Tuesday, 29 June 2010

always effortlessly elegant and classy...

I am a person with no fashion icons. I might like some outfits, but I’m not a celebrities follower and I don’t try to redo theirs styles.

However there’s someone that I feel as one of the most fascinating women of fashion universe and always captivates me - Giovanna Battaglia!

Something that makes Giovanna different from other editors and fashion insiders alike is her ability to re-work her clothes.

One wouldn't catch Anna Wintour or Carine Roitfeld in the same outfit twice, but for Giovanna she definitely has her wardrobe favourites and staples. Giovanna is able to transform the same pair of pants into two completely different outfits with different vibes.

She is often pictured with her knee-high black boots or birkin bag and grey turtlenecks amongst others. And she's definitely not afraid to show what she loves by re-wearing and re-working her pieces.

Giovanna has a penchant to wear labels often thought to be slightly unsexy however she’s able to do it in such a manner which is far from frumpy.

Always effortlessly elegant and classy she keeps people guessing as to how she's going to wear her pieces next.

She always keeps it simple and fresh, layering different key pieces together to create a seamless outfit.
It also doesn't hurt that she can show off those legs in a pair of killer heels and short skirts.

Her minimalist style with makeup kept to a minimum and subtle accessories are always tasteful and she always knows what works on her.

If only I could have a bit of the same ability to mix and match and transform a look by putting on new shoes, jacket and some accessories...

But then again, Giovanna is Giovanna just because of that!!!!

(pictures found in Google’s images search and Giovanna’s FB page)


  1. What a great collection of inspirational outfits!! She looks well put together and elegant in all images. HHL

  2. I've been following her style for quite sometime...ADORE her!!


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