Friday, 28 May 2010

the power of blogosphere… interview with a Westrags’ client…

I never doubt about the power of blogosphere, the way it can be a great “mouth to mouth” form of communication, especially with fashion blogs.

So when I saw my co-worker looking stunning with a dress that was in my wish list I new I had to do a post about it with a little interview.

So here it goes…

-How did you get acquaintance of Westrags?

Trough my colleague at my work place, who is in fact the Seeker.

-What made you order from Westrags?

At first the way the company established contact with my colleague, very polite and professional, which created a sense of trust about shopping on line, something I have never done before. Then, obviously the beautiful clothes the company has to offer, the diversity in styles, the way the site is carefully presented, and, of course, the ratio quality/price!

-What do you think of the products and the service?

This is the second dress I buy from Westrags and I love them both. Both excellent ratio quality/price, easy and fast delivery, both fitted at first… I would like to make a suggestion though: to include the size length of clothes, specially dresses and skirts.

-Why did you agree to do this little interview with pictures?

Because you insisted, eheh… But specially to show that ‘non standard sized people’ can dress nicely as well, and this is also something positive about Westrags. Congratulations on your concept! And what about a new challenge: why not a Big and Beautiful section?

Thank you, Seeker, for the invitation!

It’s I that must thank you dear for your availability and contribution.

I know you’ll continue looking gorgeous as you are.

All the best!!!!


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