Thursday, 3 June 2010

aviators and wayfarers classic Ray Bans are a must this season...

One item to remove from my wish list!!!!!!!!!
The blue Abigale handbag... Isn't it gorgeous???? Well, I think it is!!!!

black suede boots - local store
gray tights - Calzedonia
black and white printed dress - Jacob (Toronto)
gray cardigan - H&M
purple suede belt - PTN
bracelet - gift from Hubby (Tie Rack)
violet scarf - C&A
long blue and silver earrings - C&A
sunglasses -Pull and Bear
blue handbag - Westrags

A great pair of sunglasses is worth every penny. This spring/summer there will be no shortage of stylish frames to choose from.
For those who prefer throwback styles like aviators and wayfarers classic Ray Bans are a must.
Ray Ban Aviators were very popular in the 1960s and the 1980s. This gives them a historical precedent and allows people to classify them as “timeless.” That way when one purchases these sunglasses one can talk about how they were inspired by the fashion and music of these bygone eras.
And so my old ones made a come back...

brown booties - Zara
navy blue pants - local store
gray and blue shirt - - Tally Weijl
purple biker jacket - PTN
necklace - gift from T*
beige scarf - PTN
cocktail ring - Parfois
long blue and silver earrings - C&A
blue handbag - Westrags
sunglasses - classic Ray Ban

I've been trying to catch your blogs, but many reasons didn't allow me to do so, both at home and at the office. I hope you all forgive me, because I'm already feeling blogging guilt....

And don't forget... stay tunned because soon we’ll have an INTERNATIONAL giveaway of a lovely piece from one of the best jewelers in Pittsburgh (worthing around $100 USD)!


  1. Have no blog-guilt, friend. You look very mysterious in your Ray-bans! I especially like your second outfit and can't help but wonder how much your bag weighs???

  2. i really love wearing Aviator shades!!! BTW, yeah, the blue abigale hand bag is so gorgeous!!!

  3. Hola amiga, solo es para saludarte, se te ve muy bonita, yo tengo unos días muy complicados, tengo bricolaje en casa y muy poco tiempo.
    Pero siempre un hueco para ti.
    Besos de tu amigo.

  4. You look great in both styles, Seeker!

  5. I've negleted my wish list because I'm trying to save money :(

    I want too many things, haha

  6. Great outfit!!


  7. honey you look great in both outfits. i like your blue bag. i hope you have been well.

  8. amo as botas e os looks chiques Fernanda!!

    mil beijos querida amiga :)))

  9. Hi my dear!! Just wanted to say how much appreciated your lovely comment and support is, you're always so lovely! Hope you are keeping well, you certainly look chic and stylish as ever!!

  10. Que linda!
    Adorei o look com botas!

  11. You inspire me to wear mroe pants hehe

  12. totally love this bag, you look amazing!

  13. Really cool post, highly informative and professionally written..Good Job

  14. As a matter of fact, ray ban aviator is still number one when it comes to designer sunglasses. They are very popular amongst many of today's celebrities and film stars.


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