Tuesday, 29 June 2010

glamour a lifestyle...

That’s what my shirt says...
You can see by the bit of my legs that are showed that they are so much white bared. Oh I hate it!!!! I want to wear some skirts…

Oh God bless Hubby… even when I’m sad, in the end, he still manage to make me laugh….

snake skin printed shoes - Parfois
olive green pleated tapered pants - H&M
brown belt - C&A
shirt - Stradivarius
beige blazer - Acetato
scarf - Stradivarius
cuff - gift
earrings - Bijou Brigitte
sunglasses -Pull and Bear
brown fringed bag - Friday's Project


  1. Even before you had the tee shirt I knew you had the No.1 Glamour lifestyle!;-)

  2. You look beautiful! I hope you get some good skirt weather soon. We're still waiting for ours around here.


  3. Nice! Love the Tee and I'm glad hubby makes you laugh & smile. You're a cutie!

  4. Olá!!
    gostei da msg na t-shirt!!

  5. Hey, believe me, you look fabulous as per usual. I love the slogan on your shirt. And I agree totally!

    Have a great day, my dear.

  6. Linda é vc minha querida amiga Seeker! Gostei demais do uso do nude aqui e ainda o blazer com o scraf...so classy!

    todos os meus beijos minha querida amiga portuguesa!

    até logo,

  7. Love this look, especially the blazer!

    Your husband sounds like a real sweetheart ~ lucky you!


  8. Wow darling!
    definitely much better tah superman logo~LOL! Luv that ripping the blouse pose!
    Stay glamorous*

  9. Love your shirt! You've got great style. My style mentors are usually real people. I love to follow the blogs and see how real people put things together. Also, just walking down the street gives me ideas. Celebrities and models are too hard to relate to for me.

    I hear you on the white skin. I just did a mention about it on my blog. Trying hard to become adept at faux tanning but don't have too much luck with it.

  10. Gorgeous photos. I love the shirt!

  11. great pants, looking good!

  12. I love the pants with the belt, very chic! x

  13. I like the way you've combined so many elements and come up with an interesting and attractive look!

    It's nice to see some laughter, too!


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