities men may be interested in.
Anyway I think shorts for men should be fashionable as well as functional. So, in a positive way I decided to share some tips I think can help men to be a little more careful of how they look.

Go for olive or navy colour khaki. You can go for a length from mid-thigh to mid-knee. A cargo with a flat front looks awesome when paired with a short tee-shirt.

The appropriate place to wear a pair of board shorts is if you are at a beach side or near water, it would look great.

If you are planning to attend a party or it is too hot to wear pants then go for linen shorts. You can team them up with short sleeve linen shirt and sandals.

Do wear trendy shorts: If you are one of those who follow latest fashion trends then go for shorts from well known brands like G-star.

Now let’s hope the weather gets really summery and helps to show off your legs… with great mens shorts.

All images courtesy of Republic.


  1. These are great!

    Love the cargos!


  2. Hola amiga cuanto tiempo si saber de ti, ¿como es tu vida, todo va bien?
    Voya a pasar por tu blog cuando tenga algo de tiempo ya ves que no paro de editar en mis sitios.
    Un saludo muy cariñoso de tu amigo.

  3. i love men in long shorts!!!!

  4. I like these. And not only for men. That first pair with the pockets would be fab paired with a skinny fit tank and chunky oversize asymmetric cardigan. Mmmm.

    Glad to see you back, and glad you're feeling better.

    Missed you.

    Have a wonderful weekend :)


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