Thursday, 24 June 2010

at last some warm weather… but I have to do my pedicure…. home renovation and remodeling with Feng Shui…

Yesterday was the first day this year that I felt some warmness… Yeah, maybe we can start wearing our lighter clothes and new kind of shoes and sandals. That’s why I’ve to do my pedicure as I think that uncover your toes without a pedicure is a big no no.

You probably have already notice that I’ not much of a denim wear person. Well, there’s a reason for that, because I don’t invest much on denim clothes due to some kind of office dress code that doesn’t enable me to wear them when working at the office.
So I tend to use denim clothes just on casual looks on weekends or holidays unless it’s something dark denim, like this “jeggings” I bought when I travelled to Toronto early this year.
But as I’ve told you already I have a trendy fashion persona, so I’m excited to give it a try – my way - enjoyed the challenge of making it work for me.
However I must confess you that I’m having some inner problems, because I’m still wearing my mourning attire, about dressing other colours than black or grey.

I guess I’ve never talked here that I’m doing some home renovation and remodeling. I know, one more thing to still make me very busy. But I guess that in the end we will finish with that sensation of well being.
Balanced space for each family member, location of the kitchen, figure out the lighting, among other things, are very important if you wish to follow Feng Shui guide lines.
I do believe that Feng Shui guide lines are important to change the flow of energy which is always a good thing, but there can be some limitations because of the environment that is already created.
Nowadays you can find some home remodeling contractors who are believers of this practice and they can help you arrange your rooms and furniture the right way, thus you will be attaining good energies in your home.

These pictures were taken in our city garden. It used to be such a beautiful garden… but now is very poor with just a few flowers and not so well presented. I felt sad about it, I had the feeling that one more thing from my childhood has disappeared…

beige summer boots – Bata
dark denim jeggings – H&M (Toronto)
light gray top with big flower – Mango (on-line)
navy blue blazer (from a suit) – mainland store
necklace – Mango (on-line)
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
turquoise ring and bracelet set – mainland store
sunglasses -Pull and Bear
blue handbag - Westrags

WOW, this was a long post… I’m not very much used to it :-)


  1. It's hard to believe it's cool enough ANYWHERE to wear jackets! SO very hot here.

    I'm trying to enlarge the picture enough to see the image on your shirt...You look great in your denim "jeggings".

    Again, thank you for your kind and gentle words to me. (To see myself as others might see me is not just a "side benefit" but the MAIN reason I continue my thrifty style blog! I'm definitely not the fashionista that you are.)

  2. You look like you are ready for that warmer weather. Loving the complete look! In the toronto area it is raining (most of this week)- and small earthquake went through yesterday - can you believe it?

    There really is something toFeng Shui - my sister and her husband had someone do their office - the patients - cold not tell what was different - but said "it feels so peaceful and clam- what is different?" Sometimes it s what you can't see that makes a difference.

    Happy Renos - we are going through it as well - kitchen and family room - can't wait for completion.

    Cheers, HHL

  3. Great denim leggings, they are very in style right now. I love the look of them with boots, it's a nice way to change up a look from the bell bottoms. I clicked over from Rebecca's blog, enjoyed browsing!

  4. Ooh I actually really like those jeggings on you! And the flower top is awesome. Yay for redecorating, sounds rather fun :)

  5. Finally we do not need to wear jackets anymore. The jeggings look great on you! (I'm still contemplating to buy some) xoxo

  6. Hi gorgeous!
    Good luck with the remodel!


  7. You look fabulous in those jeggings! And I'm giving you good vibes for the reno - what a production, yes? It will be over eventually and you will be very pleased. xo

  8. seeker darling, I love that huge rose print! All the best decorating your place...

  9. I wish I could send He-weasel over to your house. He is very good with the Feng Shui and with contractors. Hope all goes well with your remodel. I am sure it will. You have incredible taste!

  10. i like this outfit! and you look fabulous in the jeggings!

  11. Amiga, querida, que graça o look!!!
    Tenho um livro de Feng Shui, que tento aplicar nas coisas aqui em casa!
    Fazem muito sentido!
    E o jogo de hoje?!
    Brasil 0x0 Portugal
    Empate, como você previu!

  12. Liking the jeggings sweetie. I like your heels too honey!
    wishing you a good weekend dear, sending you so much love.
    big kiss

  13. Hi, hope its OK to contact you here. would love to include your blog on our giveaway blog network: Giveaway Scout ( Have a look and if interested drop us a line on our contact form ( thanks, Josh

  14. Good luck with the renos, hun.

    p.s. loooove that look.

    p.p.s. check out, I've put up some more stuff. There's jewellery, a bag, some M and L stuff....

    Have a great week :D

  15. I love this look on you. I hope you're enjoying the warm weather, and I hope your renovations come out exactly how you want them too!

    Things are fine here, I hope you are well!


  16. Hi, it was a very interesting post, and you look stunning, love the top!

    Thanks for dropping a line on my blog, always love to see you visit.

    Our weather is cold and wet, so enjoy your warmer weather.

    Hope you will have a warm stunning week.

  17. I can't wear denim to the office either. I hate that!

    Gorgeous photos. You look great!


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