Thursday, 20 May 2010

on Tuesday I was given a beautiful gardenia…

Over the last three years I’ve been the tutor of a young girl that studying in high school had to do an internship in a workplace integrating a discipline of her course.
One day and a half per week she was like a worker in my office.

This internship ended last Tuesday.

It was a very interesting experience for me.
When we started I had no clue how to do that and I went back and forward, learning with my mistakes and celebrating some achievements.
I believe we learned something from each other.

Now I suppose I have the feeling of the empty nest. My little bird grew up and is able to fly. And she must fly…

But we still have the friendship that we constructed and the believing that we can count with one another.

On the last day she gave me an offer. This lovely and beautiful gardenia that I will cherish in my home, waiting it flourishes as well as my “bird”.

I hope I made some difference in your life, my dear M*.
With much love… until we meet again.


  1. both of you should be very proud of your achievements.
    And thank god you have the chance to know each other and learn from the other.
    Sounds like a great experience!

  2. I'm sure you DID make a difference in her life and future! What an unselfish and generous undertaking effort.

  3. How beautiful. I know you have been a great asset for your "dear M". Perhaps another intern will come your way and you will have another wonderful relationship!


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